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Brother Ali – Tight Rope (Video)

blame it on Shake March 23, 2010

Before giving an in studio performance, Brother Ali breaks down the idea behind the record off his latest release US. Filmed at Different Fur Studios. Shouts to yourstru.ly.

Brother Ali’s “Tight Rope” tells a story in three parts. Verse 1 tells of the Somalian refugees who try to find home and hope in Ali’s native Minneapolis. Verse 2 touches on the all too familiar subject of the broken home and the insurmountable obstacles of going on like normal when there’s really no such thing. Verse 3 boldly explores the psyche of a young man outcast by homosexuality, desperately trying to hold up what’s left of an open identity.

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    once again white islamic dude strikes with some lame ass raps. Damn, his haircut is thye defenition of his rap style

  • turftalka

    ^Ur name speaks for itself. U obviously are stupid enough to not know that
    A. Brother Ali is albino (don’t know? look it up)
    B. There’s a reason they call Brother Ali the street preacher.

    Shake when u gonna ban niggas like these?

  • Tree

    brother ali is in my top 5, but US was smelly puss juice.. and I bought it… it was kind of like when atmos dropped lemons and was a huge let down, especially coming off of prolly atmos best work to date “how much fun”. same can be said for ali and the “undistributed truth”. I still support and got nothing for love, but was just let down.

  • One of my favorite tracks off US. Great song.

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  • j7m7m

    Believe it or not this is the first time i heard this guy..he’s sickkk

  • Ricki Lutes

    this a great song!!

  • Imp

    Love some Brother Ali, motherfuckers are always expecting new albums to blow them away like “Shadows on The Sun” though. Its hard to out-do what made you famous na,mean!

    Song is dope, bottom line.

  • Drizz

    Actually turftalka, Ali is a white muslim. Yes he is albino, but he’s caucasian.

  • Tony Ray

    Dope artist, who makes great music.

  • shaba

    this is great music in every aspect. much respect to ali

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