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Young Jeezy – Momma Told Me

blame it on Shake March 25, 2010

NMC premiere you bastids, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Splash is guessing Beyonce will be on the final version but for now you can enjoy Ester Dean’s vocals.

DOWNLOAD: Jeezy – Momma Told Me


    I just love Jeezys raspy voice!!! I’d love it to have him bent over me whispering in my ear, that would make me real hard!!!!!! Momma Told Me a little Jeezy was for me :-)

  • kerken

    redoo hook, plz….

  • kerken


  • Tony Ray

    Is this off his Trap or Die 2 mix tape or his new album?

  • AKLK

    this is dope

  • Big_E

    so he changed it to just Jeezy or sumthing? well i want Young Jeezy back cuz his new shit’s been wack..


    This is a reference track Beyonce will be on the hook

  • word

    /Bow Wow

    wayne the only one to be proud of the generic part of his name?

  • Tg

    Wayne is also proud of shooting himself in the chest

  • London


  • word

    proud of it? cmon i listen to mad wayne shit and he aint never said that.

    hes talked about taking a bullet and almost dying (without saying he shot himself in the song as to kind of allude maybe he got shot at) but he aint never said “yea im so trill i put soft niggas to rest/i go so hard i shot myself in the chest” or somethin like that

  • Tg

    Wayne always talks about almost dying from taking a bullet, which everyone knows came from a gun he pointed at himself, I think the amount he talks about the bullet wound he has, qualifies as being proud of it.

  • London

    ^^actually he was proud of it said so him self in the lil wayne carter documentary. he says he was like yo check it out and it helped him get alot of girls he went around showing it off. thats what kids do.

  • BUNZ


  • DayO

    shit is hard.

  • word

    him showing off as a kid is different than him being proud of it today. and i dont think so at all. kanye talks about him almost dying in a car crash, does that means hes proud he crashed his car? almost dying is kind of a big deal (word to clipse) so of course hes going to talk about it.

  • LOl who ever tinks his career is going towards same as rick ross ..is correct

    its 2010 we dont want to hear about ur stash anymore


  • ^co-sign

    I’d be shocked to see Bey on a Jeezy track though. Doesn’t matter bout Jay … Bey has a squeeky clean image that she won’t tarnish with the likes of Jeezy.

    http://screwheadsonly.blogspot.com .

  • hot beat as usual ur rite hes just like rick ross he gets good beats, but his lyrics are gone ever since his recession CD , old wore out lyrics about your drugs , I YAWN AT THIS TRACK

  • spooky

    When is that TM 103 supposed to drop?

    LMAO @ “yea im so trill i put soft niggas to rest/i go so hard i shot myself in the chest” or somethin like that”


    —summary of all his songs

    now u know why he did that name change publicity shit.. ITS CUZ HES BEEN IRRELEVANT as rick ross or birdman

  • yes

    the last couple of posts hit the nail on the head,

    ever since he went commercial ive seen a decline in his lyrics , EXAMPLE that hot beat, hot song with Rhianaa,- HARD …holy hell wat was those lyrics about jeezy was singing …its like hes giving up and knows hes already at the top

    no where else to go but the bottom with ross and his grandfather PURRRRRR birdman!

  • wow

    not feeling jeezy anymore, really tired of hearing about “the trap” and all his money and groupies. like for real we off that

  • king!!

    ^^^^^ this.
    jeezy fell off

  • bob–fool. 2 dope

    is this off wale’s mama told me beat?


    fuck outta here jeezy’s the truth….youre all probably the same ones fiending for his mixtape a month back

  • stevep

    first listen….eh..this one aint for me

  • whatupsucka

    You white kids never appreciate gritty music like this for long. Jeezy’s the only one out that hasn’t changed his lane since he started, and he’s brilliant at it. Forget ya’ll. We need trap music just as much as we need you hipsters. Accept it!

  • yes

    im not white but i LOL at

    “its 2010 we dont want to hear about ur stash anymore “”

    so damn true thats why rick ross and birdman and jeezy , fat joe, all fallin off the grid

  • Thescore

    Yeerp dope track, waiting on that 103 along with that ‘Thank Me Later’ I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see Bey and Jeezy on a track together, I mean he is basically good friends with Jay, and are in ‘The Mob Squad’ together. Now that Jay and Jeezy linked up your about to see a whole lot of Jeezy. “No one disses Jay and gets a career boost” but joining the guy I’m sure gives you one

  • chrous makes me go to sleep
    HOT beat
    WACK lyrics

    get the fuck outa hear wit ur trapping B.s.
    we all know jeezy and weezy and ricky aint on a corner slangin keys


  • lol

    once i told my drug dealer that jeezy is on the way out with his lame predictable lyrics and his trap speech…almost got my ass kicked
    don’t tell drug dealers jeezy is irrelevant

  • Thescore

    @OFFICIAL Name me 5 rappers that are currently on the corner slanging keys… tick tock tick tock…I’m waiting. It’s Entertainment homie. oh and the sky is made of cotton candy…do you believe me?

