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Asher Roth – Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince & Cranberry (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 23, 2010

Artwork by mikewaxx. Click to enlarge.

As promised, here goes the world premiere of Asher Roth & DJ Wreckineyez’s brand new mixtape. With features from Pac Div, Talib Kweli, Blu, Truck North and more; there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. To be honest though, I’ve given the tape quite a few spins already and Ash could’ve held it down on his own (well… the Boyder and Brain collabs were much needed haha) and this is definitely gonna be my Spring road trip soundtrack. Let the love/hate begin!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth & DJ Wreckineyez – Seared Fois Gras w/ Quince And Cranberry | Usershare

  • JackTheCripper


  • T-Hale610


  • At school downloading, gonna be dope.

  • blazer

    right on time. can’t believe I’m still up right now.

  • Aubrey Drake Graham

    I haven’t listened to it yet but by looking at the tracklist I don’t understand how this could be anything less than dope.

  • AwnyIs

    Downloading; Bouta Go Get These Pancakes

  • JayKay

    Nicccccccccccce! (in mike tyson voice)

  • Strange Famous

    *Mr Burns Voice* Exxxcellent

  • blazer

    this is like some boiled goose type ish.

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    aaaaaayeeeeoooeaaahh (ODB VOICE)

    Shake u crazy for this one (jay z voice)

    christmas has come early. First yayo remix tape now im gonna let my ears dine on the foie gras tape. Che che chea!

  • eurythmick

    Shake could you possibly just post up the sour patch kids remix as a single dl link??? That’s the only joint i’d like to have & it’s pointless to dl a whole mixtape for one track… Much obliged

  • downdowndownloading NOW

  • mercimonsieur

    DL’in right now.

  • mikeyfresh

    ^wat he said

  • Aubrey Drake Graham

    @eurythmick..Give the tape a chance it’s dope and if you really only want 1 track just download the damn tape it takes like a minute and then just save the 1 track you want. I swear some ppl act like spoiled retards on here.

  • NIIIIICE (in Morgan Freeman Voice)

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    did any one else get an empty file???

  • Dreano

    In class right now, bout to be home in an hour or so, bout to DL straight from 2DB, it should be a good tape baby!! (Dick Vitell voice)

  • hypothesisspits

    thx for new link

  • I’ve never really anticipated an Asher Roth release. I’m an equal opportunity listener so I’ll download this mixtape a little later on today and give it a listen.

  • XYZ

    This gone be one of the biggest mixtapes of the year you already know! (DJ Drama Voice)

  • Jay Daniels

    Learn a lesson. This is how to host a mixtape. Wreckineyez did a great job. So dope. Been feining for an Asher mixtape since the greenhouse.

  • DaleWillet

    downloading now (My Own Voice)

  • Asher

    This will be dope. quick download as soon as i get home

    Ash Roth!


    haha what is this faggot shit…worst wigger out there worst sxsw party over the break….kill yourselves u sell out bottom of the barrel crab ass lowest common denomnator fuckboys

  • Aubrey Drake Graham

    Btw Shawn Chrys picked the wrong day to drop his ep and it’s a shame because it’s actually really dope.

  • Dreano

    Hey Pedro.. How’s listening to waka and gucci? Pretty good?

  • Statci


    lol i crack myself up

  • riddlah51

    Don’t like Asher but I’ll grab this off the strength of the features.

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    Shake can u re up??
    The zip file is empty

  • Aubrey Drake Graham

    ^^ Have you ever listened to Asher Roth? The dude isn’t a “wigger” in any sense of the word. It has nothing to do with color we been off that for like 50 years, I suggest you do the same..fuckboy!

  • KC_Mafioso

    Stop hating on Pedro…

    Eh, I guess I download this because TALIB KWELI is on here.

  • Downloading based on the cover alone. Never had quince before but that shit looks mighty tasty!

  • London aka gooniegoogoo

    Aubrey Drake Graham<<ur sayin hes prejudiced and a "fuckboy" but he never mentioned anything about colour. for all u know adg is white. so calm down. and stop trolling.

  • eurythmick

    What London said. Get a new name Aubrey & quit trolling, shit’s so unoriginal.

  • mikeyfresh

    for a nigga who keeps trying to prove he aint gay dats really a gay way to start da intro.

  • ahaha ,aser roth post = we have some problems again

    peace gentlemen

  • Snagz

    I’m going to be totally honest and say I don’t like the tape. I have never been a fan of Asher Roth because to me he always makes me think of what Eminem would sound like with average talent. I’m trying to say he is wack but Asher Roth is no better than an average-pretty good rapper. I mean even with some great features and production on this tape it’s still very average.

  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    For some it takes like *more than* a minute.

    So shut the fuck up!


    yo when u boys droppin that new charles hamilton tape….gotta get my hands on that for my spring road trip soundtrack!

  • iamct01

    Why is the link not working, it is a empty zip file?

  • Dreano

    I’m with you on that o e Pedro, still waitin for Charles, it was suppost to come out this week..

  • Snagz

    I’m just waiting for a J. Cole album, to me everything else is hardly relevant.

  • @Snagz ,you can’t be serius

  • Yerp, as everyone else has stated the zip file doesn’t work.

  • iwannabewhereuare

    how did he get all those people to produce for him though?

  • MusicHead


  • dr mario

    for the zip file, change the file name to something else. i got it to work that way.

  • iamct01

    Maybe the zip file will work by the time you get home

  • @iwannabewhereuare

    beats from other albums,old beats

  • dortskeezy

    i downloaded an empty file…

  • Terry Coldham


  • Snagz

    @chris_martian, I can’t be serious about what?

  • iamct01

    Wow the new mixtape sounds as good as Dr. Dre`s detox album

  • Ricky Smitts

    wow this is mad boring ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, sorry Roth its over, LOL @ doing saying better than detox, shut up! lol

  • Gremlin

    file was empty?? shake? help?

  • @Snagz ,in a good way,i didn’t want problems

    aaaaaammn,ok,i’m wonder why you only expect the j cole album,what up with tanother releases_? are u bored¿

  • 5FingerDiscount

    I can pronounce the name of this mixtape. How you gonna put some shit out that no one can tell you the name of? Word or mouth helps, but there won’t be any for this one

  • Icardi

    NIIICEE (Vlade Divac’s Voice)

  • Icardi


    Please take a few minutes to read about PBULunited. Thanks!

  • This tape is definitely dope. IT starts chill and picks up.

    His flow over that DOWN beat is the favorite so far.

    Good stuff. Don’t sleep.

