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Gucci Mane - Dear Diary f. Fozzie Bear & OJ Da Juiceman

blame it on Shake March 26, 2010

Wow... three of the best emcees of all time on one track? This has classic written all over it. Blame X, AYE!

DOWNLOAD: Gucci Mane - Dear Diary f. Fozzie Bear & OJ Da Juiceman (prod. Nitti) | Mediafire

  • pppc

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  • Chauncey Adams

    that line up made me flinch

  • Che LaGhost

    The Holy Trinity of BULLSHIT!

  • Ski

    they bringin hip-hop back

  • George Clooney

    Keep supportin the real, Shake.

    This exemplifies all that is right in the world of hip hop. Nas said hip hop was dead, but that was before Gucci Maine and Co. came on the scene and brought the shit back to the essence.

    OJ and Gucci are like the 2010 versions of Big L and Big Pun. Thank God they're here to save us from all this J.Cole and Jay Electronica nonsense.

  • Che LaGhost

    Yo Shake, Dom Kennedy has a new mixtape man why we posting music from the 3 stooges man!?

  • OnTheRun

    i like "George Clooney's" humor. sarcasm is what i live for so really Shake, get this trash off this "hip-hop" website.

  • O.G

    hahah did you listen to it?'' gucci go so hard sometimes i be like damn where i get these rhymes , flow so fukin crazy i don lost my ming im as icy as a polar bear"

  • james dean

    fozzie bear = waka flocka right?

  • Sand in Vagina

    Othello the Juiceman has officially knocked off 2Pac as my favorite artist of all time.

  • Twitch

    hmm...all it needs is a remix with soulja boy, shawty lo, lil b, the "cheeseburger" guy, mini daddy, a duet hook by Birdman & lil wayne in autotune and it'll be the best song of the century. might as well make it a super group with all these talented people while we're at it. lol

  • BeatX

    Fuck that nigga !!!! Gucci mane = Garbage same lil wayne .... the hip hop die !!!

  • MJD

    Dream collab!

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    All it needs is the Angoon thugs to add a couple verses & instead of Gucci doing the hook they should have the "take you to the movies" guy do the hook, then it could be decent.

    Seriously, the ignorance in this song is mind blowing. I barely understood one goddamn thing these bamma fuckers said, even the beat was dumb.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    This pretty much sums up this song perfectly:


  • J_More

    *smh* yall the same lames who say every mixtape is "dope". Regardless of there lyrical ability the sad part about this is there music in terms of "sound" is better than some of that shit y'all be bumping.

  • Pabelow

    good job at posting a blend. The real song is just Gucci Mane - "Dear Diary" - OJ and Waka's verses were lifted from "My Chain" (Remix), which featured the same beat. Maybe do some research next time, eh?

    And this > Asher Roth.

  • burd

    straight fire this might be the dopest collab ive ever heard. i keep hearin about some songs in the works by jay electronica with nas and lupe fiasco, um is anybody checking on that trash? and pac div is wack too, theyre not ready for this three headed monster

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX


    The fact that you know that information makes me laugh. Good job at being knowledgeable about crap. & I think Asher Roth is lame too but this shit is just too dumb.

  • Jesus


  • Jesus

    Gucci's flow melted my face

  • money

    YOO SOULJAGIRL IS IN THE PIC TO THE RIGHT WITH THE FALCONS CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOUJA Killed guccimane nows hes gucci

  • this is the shit... free gucci... lol... oh my god... i was 15 seconds in and started laughing... ill play this for the rats... lets be real this or inspectah deck when you are with a bitch... if you say ins. you are a nerd...

  • oletsdoit

    O wow soulja is even copying Guccis pose in the pic Lmfao

  • Harharhar


  • based god y'all... you need to post his shit!!!

  • Gucci Mane, the Juuman, & Wack Flocka Flame is the 2010 dynasty. So Icy > Your Favorite Rap Group.

    *insert Wacka Flacka's characteristic tic*

  • Harharhar


  • George Clooney

    This is that boom bap shit that's been missing from rap. OJ spits flames on this. He just dismantles the beat. Gucci, as usual, just elevates the shit, and has raised the bar for emceeing yet again. Waka isn't quite at their level yet, but you can tell he got next. He's sorta like the Sean Price of the South, only he's still at that Ruck stage.