  • //

    three six mafia back in the days
    down south rappers
    lil wyte
    ill bill

    yea major artists dont really sell drugs bc its in there contract
    but there ALOT of real underground or emerging artists that prob trade drugs daily
    some by proxy some middle man probably some out in the open

  • dont care who sells me the weed, i just tired of jeezy rapping about bricks
    same goes for rick ross , and if u tink there not ALL on the way out ur all blind.

  • Rio$

    It’s Entertainment homie.
    Thescore said this on March 25th, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    that’s what nobody in the world seems to understand

  • Doja

    The album is called ‘Thug Motivation 103’ not ‘Conscious Rap Motivation’ “If you scared you better go and see Ma$e bitch”. Very very nice track. What do you think he’s gonna talk about?

  • santa for the young ones
    wrestling for the young adults
    rappers for the adults
    and politics for the white adults

    99 percent of what u hear and see is all b.s
    that being said ,we all know there not selling bricks
    but who the hell wants to hear about that 24/7 then
    doesnt make sense

  • Thescore

    @OFFICIAL let me rephrase that, what major rap ‘Entertainers’ are currently on the corner slanging keys?….dumb ass.


    have u heard of young jeezy old stuff b4 he got all major ???

    he raps about real thug and street shit , this is just pre packaged drug dealer car hoe crap
    its so true

    ask rick ross

  • @Thescore

    we know major rappers dont sell drugs,,, but whats the point of having a career in music when all ur talkin about is sales of drugs…gets old..real fast..like the other post said listen to his old works

  • Thescore

    @TRUE “Have u heard of young jeezy old stuff b4 he got all major ???”

    yes I have and he didn’t nearly have as much money as he does now, so of course he’s going to talk about more cars, clothes and hoes. Isn’t that the definition of Hip-Hop nowadays?. It seems like when you get that fame, the love changes. Ask Drake

  • i fully understand what really rap is but jeezy and drake are jus over night stars that will be there for a lil while and vanish like rick ross if u really tink these type of generic lyrics will get u anywhere ur wrong. Ask jay z

  • Thescore

    @OFFICIAL Jeezy has been here since 2001 and has gone platinum with every album, where the fuck is he going and he’s on tour with Jay-Z!..Jeezy isn’t going anywhere, now if you were to say OJ Da Juice or Waka then yes I agree with you, Jeezy gave you ‘The Recession’ and that doesn’t tell you he doesn’t switch up? C’MON. It isn’t the artist killing Hip-Hop it’s the fans. He’s going back to what made him Famous “Thug Motivation”

  • ahahah what man u know still listens to “recession” bad example

    thug motivation 101 ok i agree wit u a classic

    but seriously dude if u relate this or drake or w.e to real hip hop or rap music i feel bad foru

    hear somethin to cheer u up

    i make a real hip hop and rap mixtape everymonth only the classic and current only the best
    check it out most are not trap type stuff but im sure any fan of hip hop can admire

    plz check out

    digital crack 18

    its on piratebay and isohunt

    lets all conclude if 103 is anything like 101 i will apologize but listen to his new stuff ..its totally lame o

  • Thescore

    @OFFICIAL isn’t that what the people want from Wayne is for him to go back to what made him famous? for example ‘Tha Carter 1 and 2″ and if Wayne did that the same people will be like “It’s 2010 we don’t wanna hear that anymore” I’m soo confused!.. It makes sense now, it isn’t the artists at all, it’s us, the fans are fucking bi-polar, and yes come June when this album drops I’ll be expecting an apology.

  • JF Kennedy

    Lol, it seems like trap type rappers have a smaller window of time to rap about that lifestyle …

    because after awhile you know they have money and aren’t doing the shit they’re saying in their songs, and it kind of makes you go, “Oh, ok.”

    Jeezy is that dude though.

  • jeezy

    whoever put jeezy in the same category as ross or birdman needs to killl themselves…… jeezy is the best rapper alive bar none

  • Haterz gonna hate. If you want stories about life and some fantasy shit go read some books you fuckin haters. this is pure entertainment – burn it on a CD, put it in my mercedes 09 c-class and make them germans hate. if you dont like it, dont buy it. period.

  • Mainee I LOVEE Hiss Rapsss But His Voice uqhh ANNOYINGG.!
    But Good Sonq Thouqhh,!

  • OG

    nobody will ever get on Pac’s level…especially Wayne, like they said if Pac was here he prob be working @ McDonalds or something! But Jezzy do go hard on most the tracks he got.

  • Loso

    yu Niggas is stupid, Jeezy a real Hood nigga. If yu aint feelin his music is because yu aint a Hood nigga & yu cant relate to what he be rappin about. He makes music for the streets, he dont gotta soften shit up. Yall can stick to listenen to that boy Drake n shitt



  • bbs

    [email protected] the girdle comment

  • trapmusik

    its ridiculous how many haters there are out there. last time I checked music isn’t just judged by lyrics. i consider jeezy one of my favorite rappers not just because I like his lyrics, but because his beats are legit. some of you guys need to try actually listening to the music and not judge rappers only by their lyrics. And if you don’t want to hear jeezy rap about “the trap” and selling drugs don’t listen to him. if these guys didnt rap about that stuff and they actually rapped about what happens in their everyday lives then the lyrics would be pretty boring. jeezy was born and raised in the hood, so thats what he’s gonna rap about. it’s called gangsta rap. if you don’t like it go listen to country music or somethin