  • Jilian

    FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE ZIP FILE… i had issues as well, i downloaded it twice and it worked the second time so try that

  • Glenn



  • Snagz

    @chris_martian, I am only waiting for a J. Cole album because honeslty 98% of the “new” rappers are garbage. The only reason they seem talented is because when your options are poor you start to make things seem better than what they are, so you basically force yourself to like it. If you surrounded almost all these “new” rappers with great talent you would start to realize that they should be working at the post office and not being heard on 2dopeboyz.com. I listened to that XXL freshman soundtrack thing and it was god awful. If that is the future than I will just listen to my old school shit and pretend hip hop no longer exist. Oh and I don’t include J. Cole in that same “new” category. He is new as in has never put out an album but musically he is beyond his peers.

  • 5FingerDiscount

    Sorry, meant can’t pronounce. Ftw

  • RandyB

    What Beat is calling Me from?

  • chris_martian

    @Snagz ,you’re right, it’s like everybody wants to sound like this new trend, beautiful instrumentals, flow like a mc of Slum Village(love slum village) or ATCQ, and well-known concepts, you have good judgment. if it wasnt for the old good rappers.. . I always tell to my best friend : listen to J. Cole ,he’s the best ,of the xxl freshman and more,new era


    aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (in Braxton from Jamie Foxx Show voice)

  • tony

    none of these links work!!

  • jobie

    wreckineyez did a pretty good job on this mix, asher is pretty nice on this too

  • Snagz

    @chris_martian, J. Cole is just pure hiphop no big ass chains, no swagg talk, no weird ass clothes, and he is real down to earth. Dude just makes good music and he has more substance on The Warm Up than all those other “new” rappers ever put out all together.

  • 91&^UP


    cool concept as well.

  • TheBS

    Listened thru it once and honestly I wasn’t overly impressed (especially after GHE). However, after listening to it for a second time thru, it’s dope! Make sure you’re really listening to this dude, cause this tape has been well worth the wait. Thanks for the tape 2DopeBoyz!! And keep up the good work Asher!

    “last pick, gym class, homie you were that kid, big backpack and would overload on chapstick, ask Chris, you was low on your potassium, asthma attack every time you ran track and then rode the bus, in the front, you sat alone, when eating lunch…”

    It may not be “deep” or whatever, but Ash can spit and it’s pretty easy to relate to.

  • jim

    new link?

  • I see illroots on the artwork.
    About halfway through the tape…no judgments yet.

  • chris_martian

    @Snagz,you’re a guru,intelligent,when j.cole published something,A 100% album, we will enjoy being here as something that does not happen long time ago
    I hope a nice cd, without featurings, and as illmatic

  • leave it to asher to actually drop a tape when he says he will. shame

  • JB

    damn i can even get the tape it says there is no files to extract..somebody help a homie out

  • OGEazy

    Snagz I almost agree with you. A lot of that XXL list is garbage, but I suppose my favorite hip hop artists today aren’t close to the style of the old school and that’s because times change. I don’t know a thriving style of music that has remained static, especially over a 10+ year period of time. If we think that hip hop is dying, what must classic rock fans have been thinking?
    There’s plenty of new hip hop that I can support 100% whether it’s got old school sound, intelligent/meaningful/complex lyricism, or it’s completely new.
    J. Cole embodies a modern form of traditional hip hop though.

  • Mikeyfresh

    I fix wit da jawn wit pac div.
    Probably da best song on da tape.
    They used one of my favorite old peedi crack beats.

  • chris cookz

    downloading now….wow i didnt expect him 2 feature with all these hot artist like blu….its gonna b sick

  • Rhyme Inspector

    im in this for the last 2 tracks

  • What the Fcuk

    No Files? WTF! I Guess I’ll have to wait till datpiff or someshit got this up!

  • What the Fcuk

    @chris_martian good looks homie!!

  • skilla

    trash minutes…so dope. i really like his flow now

  • Audiophile

    Wow, an actual DJ scratching instead of screaming all over a tape ha ha. Dope

  • derf72

    damn he really improved. good tape. gon be on repeat for a while

  • damn, that title and cover is nice….i’ll download as soon as i get back from the park, just leave the tab open

  • kyle

    Every song begins with the end of the song before it. Really annoying…

  • Rasmus Ravn

    hell yeah bro!
    so fucking excited, might as well start rolling that shit!

  • tfs

    took like 83 tries but it finallly downloaded. bout to listen..

  • pc

    Every time I download I can’t unzip. Can you re-up it please I don’t know why its not working.

  • Strange Famous

    Ahhh he went in on Jake One – Trap Door. Original is still the best. Probably the funniest track ever.

    Good Mixtape though.

  • asher roth is definitely in the right environment now with people like talib, blu, pac div, rza…

  • imafag



    Asher is bi-sexual and still gets more respect than most artists






  • Strange Famous

    “Pro Tools doesn’t really mean you flow fool/and ima pro this is flowin through my noostools (nostrils)”

    Subliminal shots at Drakes and the like?

  • How in the world did you get “subliminal shots at Drake” from that line?

    Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

  • Unxpekted

    subliminal shots at no one dumbasses, Copyewrite killed this fagget and he didnt even respond, thats not emceeing.

    Real emcees respond, Cube, Common, Eazy-E, Nas, I could keep going.

    For peeps asking how did he get production? Did you start listening to hiphop music yesterday?

    These are allllllll stolen beats. They were originally for different artists. For example HOT WANGS that failure was HOT THING for Talib Kweli produced by Will-I-Am.

    This kid is fraud, he gets good features with his money but no respect, check the 0 features by legit real emcees, and his content, delivery, lyrics, and gimmick is all garbage.

    Everybody knows this kid cant freestyle for a cent and doesnt really embody anything hip hop/new/orginal/exciting/eyebrow raising/etc.

    Its fucking garbage and now he got a GAY FAN CLUB following FUCK THAT.

    Between Evidence, Eligh, Grouch, Jedi, Apathy, Eminem, Copywrite, and a million billion other ridiculously nice light skinned emcees that DONT get shine over this fagget on 2dope theres no room for an Asher.

    I like foie gras but this shit is ground beef from taco bell should be called Taco Bell w/ the shits.

    This is fucking garbage, to all who can see that, big ups! To those that dont and like this shit good for you! Enjoy your taco bell and shits cuz this shit is not new, innovative nor hip hop. If you like a cat with fag following and talks about his days in highschool thats you so dont hate me for dislike it you need indifference.