    This shit reminds me of when Freeway, Beans and Jay did 'What We Do'. Only this shit goes harder.

  • jobie

    if anyone truly thinks any of these guys is a better artist than Asher Roth they dont have any true understanding of Hip Hop or Rap music.

  • lil b is better than everybody... pretty bitches stand up...

  • jobie

    im pretty sure flocka whole verse consisted of rhyming the word nigga with the word nigga hahah this is a joke. i think i may be able to be a rapper.. but the beat on this is kinda dope as usual with gucci.

  • George Clooney

    This shit is just so ill. I feel like I just heard the missing track from Hell Hath No Fury or Aquemini. Again, thank you for giving this shit the attention it deserves, Shake.

    Hopefully these guys will start getting their proper dues. It's just nice to get a break from the rampant ignorance that's currently flooding the industry.

  • V.A.D.A


  • "All it needs is the Angoon thugs to add a couple verses & instead of Gucci doing the hook they should have the “take you to the movies” guy do the hook, then it could be decent."

  • amazedkidd

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ all that sarcastic shit was wack,,,, they make more money than any of you combined in one year in a few months FUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK ITTTTTTTT (gucci voice)

  • Big_E

    im glad yall niggas realized how great the BASE GOD truly is!!! He stays Based 24/7. Nobody can Base like that pretty ass nigga!
    Just listen to the this catalog of prettiness:

    lmao i cant believe i just typed that fuck shit... and dont ask me how i found that ahaha (my personal favorite song right now is "Stuck Up Bitch" lol)

  • @amazedkidd...every rapper on the radio/club probably makes more money than us...WHO CARES...doesn't mean they are good, they still got no type of rapping abilities....most girls care more about the beats these fellas rap to than the idiots themselves...btw sorry but no self-respecting grown man should be goin around yelping "AYE" "OKAY" and having retarded outbursts of "BURR"...each 1 of them needs to get bitch slapped for their nonsense

  • Rios

    i swear i can tell we were neanderthals when these "artists" get posted. "aye,aye,burr,burr,mumble,mumble,ok,ok" pretty much that's it right? cavemen used to just grunt

  • uhh

    i actually laughed out loud

  • KC_Mafioso

    I hate to say this but Gucci Mane is more lyrical than my nigga Chip tha Ripper.


  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Nitti keep redefining the art of music with his beats.

  • lmao man yall got me rolling!!! i know most of yall being sarcastic with these comments bout these niggas being good...i hope yall being sarcastic foreal! but yea...im prolly finna listen this & never listen 2 it again...im sorry i already kno dis shit finna be weak...oj da juiceman is da worst rapper ever...even worst then da cheeseburger rapper!! lmao

  • monroe

    @ Che LaGhost They posted doms tape yesterday, to prevent sounding stupid in the future, u can just search dom kennedy on the search bar and u would have saw it.

  • brendan

    i've never seen so much sarcasm in my life. at least i hope it was sarcasm

  • Pabelow

    I still don't understand the name of this site, when everyone hates on rappers that were more influenced by OutKast than most of the artists here. You people, honestly, are brain-washed to believe anything that's popular is instantly terrible. Both OJ and Waka are borderline wack, indeed, but they have a certain level of energy that most of your favorite rappers lack. And Gucci, on the other hand, is easily one of the most misunderstood artists in hip-hop right now. His music goes far beyond the "burr" bullshit you all rely so heavily on when detracting from his music. Not every rapper has to flow like it's a fucking cypher, or spit "knowledge" that you'd be much better off uncovering yourself than learning from some high school dropout. Gucci makes feel good music, that DOES have technical rap proficiencies to it, if you ignoramuses actually took the time to listen to. But who am I kidding? You're the hipsters of the hip-hop world, you'd rather listen to the Animal Collective equivalents of rap than dare listen to music that might be, OMG, popular, and different.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX
  • crooked

    end of story.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    BTW, I listen to "popular" music & I'm def not a skinny jean wearing hipster. You can't have lyrical shit in the clubs or parties so I fuck some mainstream shit. But this shit is just corny as hell. These type of muafuckas get no respect cuz the're just dumb fucks.

    & maybe Gucci wouldn't be so misunderstood if he didn't speak like an idiot.

  • RICK RO$$

    this shits hard.

