• http://basedworld.com RAP BANDIT

    shout out hex!
    listen to lil b

  • http://onethreemusic.tumblr.com MalMoe

    Good to hear this dude is doing much better. This dude works so hard he has to say F-ck to everyone, lol. Do your thing bro and get even healthier. Strokes is scary.

  • Hal A. Tosis

    much respect Hex!!!313

  • DetroitHipHopIsBetter

    Get better Hex and fuck you too! One of my fav people even though he hates us.

  • Teddy

    Damn this dude just said everything thats on a lot of peoples minds without hesitation. I've just heard about this dude though. I know everybody else he mentioned but I have never heard of him. Not dissing or anything, Im just saying this is my first time seeing this guy.

    Dont the guy but best wishes and hope gets healthy and lives more healthy. I take it he isnt even 40 yet, so a stroke so relatively young is bad.

    And get well Guru also. Hope to see him out of that Comma.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6H0i1RAdHk Shyguy

    Much respect to Hex.

  • Sand in Vagina

    haha that last "fuck you" was epic

  • flip illson, along with the city of Detroit

    much respect and the best of wishes to Hex.
    "Detroit State of Mind 4" best mixtape of 2010 so far.
    i'm waiting on "Album of the Year"
    and furthermore , fuck you.

    ---a dying metaphor---

  • james

    Hex is the truth. Fuck what ya heard. He just shitted on the entire game half paralysed too.

  • uzi

    when is 'album of the year' droppin

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ

    I'll tell you what kind of impact Hex Murda has had on the world. I read my girl that last question:

    And she interrupted me before I could even tell her Hex's reply--"Fuck you"

  • willmofo

    Hex is that dude! Glad you still here holding us down in "D"!!! We got you fam!!!

  • Complacent

    whats a hex murder?

  • http://2ichard3rooks.wordpress.com RBTradition

    "Elzhi's better than u"

  • burd

    ^haha word thats pretty much a fuckin fact, only dudes who can mess with him on a lyrical tip and still make good music imo is lupe and jay elec

  • james

    If Elzhi would battle Lupe my money is on Elzhi shitting all over Lupe

  • J.C.

    Dope ass interview. Keep working man, even half way gone and he still works HARDER than all your manager's combined !!! Fuck Your Hate !!!

  • yukid

    personally...i think elzhi is more talented than lu lyrically and with wordplay...but then again...lu's concepts are something I actually take interest in...

    in a battle el would win cause his style is suited to that way may than lu

    i only put lu over el just cause, again, he talks about things I actually take interest in...but by sheer lyrical skill el>lu imo

  • DEV

    i love my Detroit MC's but Danny Brown is wack as fuck.
    anywho, glad to see Hex doing well. i have been wondering what the hell happenedeto him. i know he was in a bad health situation but i didnt know he had a stroke.

    "by the way, Elzhi... he's better than you. that nigga is better than you.. he's better than you *echos away*

  • burd


    yea i can prob agree with that, lu always has the dope concepts and knows how to tell a story and keep you interested. also his knowledge about about a whole bunch of stuff is dope. but el is just lyrically crazy and is the type of dude who can come out just spittin and kill you word for word


    Elzhi is better than you...better than you...better than you lol

    man yall Detroit Emcees need to come to DC, show some of these wack ass local acts how hip hop is done

  • http://basedworld.com RAP BANDIT

    elzhi is not better than lil b

  • don king

    Someone needs to ask him when Random Axe is gonna drop...

  • OB_5

    smh at dude who said Danny Brown is wack.

  • Sand In Vagina

    Honestly...on the real, If you put a hand shaped perfume bottle in your chocolate flume and it gets stuck then what's the best way to get it out, oil or shampoo or vinegar? My mom is home in 15.

  • http://flightclubny.com Julian

    who the fuck is this guy..i heard he was gonna knock mr.hamilton's block off or something...j.cole aint whack wiz aint whack either..big sean kill's it..so does fashawn..this nigga better check his shit..paralyzed ass how he cant talk or walk and talk shit..probly influenced by house shoes faggot ass..all them detroit cats are good...except them two..haha "Big Proof & J. Dilla Forever."...ha if dilla was around still ya'll wouldnt give two shits about this bitchass.

  • http://basedworld.com RAP BANDIT

    pretty bitch... based god...

  • daveg

    Bishop Lamont/Black Milk - Caltroit untagged shows everyone what Detroit artists sounds like. That mixtape should've been an album. Its soooo crazy. Elzhi, Bishop, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, PhatKat, Royce Da 5 9, all them cats kill it on the album.



    ooopsss Hipster rap faaan..you're very ill informed aren't you

  • demise

    damn julian is a fucking moron

  • http://nahright.com Julian

    demise eat a dick

  • E-Rich


    I would say that Hex Murda would fuck you up, but he'd probably just say some shit like "Fuck him and fuck his dead grandmother".

  • http://www.twitter.com/pat313 pat313

    what up HEX

    he has been the glue of detroit hip hop over many years.. from managing d12, fat killahz to slum village..

    Detroit hip hop > everything


  • http://www.AmalgamDigital.com/blog Enig

    man do I hate emailed interviews, but Hex made this shit very entertaining.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Julian

    hex murda aint shit..just like don king..fuck him and his paralyzed lefty side

  • http://dimesworld.com Bog Kev313

    Danny Brown is wack? Thats an interesting statement. Do you sit when you pee? Do you fuck animals? Hex, God Bless ya man, you always been the realest motherfucka in the scene, and people like me that spend day to say Emulating you and tryin to work like you, have so much respect and love for ya. With all that being said, fuck you! Fuck your life, Beats At Will forever...

    Where is the motherfuckin Paradime van? HA

    Love ya Dog

    Big Kev
    Beats At Will
    Dietroit Representative.

  • jimbrownski

    Hard to Argue w/Hex, The D is propably the deepest talent pool in Hip Hop right now. LA is right there and my lovely DC is starting to shine, but Respect to the 313'rd - haven't heard one I didn't like other than sorry ass ICP (if they even count as hip-hop)! Glad to see he's back, funny ass dude, love his skits on Elzhi and that Caltroit joint "Elzhi is better than you!!"

  • moiz

    wanna sent shout outs to all old school b boys out in the cut!keep it real and keep it nice!do not half step & keep your eye on the prize!moiz the funky chileno reprezentin for 702 w/s!

  • moiz

    i will have to agree that detroit is mos definitely puttin it down as far as ruff raw true hiphop!with sum of the" dopest artist"period!ive been dj'ing since 1987 in sin city seen hiphop grow up & for the last 10yrs or so jay dilla & black milk have kept it real kept hiphop alive.ruff,rugged,& raw = hiphop .they are stickin to the formula.dont stop the body rock !moizt one!

  • Dominic Gillette

    Great interview, great guy. Actually, he's okay.

    • Black Junior

      How can you say Hex is okay? He's currently not the Hex I remember....

  • Musa Abdullah

    Its amazing the life we create for ourselves