    **Goes back to listening to new Army of the Pharoahs album***

  • JD

    What is the real size of the files ? cuz I been tryin’ Dl for the 5th time and it still doesn’t work

  • pc

    Same here this will be my seventh time downloading.

  • Unxpekted

    Push Apathy for play here and bump this shit in the trash I dont need a soft less talented, got a gay following, tight jeans, highschool-college story obsessed, gimmicky, amatuer fagget.

  • Unxpekted
  • Clay Davis

    These are not original beats… Surprised that he took Sean Price’s beat on track #1. With that said, the tape’s not bad… Asher’s talented, just not feelin it.

  • shit worked for me on the first download. im reupping a new .zip that doesnt have any “&” or “.”

    i was gonna do it last night but it was too late and i wasnt about to wait til 5 in the am to post haha.

  • pc

    Thanks a lot Shake can’t wait to give this a listen.

  • koa29

    ^^^ Ur dumb… he’s not “jacking beats”.. that’s all mixtapes are these days .. No Ceilings, Fab’s.. etc.. The only original mixtapes out lately was So Far Gone, some shit on the Warm Up, Banks’ latest tape..

    This mixtape is dope. GJ asher fuck the haters.. next album will be fire

  • bodied021

    dope… sour patch kids is fiya

  • koa29

    my comment was aimed towards @Unxpekted btw

  • chris_martian

    @What the Fcuk ,yessir


  • chris_martian

    hahah shake

    and,whether you like it or not, there must be clear,you can’t hear the same rap all the time, about the same, sometimes necessary,music happy as zion-I, dark as Method Man, hip hop as Chuck D and her pure hip hop essence.. You can not compare this with slick rick ,never ,or never compare with phonte ,hip hop got 100000 different brothers

  • Anonymous

    Roryyo – so am i you fagget, eat a dick bitch.

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  • guest

    no one wants your fake sneakers faggot

  • added a fresh new link. should work for everyone as there are no random characters in the .zip filename. enjoy!

  • jacob.

    a blu feature? oh shiiiiiiiiit.


    Yo! boutta DL….Ash Roth is DOPE….Music is a matter of opinion…Im not wrong for likin Ash’s Flow…that nigga’s GOOD….get over it…IMHO Honesty Rap can never be wack…especially if you have skillz…niggas only hate on Roth cause of appearance…[email protected] Unxpekted….nigga How did u just happen to find yaself on an Ash Roth post???, I’m SURE u’ve been hatin since I LOVE COLLEGE….u know who i dont like?? Tony Yayo…U know what I don’t do??? Click on Tony Yayo post EVERYTIME the nigga gotta new track….U should do the same…I swear it’ll be 2020 before ppl realize NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT NEGATIVE OPINIONS

  • micah davis

    dl link works but I cant unzip the file
    says I dont have permission

  • I just don’t feel obligated to download this… might give it a listen in a lil while

  • Tha5ftAzzazzin

    people dont give Asher enough respect. dude is nice period.

  • kepler

    I think we can all agree that Asleep in the Bread Aisle was trash and The Greenhouse Effect was dope. Hopefully Asher’s goin back to his mixtape style.

  • I don’t even know where to start with this but I’ll keep my opinions on Asher Roth to myself. That being said, it’s kind of a fag move to put “production credits” on your mixtape for old instrumentals you just stole & rapped on, IMO. I don’t have any problem with that practice, in general, it’s kind of what a mixtape is supposed to be but don’t actually put production credits on your freestyle mixtape joints like you’re all linked up with Dilla & Madlib & these guys. Personally, I think everyone should just use original music, it’s not that difficult, but I understand some people like to rhyme & hear others rhyme on beats that they’ve heard a 1000 times already.

  • Regunnt
  • Regunnt

    http://www.handsomerandsome.com/HND$M_RND$M/Home.html The video for it.

    Check it peeps wild ass crew


    Fuck this shit! Never listened to this guy never will, where’s Show TuFli’s SADE shit at?

  • London aka goonie googoo

    ths is aight beasts are good. best si the original song with him in bob . everything else listen for the beasts n flow n just vibe. nuthing revoloutionary but its a nice listen.

  • Unxpekted

    I don’t even know where to start with this but I’ll keep my opinions on Asher Roth to myself. That being said, it’s kind of a fag move to put “production credits” on your mixtape for old instrumentals you just stole & rapped on, IMO. I don’t have any problem with that practice, in general, it’s kind of what a mixtape is supposed to be but don’t actually put production credits on your freestyle mixtape joints like you’re all linked up with Dilla & Madlib & these guys. Personally, I think everyone should just use original music, it’s not that difficult, but I understand some people like to rhyme & hear others rhyme on beats that they’ve heard a 1000 times already.

    damn well said man. Clint partie you hit it on the head.

  • johnjonh

    i have tried to download this mixtape many times and it hasn’t worked once. if you could fix that i would appreciate it. thanks

  • London aka goonie googoo

    thanks shake n meka btw today u hit us with alot of good ish new wu video hell rell ish made me laaaugh n new asher tap n ghost of rich porter. today was a good day.

  • London aka goonie googoo

    Unxpekted said this on March 23rd, 2010 at 1:00 pm << tbh it was free. n its exactly wat he sed it was a mixtape.

  • KC_Mafioso

    I am so NOT feeling this mixtape.

  • London aka goonie googoo

    yeah its got boring already lol.

  • Whoa

    Looks cool but fuck outa here with charlotte Hamilton coming in here requesting his own mixtape Charles Hamilton is wack shoulda been the single instead of back.

  • If you play the tracks backwards all he says is i like dick.

  • Els

    Can someone reupload it to somewhere thats not Mediafire

  • Unxpekted

    Fuck yall I LOVE ASHER




    haha chuuuuch good one is this really the first openly gay rapper? Upload this shit to 4chan and Skitzoooooooo! hope on msn or better yet the xbox fool, let’s get on some Battlefield!

  • ash is a beast yall haters is lames, mixtapes hot bitches, shouts to mark lemke in I’m Eddy, yall dont no what thats all about tho over all yall heads haha

  • JP

    I think this is a pretty solid mixtape. Havn’t heard too many songs I didn’t like and I was pretty impressed by a couple. overall 7.5/10

  • How you gon try an play me like a lame and leave out chat roulette and world of warcraft… mac don’t be mad that your favorite rapper enjoys dick.