  • Pabelow

    he doesn't speak like an idiot, he's from the South, and has a lisp. Are you trying to say that he's an idiot because of the region he hails from, or his own disability? That's pretty damn ignorant yourself, then. And he's far from dumb, he graduated from high school, went onto college, but got involved with some personal shit that got him kicked out. If you would ever read any of his interviews, you'd understand he isn't as ignorant as his music would suggest. He makes this type of music because it's what the people want to hear, and he raps about his subjects because it's the life he's lived.

    and are you seriously trying to prove superiority with Billy Madison quotes? Adam Sandler movies? Really. You fail more than anyone.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    You obviously are not someone I would like if you defend Gucci & shit on Adam Sandler movies. Billy Madison was funny as hell, especially if you high. Happy Gilmore & Wedding Singer too.

  • GREAT12344



    pllz tell me shake is high tonite

  • Pabelow

    I'm not trying to discredit Adam Sandler as a comedic actor anymore than you're trying to discredit Gucci Mane as a rapper. Which is obviously a lot, on both ends, but regardless. There's nothing genuinely wrong with either, I'm just trying to show you the same ignorance that you showed in your comments against Gucci. Almost no one that frequents this site has any idea what Gucci's about, or how complicated his rhyme patterns can get and laugh-out-loud funny his punchlines are. All they hear is an accent they can't understand, adlibbed by a "BURR!" If you're gonna hate, at least listen to this shit instead of skimming through it.

  • George Clooney

    "Gucci makes feel good music, that DOES have technical rap proficiencies to it, if you ignoramuses actually took the time to listen to."

    Pabelow said this on March 27th, 2010 at 2:38 am

    You took the words right out of my mouth. And I think most of the people who've been commenting here would actually agree with most of what you're saying. There certainly aren't enough rappers willing to take the artistic risks that Gucci continually endures for the sake of hip hop. Gucci approaches his music in the same manner that an anti-establishment artist like Tristan Tzara might approach one of his manifestos, plays, poems, or his paintings. Gucci is essentially avant garde in every regard. The way he's able to take a song and strip it to the barest essentials, eliminating the unnecessary, overly common, and distracting constituents of modern popular music, such as intelligence, coherent speech, and logic is deceptively brilliant. The man is an artisan of immeasurable quality. Stop the hating, people. Burr.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    hahahahha. George Clooney, shut up man.

    Your sarcasm all night has been impeccable. Good job.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    you sound like a critic describing a historical work of art or some shit hahaha. Shit really is funny.

  • George Clooney

    Thanks man, I'm just speaking from the <3.

  • George Clooney

    I'd also like to cosign these choice Pabelow quotes:

    "Are you trying to say that he’s an idiot because of the region he hails from, or his own disability?"

    Yeah, just cos he's disabled don't mean he's an idiot, people. He's just disabled, you insensitive fucks! What if it were YOUR brother or son that had Gucci's disability?

    "If you would ever read any of his interviews, you’d understand he isn’t as ignorant as his music would suggest."

    Preach, brother! Just cos his music suggests it may have been created by someone extremely ignorant, doesn't mean it was! He's just dumbin it down for his audience. So that y'all don't get lost in his wordplay.

    "Almost no one that frequents this site has any idea what Gucci’s about, or how complicated his rhyme patterns can get."

    Hell to the fuckin yeah! This dude be flippin lyrical wizardry that makes your head spin, and he's the one that's dumb?!! FOH!

  • 24444335

    ahahahah at the novels and explanations

    this is why i come here

    pure 100 percent troll comedy , tink youtube comments got boring

    come here for ur latenight comedy

  • Lil Half Dead

    Wow!!!! Gucci stay spitting bullshit! Flaka needs to get both eyes dotted. Juice Man make the club say Aye!! This might bump in the south but in South Central LA is gets NO play..... Aye Aye Aye BURR BURR...

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX
  • LOL

    ""artistic risks that Gucci continually endures for the sake of hip hop. Gucci approaches his music in the same manner that an anti-establishment artist like Tristan Tzara might approach one of his manifestos, plays, poems, or his paintings""

    rofl !!

    ahahah i literally fell on the floor when i saw this niga talk abt "gucci mane" like the mona lisa.

