• http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    he should have kept the record to himself

    dude is dumb wack

  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    ^ Nah, dude is just average and inconsistent with his ish. Should stick to writing titles only and no songs.


    the beat goes in. dude should work on his flow, but i can bump this

  • killa

    dope beat+dope lyrics= heat. im fucking with it

  • dro

    one of his better songs

  • http://www.myspace.com/dhurlproductions DHurl

    damn slot....last time i heard his shit was with bullet (i think?)...dude really stepped his game up!

  • tre_coleman

    He sound like 'Like' from Pac Div to anyone else?

  • hiphopjudge

    ^^^^ a tad bit. this beat is retarded crazy. still not totally convinced on walker but this very decent

  • hiphopjudge

    This fella is just tooo cute. I would butter him, fo' sho'.

  • dev

    ^ homo

  • hiphopjudge

    Dev's just jealous.

  • word

    This is different from what I'm use to hearing from homie. Slot murdered this shit and the song is crack overall. I can smoke to this shit


    some of dudes titles is longer than oj da juiceman's actual freshman freestyle!!

  • rocdis


  • http://www.myspace.com/chazzerous WHaz


  • http://thelighthaus.wordpress.com Darling Niki

    Stupidddddddd. I dig it.

  • pussykills

    I can rock to this shit LOL!