  • killa

    makes good mixtapes, not as good albums, gunna be listenin to this fo a bit

  • shits dope


    haha nah really good shit chuuuuch you’s a funny dude. I’m not michael jackson i dont really feel this kid! So say what you say it’s funny you sound mad trollish tho! Just sayin’ like I don’t like the dude , but i am not gonna get at him like that. tbh I am most offended you called him my favorite rapper. :p peace braddah I’m waitin’ for that Show Tufli know if it’s really coming today? Cause I gotta pop soon/


    MaN YaLl IdIoTs

    DiS NiGgUh KilLiN iT!!!!

    AsHeR RoTh AnD GuCcI MaNe dA bEsT

  • Asher gets alot of flcack but man, this goes so fucking hard!! i agree that i was dissapointed that it wasnt new production, but donwload this shit. you wont be dissapointed. dont sleep on Asher man

  • imafag

    This original cd is so awesome, Asher Roth always sucks my dick and I nut in his mouth, he gargles it and then spills his hot wangs all on his anal until I penetrate.

    His rhymes may suck and he may not be original and not represent real hip hop but he is definitly the best dick sucker i ever met, I cant wait to penetrate his wet anal again. Mmmmm.

    Fag HIP HOP taking over in 2010 baby! Support it!

    Fuck real hip hop and fuck homofobs!

    Go Asher Roth! I know you miss my dick baby! HOT WANGS AND FOIE GRAS HAHA DEFINITELY GAY FOOD GO BABY GO!! i love college!!!

    On sexyness scale and lyrically:
    Asher Roth > Eminem

  • All im sayin is that if you reverse every track all you hear “ilikedickilikedickilikedick”. check for yourself. dude like dick

  • H-Town

    this man;s iLL, gotta love rappers that don’t rap like other peepz

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Don’t care too much for Asher Roth, but Blu is on here, So I’m gettin’ it for that one track! But I’ll give the others a listen, he deserves another chance from me.

  • jobie

    i dont understand why someone would comment on him being gay, he’s not, he says he’s not, so whats the deal? where do you get all this info about him being gay. and i actually read a comment that said “i’ve never listened to this guy and never will” then why are you commenting on a post about his music?????

  • ivemar80

    The file is corrupted. Anyone care to repack it?

  • coke


  • charlie

    gonna be completely honest, was looking forward to this mixtape but it just is not good. i understand shake is a fan of asher, but he did not hold his own and the production made this the only thing worth it. not hating, i think asher is talented but this mixtape just was not good…at all.

  • tazzer

    It’d be nice if this was properly labeled first, Shake.

  • OGEazy

    With all this hate you would think Asher Roth is actually doing something bad to the music industry. You lames are the first to snuff a whiteboy for calling u nigga and then you preach homophobia like its the 1800s.
    I don’t want to go back to that time, so I’ll listen to Asher whether or not he likes to suck dick and comment on his music, not his sexuality.

  • rahzel

    Copywrite has this suckas ashes in an urn. Asher clown is a disgrace to hip-hop. If you disrespect the culture don’t expect real heads to show you love or take you serious.

  • OGEazy

    Oez, Gay

    Zeo. Gay


    You’re a faggot.

  • ASHERRRRRR… i like my fresh juice orange

  • His songs are retarded. About retarded things. You guys just give him too much credit. He can rap but so can a lot of people I know. His team did a great job marketing him into a college gimmick. His music isn’t art. It’s pop. Which is why I don’t care for him.

    Hey music Industry. Where did the real fucking songs go? Why do we have to hear 10000000 people rap about the same shit? The sad part is these guys think they are so clever. You guys can keep this trash. I am downloading this for the last song which I will do my best to rip Asher’s vocals from if it’s at all possible.

    Asher Roth over Dilla? *kills self*

  • added a usershare link.

  • DJHeavyMetAL

    Yelawolf…puts ash to shame

  • B_Lett

    “His songs are retarded. About retarded things.”

    “Why do we have to hear 10000000 people rap about the same shit?”

    Way to go back on what you said. You’re saying Asher Roth just raps about the most random shit, yet you’re saying he is doing what everyone else is doing? I don’t know of many people in rap that just spit about random stuff like Asher. I’m not the biggest Asher fan but at least he’s got his own thing going. He’s pretty indivual.

  • Asher Roth IS that NIGGA!

  • RandyB

    I personally Like Greenhouse Effect Better. But this tape introduces Asher as a Real Rapper no just some college kid

  • RandyB


  • dried figs

    dis nigga ash spit harder than most. content is way above average.

  • timtothy

    drake take notes on how to spit lyrics
    with ur same shit

  • timtothy

    oh and asher mixtape is way better then his album
    should of had 9th wonder do his album smh!


  • Els

    F*ck The Money is still>>>>

  • Nicest mixtape I heard in a minute…this and 30 minute layover have been holding me down till Big Sean, Jeezy and XV decide to drop.

  • ummm

    im being asked for a password?

  • Ryuk

    Dope mixtape. With the rumored productions credits on ashers next album i’m looking forward to it.

  • RavRav

    This is brilliant! I’ve been anticipating this with great excitement… downloading as I’m commenting, I’m expecting nothing less than absolute [pure] musical genius from Asher Roth (+ am very excited to hear that collab with Pac Div as I am a great Pac Div fan as well). Boyd. and Brai. are always cool too, haha! :D Thanks dopehouse!

  • 1dopeboy

    lmfao @ someone who said copywrite killed asher and asher didn’t respond….copyright is a nobody trying to get his 15 mins of fame

  • djelvis

    Quinces aren’t really that good. My aunt has a quince tree in her yard in mexico. Not sweet enough.

  • danny

    oh my lord. this is nuts. only on vagitables at this point and i’m losing it.

  • Sam

    I’ve downloaded it like 50 times and I can’t open it!!!!!!! Anyone have a different link?!

  • JoeChre

    Bruh…that shit was good(in my Bruh man from the 5th floor voice)

  • Sam

    can we get a file without the .zip?! PLLLEEAASSSEEE?? ANYONE?!?!

  • Last time I checked, weed rap was nothing new…

  • Hip-Hop

    been a min since he been out wit somethin..lets go!!

  • wreckineyez

    Anyone who is having trouble downloading the link I set up, below is the usershare link that Shake set up. Sorry for the inconvenience. I had a bunch of people try the link I set up, and no one had any issues before we posted it. Hope you all enjoy the tape. Thanks for listening!


