• http://www.illvibes.com Dobe

    Nice footage here, I'm def goin next year no matter what!!!! Keep holdin it down here dopehouse

  • Dreano

    Shake, meka, you guys are fuckin' up.. Kid cudi - Video soundtrack 2 my life finaly came out today, on datnewcudi, you guys should probly post it

  • ProjectZero

    Dame Black Milk was there did he perform???

  • markeith504

    shit i was bout ta ask was that lil b, then you said it, mek an shake at the end of the vid?

  • http://screwheadsonly.blogspot.com ScrewHeads.Com

    Did yall give a recap of ur overall experience?

    http://screwheadsonly.blogspot.com .

  • http://twitter.com/krnbgn Koran

    Kid Cudi - Soundtrack To My Life Video http://toofortunate.com/blog/?p=1689

  • Denzel Sausagetion

    were can i get that them crewneck and tshirts at

  • http://kevinnottingham.com Jon Garcia

    "I Fucks With The Old Kanye"

  • http://twitter.com/ibarra88 Management

    so i just realized i was standing right behind meka at Quality, I was filming also. "hey hustle, throw me off the stage too! make me famous!" - Donwill

  • guest

    sick piercings shake haha you look like a female

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    and youre just a random "guest" in a comment section. ill continue to win. thanks...

    for those fucking with the crew necks.. get up with my man narada at http://www.mathaddicts.com

  • Che LaGhost

    Whos Shake in this video? I been visitin this website since Meka used to post on hiphopdx LOL But I have never seen Shake eeever...

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6H0i1RAdHk Shyguy

    Im pretty sure Shake is the dude to the right of Mek at the end.

  • Tg

    Lil B is that nigga!!! If he ever goes to NY Meka needs to get him on 2DopeRadio, only because that shit would be fucking hilarious. That Freeway pic had me dyin too.

  • guest

    haha win what exactly? looking like a female, yes you definitely win that

  • ahkidagreat

    Wassup with everyone's obsession to see how these guys look? Damn

  • http://silenttreatment.tumblr.com HD

    awesome montage of SXSW. Def getting flashback of the craziness of last week. Everybody needs to head down to Austin to experience the mayhem. lol

  • http://myspace.com/btmusic808 BREEZY1991

    LMFAO 2:22.. Lil B.. whatajoke

  • Sean Price

    Freeway's pic + I Fucks with the old Kanye = priceless