  • u could make a funny ass blog site just with George Clooney and Maynard the III comments
    i would visit daily

  • Big boi - for your sorrows (VIDEO)

  • lil b based god nigga

  • urmom

    Gucci, Waka & OJ >>>> Meth, Ghost & Rae!
    Most lyrical MCs in the game...


  • read my comment not my name

    this is 2dope, the line up is crazy they should've got the god mc on there, i'm not talking about that wack ass rakim guy, i'm talking about the raw talented untouchable soulja boy, that guys had more hits than rihanna in that lambo, nas said hiphop is dead? well these didnt just bring it back, they resurreected that motherfucker and made it 5 times better than hiphops golden era, this is why i still listen to hiphop... smh, good laughs though

  • J_More

    KC_Mafioso, u my friend deserve a cookie... lol realest shit I heard in here yet everybody else just been bein sarcastic

  • sylnc

    lol, being from the south and understandin everythin that gucci says and bein around people that onl listen to gucci. the man has no complex ryhme scheme, he takes absolutely no risk wit any song that he does, nothin about this man flow is technical in any way. so if your all for listenin to music that makes the youth dumber and think that all that matters is material things than go for it. everybody always say gucci only speak wat he know and blah blah blah. that a bullshit excuse cuz if u was really into that shit u would blast killer mike all day. mike did the same shit gucci did. went to high school attended morehouse but at the same time can give u that street shit but also give u somethin that real spit some real knowledge also. gucci is pure trash

  • J_More

    ... what did you say that everyone hasnt already said or that anyone doesnt already know???

  • Junior

    lmao at all these posts

  • Big_E

    ok no Troll, I will agree about Gucci being an intelegent dude lol.. I heard he actually had a an academic scholarship to go to college but of course choose selling birds and shit.. Though no matter how smart he is, his music is ignorant as fuck lol. I can fuck with it when im smacked or drunk but thats about it. Ive noticed that he's trying to become more of a lyrically technical rapper but he still gots a ways to go...

  • Big_E


  • London aka goonie…

    keyboard celebs

  • dank nugz

    lmao @ all these lames sayin this is what will resurrect hip hop. my 8 year old cousin could sit down and right more intelligent rhymes than these 3 idiots. this is embarrassing to hip hop in my opinion. i guess real cats like j. cole, lupe, and budden just go right over peoples heads. SMH

  • dank nugz

    *just started comin to the site and actually thought this site was promoting these three clowns. now as i catch all the sarcasm its got me laughin for real hahaha. im too high for this shit right now lmao

  • . my 8 year old cousin could sit down and right more intelligent rhymes than these 3 idiots.


    could been said of lil wayne too but he packs a nice beat and off the wall lyrics ,,,,this is jus bad comments fuunny thou

  • Pabelow

    omg, sarcasm on the internet, you get brownie points for originality!

  • JR

    This a good song but Waka Focka FLames' Flexxin feat. GUcci Mane & OJ da Juiceman is better.

  • Why do yall even post this shit on this site. Playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver would be more enjoyable

  • lmao! Oh the sarcasm! hahaahahah

  • Twitch

    OHLETDOIT>>>than your life, so Fluck you! lol : P

  • oletsdoit

    BLing Burr bloaw , yall know oj had the best fresgman xxl freestyle stop hatin on the new wutang

  • these guys will eat up j.cole, lupe and jay elec... but the real shit is based god!!!

  • Pabelow = Gucci Mane stan

  • HollywoodSwick

    Lmao that three of the best of all time was funny as shit.

  • Big H


    the real hip hop is here

    my top 10

    1-Gucci Mane
    2-soulja boy
    3- hurricane chris
    4- Plies
    5- lil bosse
    6- Birdman
    7- lil wayne
    8- o j da juiceman
    9- Shawty Lo
    10-Mike Jones

    hip hop is alive man

  • London aka goonie…

    ^^^the above comments: these comments are so ironic and funny. you are all COOL and differnt. yes im being sarcastic.

    *sum where andre3k and big boi are shedding a tear ,Shake n Meka

  • wtf

    4 Big H !! Wtf ?????????? do u know what u say ? u are a fucking faggot or what ??? real hip hop = 1 gucci mane loooooooooolll ur list = garbage... whit that list hip hop die

  • Big H

    man dont u understand its just sarcasm

    I mean the opposite

    all these names on the list are garbage

    this is my real list

    5-Method man
    7-Big proof
    8-Big L
    10 Jay Z