  • imafag

    This original cd is so awesome, Asher Roth always sucks my dick and I nut in his mouth, he gargles it and then spills his hot wangs all on his anal until I penetrate.
    His rhymes may suck and he may not be original and not represent real hip hop but he is definitly the best dick sucker i ever met, I cant wait to penetrate his wet anal again. Mmmmm.
    Fag HIP HOP taking over in 2010 baby! Support it!
    Fuck real hip hop and fuck homofobs!
    Go Asher Roth! I know you miss my dick baby! HOT WANGS AND FOIE GRAS HAHA DEFINITELY GAY FOOD GO BABY GO!! i love college!!!
    On sexyness scale and lyrically:
    Asher Roth > Eminem

    fucking asheerr bbaby yeeaahh

  • Sheldon

    Asher improved so much…I’m so proud of him. He’s been my fave rapper since The Greenhouse Effect and after hearing this mixtape, I can’t help but feel for this dude. He goes off on every single song and doesn’t stop. He needs to keep dropping hot shit like this.

  • jobie

    if asher has good production on his next album, like he supposed to, and the label lets him make the music his way the album should be pretty good..

  • Hell Rell

    Shake can u deal with these spammers n trolls please. That is the last time I will mention them. I know they get off on posts like this.

  • Steve

    Whoa…downloading this.

  • Ricky Smitts

    no wonder SRC dropped him, or is about to, shit is doodoo

  • TheKID.

    haaaaahaaaa @ half these losers that took the time to respond just too straight up blatantly hate.

    yeah I’m talking about you Unxpekted & Chuuch.. you losers. haaaaa.

    I mean to each his own, but come on.. you’s took time to write paragraph after paragraph AND you’s took even more time to respond to people who actually thought this was good music, WHICH IT IS.

    I’m guessing you’re both nails, and hard as fuck always wanting that gun clappin’, i got money music – and just feel like hating on a white boy who has talent. Couldn’t expect anything else from a “Hip-Hop” C-Section where people think they’re opinion is facts.. smh

  • TheKID.

    and by they’re I meant their.. just a minor typo.

  • Shpesh

    Well what do we have here?

    Another act on Trashfest 2010??!!!

  • ^^^what he said

  • and by he, i meant TheKID.. not the disrespectful hate monger above me

  • bbs

    shit is corny

  • Is “Travis Barker Beat” an oxymoron?

  • jobie

    i love how if you dont rap about made up stories of selling drugs and gang banging you are automatically called corny. Gangsta rap is dead, hip hop is evolving..

  • bbs

    i don’t even listen trap music…but i seriously cant listen to this don’t know why lol different taste probably oh well

  • xNnoitra

    Wow so much blatant hate its ridiculous. If you dislike the dudes music why even click on the post and comment. shit is crazy how all these trolls come out in every asher roth post wow. grow up kids you opinion on the internet doesn’t matter to ant one but yourself.

  • hahayo
  • jobie

    @bbs my corny comment wasnt jjust directed at you. so many people dont even give guys like asher or cudi or b.o.b. a shot because they are different kind of artists. You just dont like his music and thats cool lol.

  • Chris

    this has to be the WORST mixtape i’ve heard in a while and i’ve heard some really wach shit…i am dissapointed that this is coming from a guy from asher roth who did have my respect and not lost it

  • madConsumer

    this is dope right here. not only is ash killin it but the DJ can actually mix….maybe because hes actually a DJ unlike whoo kid, khaled, drama, *insert self-proclaimed DJ*

  • Chris

    @jobie i agree with you that people don’t give them a chance and i like all three but i just don’t like this mixtape it was just boring and i lost interest in the middle…and you forgot about charles hamilton alot of people overlook him and don’t realize his talent…he is deffinitly good enough to be signed and make a good album and he made 2 but neither got sold

  • jreal

    if you ever watched any interview with asher you would know hes not the type looking to put out a quick radio hit. any retard can put out a radio hit with a half decent beat. Guys like asher, cudi, bob, etc spit the TRUTH not bullshit. They make a shitload of sense if you actually listen and understand, not like all the bullshit you hear on the radio. Thats the pop music. NOT THIS.

  • Unxpekted

    TheKID sucked asher roths dick yesterday and loved it

  • imafag

    Unxpected you dont even know how to spell bitch stop hating sexy Asher and his fuckiiinng fine dick. who cares if hes not a good rapper look how sexy he is! and he represents the bi’s so quit hating and go listen to rakim or something loser. No one cares about lyrics anymore its all about gimmicks and sex appeal and this guy got that cute private school kid small nice wet dick going on.

    Asher Roth always sucks my dick and I nut in his mouth, he gargles it and then spills his hot wangs all on his anal until I penetrate.

    His rhymes may suck and he may not be original and not represent real hip hop but he is definitly the best dick sucker i ever met, I cant wait to penetrate his wet anal again. Mmmmm.

    Fag HIP HOP taking over in 2010 baby! Support it!

    Fuck real hip hop and fuck homofobs!

    Go Asher Roth! I know you miss my dick baby! HOT WANGS AND FOIE GRAS HAHA DEFINITELY GAY FOOD GO BABY GO!! i love college!!!

    On sexyness scale and lyrically:
    Asher Roth > Eminem

  • bbs

    LMAO @imafag…. kids don’t do drugs

  • Block

    ash roth just fits the college demographic so well….his rhymes may not be top notch and are downright juvenile sometimes but you can tell he enjoys what hes doing. Is he the next savior of hip hop? No. I think he knows that and is just doing what works, cant really hate on that. I feel like half of the hate comes from the fact he doesnt fit the mold of so much of the filler that’s out there. His music is different, if you don’t like it find something else.

  • Unxpekted

    imafag well your a fag. and perfect example of an asher roth fan.

    I had a discussion with real hip hop artists today and one even considers this guy a viable person to talk about. the dude is about as talented as the guy who raps on the taco bell commercials.

    if u like this dude kill yourself.


    liked him in the begining but now all his sgit sounds the same to me.


    liked him in the begining but now all his shit sounds the same to me.

  • Solroc21

    dope tape. and asher is a cool dude, so no hate from me!

  • Jizz

    Second half of this mixtape > first half
    Beats > raps
    Asher Roth > any other white rapper out that I know of…
    …and he’s still just not that good. And his boys are just wack ass Asher biters.
    Great beat selection though.

  • Felipe

    DAHAHAHA, this muhfugga gotta track named “Rik Smits” and it’s produced by Just Blaze? FLAVOR FLAV WOWWWWWW

  • Wiz Khalifa “Miles” No DJ I put together…


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  • dreamz

    you cant tell me he didnt rip some of these beats… BUT it doesnt matter who you are your either HATE or LIKE/LOVE the kid. he has a unique sound all around (from content, delievry, even word choice). so either vibe w/ it or hate it but let the hate go to the side cuz nobody really cares for it.

  • He goes in spitting the whole tape. He kept it really hip-hop. I don’t think you guys are really listening to this. He’s saying some pretty slick shit. His verse on Vagitables is crazy.

  • Chavez

    Man.. You guys are taking all this shit to the heart. It’s meant to be enjoyed, not over analyzed. Come on now.. “served by..” is suppose to be a joke, just to build an atmosphere.. Wow. Great tape been listening to it all day

  • OGEazy

    I’m finally getting a chance to listen to this now and god damn this DJ does his fucking job. This tape is gonna get a good deal of spins from me because unlike the self conscious homophobes above me I don’t give a fuck what people think of my music. I’m all about quality not whatever bullshit you’re on.

  • TheKID.

    haaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa thats the best you could say Unexpekted? comee on man, be serious.. i sucked ashers dick last night , best you could come up with [email protected]!

    Like jezsssuss, you mess.. how insecure are you about yourself? this making you feel better about yourself, putting peeps down on the net? be real playa. move on.

  • Deeznuts

    damn.. That’s all I have to say about this mixtape, and the C section…

  • Mixtape is garbage, asher bites eminem and enjoys penis. He’s a homosexual, in denial. Gucci Mane is a better rapper, simply because Gucci is not a faggot ass gimmick. Shake rides asher’s dick because asher is white. Faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot.

  • Wheat Thins


  • Chris G.

    Co-Sign @TheKid

  • John Madden’s Eyebrows

    Went to a Common show…Asher Roth opened. Everybody who knew even one word of his material…college hats …tie-dye tees and hemp necklaces. Peeped him at S.O.B.’s opening for HELTAH SKELTAH…Mind you..that crowd that was at the Common show,showed up again. Cats that were there for Heltah Skeltah didn’t know who the fuck he was nor a word of his music(Dallas Penn made a hilariously TRUE video documenting this). My first thought when attending that show was..”How the fuck does Asher Roth end up on a bill opening for HS”? Answer:Strategic placement by management plus great marketing dollars. Remember that commercial he had with Forrest Whittaker,Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks..etc? Yeah..u remember that. That’s called marketing dollars at work. See, me?…I’m not as easily impressed by anyone as some of you seem to be. Remember that CRAZY MEDIA BLITZ he had poppin before his Asleep LP?..Is that the same as the groundswell of support from the streets that Jay Electronica’s been getting?…minus an album?…Hell to the NO…that my friends is called Marketing Dollars.

  • ^and he gay.

  • Teddy

    Yo brah. I dont what yall was listening to, but Asher stepped his game up. I think if you havnt gotten past the whole Eminem comparison it would be hard to see it. But Asher went in on this one. I like Toni Braxton that was a great track. He went in on this. I think if you arent familiar with crazy college white boys and their antics it may also be hard to understand him.

    But overall I like this better than his 1st mixtape. However I think the DJ over did the scratches in the beginning of a couple songs.

  • The bootleg sneaker spammers in this thread > asher.

  • OGEazy

    The haters’ jokes < DJ Holiday's shoutouts

  • OGEazy

    OEz, Gay

    zEO, Gay


    you gay.

  • haircut

    lol chuuuch trolls every asher roth post calling him gay… hmmm?? i wonder what that means haha

  • imafag

    ohmigod asher roths dick is fucking nice

    he penetrates me anally daily baby

    fuck yea fag hip hop for liffee!! go asher hold it down for us gggaayyys!

  • why do people listen to asher? i mean really…hes TERRIBLY average…this mixtape is boring/corny…asher fails and his album was horrendously wack

  • Wow, no wonder women always complain about finding a good man in America. All the pussy ass hating punks are on here hating instead of getting laid. Go Wreckineyez & Asher. Hating is necessary I guess for jealous people. If you don’t like the Boi Asher music then don’t listen. Spread Love Niggas!

  • purpleDANK

    fxckin’ dopee!

  • smh at haters

  • WOW

    Chuuuch is troll and fucking douche

  • iamct01

    Well I am 32 and a huge Asher fan, you guys are crazy. The mixtape is like methadone for a heroin addict for me. I can`t get past the first two. And he is only going to get better with age. Look at Em, he is 37 well relapse sounded to whinny to me.

  • ROCstar


  • ASH

    PROPS to asher. the kid can spit and you can tell hes having fun with it. and for me at least, it makes me love the whole vibe of the mixtape. its a fun listen but hes still KILLIN it. funny ass punchlines that actually make sense. and definitely easy to relate to like some people above said

  • Termo

    Anybody older than 17 thinking this is dope is probably someone who is a loser lol.

    Real hip hop keep it moving. This garbage is a joke, lol, from a real emcee who knows Statik and real artists you kids are lame.

    Hating something as terrible as this is a waste of time.

  • dirtyharry

    @thermo, nice name drop. no one cares. this is dope. IMO.

  • Freshswagger94

    wats the name of the original songs for:
    i’m eddy

  • Termo

    This dope in your opinion. COOL! Im glad you have low standards

    shitty emcee + stolen beats + rhymes about nothing = GOOD MUSIC IMO in 2010

    this shit is garbage to any real musician, case closed.

  • they aren’t ‘stolen beats’ dude have u ever heard a fucking mixtape in your life?

  • gooniegoogoo

    Termo<<its called a mixtape. there not stolen. u should know that as Statics personal nut hugger.

  • Ride

    ay yo Unxpekted a straight fool..you people take music too seriously. You listen to bullshit nigs who rap about being broke, being in the hood, gangs, and all types of other garbage..from artists whose songs all sound the same in the first place. Lighten up, smoke something, stop being so uptight, and listen to something fun, you wackass fools. You ain’t from the hood, you aren’t in a gang, and people have it way worse than you, and likewise with the artists you listen to and their depressing ass lyrics. Chill out. You aren’t doing anything for music, which is why you’re posting insults on a music blog, and keep checking back to respond time and time again. Get the hell out your house, dog. Pathetic ass cowards. This mixtape is fun as hell, great spring break soundtrack.

  • monroe

    cosign Ride. Only people who listen to “gangsta” shit are pretenders

  • Selley


  • 7

    fo sho Ride..fo sho

  • jobie

    @RIDE exactly, i was laughing and having a good time through this whole tape i mean it opened with “Quick life lesson never touch a man’s &*#^ while he’s resting or bench pressing” hahah Maybe Asher only can relate to a certain small demographic. But i definitely feel him, with his Mark Madson, Rik Smits, Cory and Topanga references i feel like he’s one of my buddies rapping..

  • Unxpekted

    No ones hating

    Having a standard and understanding when something isnt great is an opinion NOT HATTIIN NUGGAH DAWG. Fucking ignorant.

    This shit is weed plate music and im glad you have no taste and your opinions are ass. Go listen to Gucci Mane, Yung Joc, and your college savior you fucking prick.

  • You Know What I Like,
    How Dude Still Gets Hated On And He Stays In His Own Lane And Doesn’t Try To Rap Or Be Something He’s Not…It’s The Damn Near Same Thing With Charles Hamilton…It Seems Like Faggot Ass Bitches Wanna Jump A Post When The Names Charles Hamilton Or Asher Roth Is Involved And Start These So Called Gay And Wack Rants And Shit…Either You Gonna Embrace The Shit Or I Suggest You Shut The Fuck U And Keep It Moving To Another C-Section That Contains The Overrated Drake Or A Guy Who Only Comes Out With 2 Songs Per Year (Jay Electronica) And Only Gets Posts On Doing Interviews And Concerts Performing The Same Damn Songs Even Though Jay Is Dope…Sad Part Is This Mixtape Is Pretty Dope And You Clowns Don’t Even Listen,You Just Assume Is Garbage…Besides…I Wonder How Much Hate Is C Ham Gonna Get Today After He Drops…And Yeah I’m Downloading That Shit As Well…

  • danny

    anyone have the original tracks?

  • Unxpekted

    No assumption its garbage if you actually know anything about decent hip hop music. lol.

  • Guinnesses

    Maybe I like this mixtape so much because I fall under Asher Roths ‘demographic’ (white college kid), but your ears must be fucked if you can’t admit that the dude has a decent flow and doesn’t try to be something he’s not. ‘Wigger’? He raps about playing tennis and planning for the future. He’s not the greatest emcee, but for a college kid coming into the rap game from obscurity it’s impressive to see how hard he goes on this mixtape and his earlier shit. This guns and drugs hip hop mentality has got to go. I bet 99 percent of Young Jeezy’s fans have never held a gun or sold coke. Props to Asher for putting out something real, and with some sick production.

  • this shit is hard as fuck, don’t be an idiot, Real hip hop heads understand this is in no way bullshit or fronting. Go listen to wayne or drake if you don’t like this and shoot yourself at any point. SIIIIIICKKKK PRODUCTION

  • Unxpekted

    This shit is hard as fuck.

    If you think this is real hip hop

    KILL YOURSELF real hip hop is not a white kid spatting randomness about college on beats that are not his.

    If you think SICK PRODUCTION

    KILL YOURSELF this is mixtape this isnt production this is taking beats and rhyming on them.

    Go listen to Wayne or Drake if you dont like this and shoot yourself. Um no. If you listne to a small whiteguy who wears tight pants tight sweaters, has long white hair, copied eminem, is a sell out, and brings nothing new to the table well then


    fucking kids man.

  • Guinnesses

    No one cares about your racist, hater ass opinion Unxpekted. I guess we should all commit suicide because we like something that you don’t. Yeah, makes a whole lot of sense.

    Fucking kids? You’re the one on the internet telling people to kill themselves so I wouldn’t assume your age a day over fifteen.

    Roth and Eminem’s music have almost nothing in common so for you to say that he copied him only makes you sound like a sujective dumbass because the only comparison you could make between the two is that they’re both white.

  • i bet unexpekted is white.

    who did De La and ATCQ mostly appear too?
    Oh ya, college kids. But they were black so it’s all good, right?
    What’s asher going with? you said college, let’s see if it’s on the board, 2dope family.
    Number 1 on the board!

  • MikeDaooo

    Man, negative or not, everyone’s suckin on Asher. Y’all must not really hate him that much seeing as how you cared to post here. If I hated someone I’d just not say anything on the matter. But sheesh, you guys must really love him :D

  • Unxpekted

    Congradulations you just defended a college white kid who gives 2 shits about hip hop and or you.

    You guys are the reason hip hop is dead. Playing I LLOOVOVEEE COOLLLEGE garbage and not the Black Thoughts and real emcees.

    Fucking bump Elzhi shit before this garbage anyday

    FYI ima palestinian terrorist bitch so keep your ip secure

  • Guinnesses

    See, Unxpekted, thats where you sound like an idiot. You feel that in order to like the music that you like more, you have to hate on the music you don’t like and try to diss everyone from behind a computer screen.

    Black Thought, Elzhi, De La Soul, Wu, Del, they’re all good. Reflection Eternal still gets bumped in my car every day. I Love College wasn’t a great song, I honestly never liked it, but that’s why I enjoy this mixtape so much – it’s NOT the same as I Love College, it’s better and it shows that Roth, who initially seems like that passerby rapper who got lucky with a mass appeal song, has flow and enough skill to get noticed by some serious producers. I don’t agree with whoever said this mixtape is hard (it’s not), but I can kick back with a smoke and vibe with it, which is more than great for me.

    My point is grow up and stop being such a fucking hater cause guess what, being able to like the music I like AND the music you like feels pretty good.

    Hip hop isn’t dead. Maybe on the airwaves it is, but to me it’s only getting better as a whole for those of us who aren’t too lazy to look for it.

  • np

    does anyone know what beat he is going over on “im eddy”????

  • double

    where is the download link?

  • Unxpekted

    1. See, Unxpekted, thats where you sound like an idiot. You feel that in order to like the music that you like more, you have to hate on the music you don’t like and try to diss everyone from behind a computer screen.

    I say:
    I am not dissing any from behind a computer, I am telling you I and nearly the majority of anybody who knows real hip hop doesnt consider this dude a talented artist. The fact that you praise and defend this guy so much is why I think your an idiot. Its called opinions, if you cant handle me saying this guy is garbage, shut up and keep it moving. At the end of the day Im going to listen to real talented musicians and your going to listen to Asher Roth.

    2. Black Thought, Elzhi, De La Soul, Wu, Del, they’re all good. Reflection Eternal still gets bumped in my car every day. I Love College wasn’t a great song, I honestly never liked it, but that’s why I enjoy this mixtape so much – it’s NOT the same as I Love College, it’s better and it shows that Roth, who initially seems like that passerby rapper who got lucky with a mass appeal song, has flow and enough skill to get noticed by some serious producers. I don’t agree with whoever said this mixtape is hard (it’s not), but I can kick back with a smoke and vibe with it, which is more than great for me.

    I say:
    Are you serious right now? Skill gets you recognition in 2010?? College and this mixtape is skill? Were obviously on a different level musically. I am filet mignon and your more ground beef when it comes to hip-hop. Let me guess you respect and enjoy the whole southern movement too right?

    3. My point is grow up and stop being such a fucking hater cause guess what, being able to like the music I like AND the music you like feels pretty good.
    Hip hop isn’t dead. Maybe on the airwaves it is, but to me it’s only getting better as a whole for those of us who aren’t too lazy to look for it.

    I say:
    Agreed. But you need hating, if everyone liked garbage like you do, how would we push a standard? We would all be listening to Gucci Mane and thinking he’s amazing if no one came out and said it was trash. You need people to like certain stuff just as much as they should dislike it.

    LASTLY. I have gave this mixtape spins. I played it through 3 times. I found 1 good song. The rest is all terrible to me. I guess because I come from a rich musical family that I just cant waste my time listening to this. If you knew enough about hip hop you would know all these beats were originally used by other artists. Much more talented artists, so personally I won’t waste my time with this. I like filet mignon. So while this mixtape seeks to be seared foie gras to me this is a mixtape that any white kid in my highschool could have made, for that matter most were much more talented and actually do put out better material. I say no thanks to this ground beef. ; )

  • Guinnesses

    I can respect your opinion way more when you’re having a mature discussion instead of telling me to kill myself. Asher isn’t for you? I respect it. You gave it a few spins and only found one song you liked? I respect it.

    I’ve been a musician for most of my life so I do know what quality is across most genres and what takes skill as opposed to what’s just pleasing to the ear with lesser effort. I fully acknowledge that Asher Roth isn’t the best emcee out there – but to me this tape does sound good because I guess I can relate to it more than I can the content from other hip hop artists since it’s where I’m at right now in my life, and because I feel he’s trying (yes, that album he put out was garbage and there’s no denying this is a step up from that).

    With that said, I’m a lover not a hater. If I hear something I don’t like I just don’t acknowledge it, and give all the more praise to the music I do enjoy.

    The biggest problem with hip hop as a whole is that the best stuff just doesn’t get the recognition it should and the lesser efforts (99% of radio rap) seems to be what most people love. I’ll never understand it, but that’s the world I guess.

  • Unxpekted

    Agreed. I think I know what kind of music you like. I suggest this site.



    in google type hip hop bootleggers uk a ton of shit that will blow asher roth out your memory lol. check it out!

  • readabookcauseyoureignorant

    *Newsflash* Some of your favorite rappers are gay. Ask anyone in the industry. Who cares about their sexual orientation. What matters is whether or not they make good music.

    The tape is dope by the way.

  • FYI ima palestinian terrorist bitch so keep your ip secure

    haha… my IP is as secured as your junk was on prom night… shit aint getting unzipped.

  • Honestly, if you listen to elhzi and what have you…
    that’s your choice. I feel sorry for you that you try and force feed an artists music into someone’s ears that wont fathom it. Not because their not an intellectual, but because that’s not where their minds are inclined to musically. I don’t listen to B. Dolan, Sage Francis, Copywrite, Asher Roth, Eminem, or Kyle Lucas or pretty much any white rapper it seems. Why? because they all fucking suck to me. Not because their white. But because they just fucking suck IMO. In My Opinion. That’s it. That’s all. I don’t listen to elhzi. slaughterhouse. murs. guilty simpson. ect. ect. Why? because they fucking suck imo. I don’t listen to gucci mane, or timbaland, or ti, or who ever fuck else is on the radio… i dont even know. I don’t have a favorite emcee. Master of Ceremonies… ummmm? me? I chose what I listen to and no one else will tell me wtf to bump. I’m my own MC. All these rappers are just pawns to use while I conquer what’s on the daily.

  • Guinnesses

    Now that we know who you think sucks and what you don’t listen to, would you care to enlighted us as to what you DO listen to?

  • Jobie

    @John Maddens Eybrowz, that forest whittaker, tom hanks, spielberg promo was ripped from a voting campaign they just threw in other people. it was joke smh hahahah

  • davonte

    did you haters even listen?? i bet half the people hating on this listen to “all da way turnt up” and shit like lil jon. i guess you just can understand science when its is displayed in front of you. asher drops the ill lyrics with real meaning and substance. i cant believe people hate on this kid. probably cause hes white and does his own thing

  • whathappenedtorapmusic

    Dear Shake or Meca or whoever…really? do you really think asher is dope? really?? come on now.. best change this site to 2medicoreboyz

  • royce da 5’9

    i cannot believe the mad hate. if you actually hate asher, and downloaded the tape, YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER. get a life and stop jerking off at your laptop. so either you have no life and like to hate on people for no reason, or you didnt even listen to it and just spreading your hate for whatever reason. cause if you actually listen to this, ashers kills it the whole time. he raps about things that mean something to him. instead of making up stories about selling drugs and killing people. sound familiar? yeah, everybody you like and listen to does that. actually listen you mother fucking haters. and this is coming from somebody who thought asher was gonna BLOW. he is ill as hell and sorry you cant accept another white rapper came into the game and started tearin shit up

  • 2pac Shakur

    ^^^ Royce, you’re an idiot. Ashers wack.

  • Jo

    nah asher is pretty dope, he made a purely hip-hop mixtape..

  • RockyRoads

    I gave this shit a couple spins but still I wasn’t really feeling this. I mean he has skills but I think it’s his voice that I can’t stand.

  • Taylor Gang or die

  • ash.

    can anyone recommend some laid back stuff i should download on the back of absolutely loving this? i’ve lit up a few j’s and kicked back to this so much recently.

  • Mays

    this is some stoner shit, pure and simple, if you smoke herb, download this…ash belongs in the same category as wiz khalifa, curren$y, and all the other rappers reppin 420 hard….

  • Mays

    to the dude above me, u want some laid back shit? you want curren$y and wiz khalifa…totally laid back vibes 24/7

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  • krs1

    the ppl sayin ashers wak are the same kids who say yung jeezy 50 cent and gucci mane are lyricists. do you fags even listen

  • jo

    i thought that the DJ did this mixtape the right way, just enough scratches not to much

  • Mexi.Cn.

    The DJ was good on this, I’m glad there’s no tags… but it would be better in some moments if he’d cut down on the reversing… you feel? But yeah… shit is TIGHT!!!!! This mixtape is dope as hell… has that original feeling… to me this is better than 89% of the albums out right now… :/

  • swiiish

    this was horrible i just downloaded it for the producers stopped listening when i heard his verse over the 9th beat..he cant catch the beat for shiet no flow..

  • eric odonnell

    sounds good homie, but u need to write boyd and bangleys ryhmes brother, or shit let me do it. good shit though love it

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    mr. one hit wonder
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