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Nefew – Antihero Begins (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 26, 2010

After a few (2)dope posts, the Swiss duo is back with a brand new project. Presented by your favorite dopeboyz on the internet and Puma.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Nefew – Antihero Begins (Mixtape)

  • n888888888

    I can’t sleep on something that someone put that much work into.

  • Epic

    Almost makes me wanna believe that the best MC’s are from Europe and the best producers from Japan.


    i fucks with it

  • the last emperor

    daaaaamn good arrangement.this is very special!you have more of nefew?

  • euro

    Yeeeehaaaa dont ffff with my nefew!! DOOOOOOOOPE!

  • goon

    so u tellin me i gotta head out to europe to get good music? that’s sad! this is fyah!!!

  • LA1

    how u gon call this a mixtape?thazz an album!! great pick!!! 2dope knows quality when they hear it!

  • Stakeshigh

    Best free album ever!! Love it!

  • The Kid CK

    Only positive comments on a post on 2dbz.. are all the haters still asleep, this is impossible..

    Honestly it’s a dope tape tho.. dude doesn’t even sound swiss either..

  • so dope. damn

  • Manu

    swiss quality!! ;)

  • weezo

    read about them on hhdx next column these guys aint swiss from what i know when they comin over here?talk to me!

  • yessir

    i am swiss, they are swiss!

  • loudout

    pure dopeness!!!

  • Listener AnnonyMUSE

    This is Garbage..

    Nah, its great but every post needs some hate on it, so there

  • maino

    good ass piece right here!

  • juicedup

    don’t sleep! they comin!

  • crisbiz

    This is fiaah!!

  • BBB


  • yaboy

    No hate in any comment? I need to check this out!

  • brendan

    its a fucking miracle, not one negative comment. i guess i have to check this tape out then

  • lilgoblin

    i fux with it! COSIGN!

  • Davilleexec

    This is real hip hop from across the water bsby! These guys are ready for the USA market right now I need Puma to get them to the states this summer for real…

  • tom

    want more infos on nefew? check their facebook page:

  • B Moneee!

    Haha – Love my NEFEW! These guys do all the work themselves. Love and commitment to music!

  • nefew are for real! great arrangements, positive message and a whole lot of style.

  • jus

    Damn this LP is dope!

  • dro

    i almost didnt want to download this, but seriously there has never been a post where there is 0% hate. this is awesome, im check this out

  • big

    im feelin ‘get up and move’ wish this guy had collabs wit more artists. beats are laid back, i mean maybe its just cuz they dont have enuff contacts yet but after this, dam look out

  • S.C.

    Can’t remember when I could listen to a mixtape from the first to the last track last..HOT

  • jaze

    dunno if its smart to share shit like that for free man you could make serious money off of it but hey, guess its all part of a up-and-coming artist’s grind, a pity tho!!! great product!!!

  • Nick

    mh…it aint that good. was expecting more after reading all these positive comments. must all be friends comments

  • Mark R

    this is fucking dopeeee

  • facedown

    heat!!!! thx for putting me up on them 2db!

  • Sliqster

    wer hät’s erfunden?


  • Bünzl

    Und weeeer gnau?


  • flip1

    just came across this project, dopeness!!!

  • rony

    definitely feelin’ this!

  • levelz

    good shit over here i dix it!!!

  • Raymn

    geile scheiss!!!!

  • leela

    hotness!!! wasnt familiar with these guys but love that record!!!

  • douchevonhowser


  • luis


  • Mezz

    Dudes with big nooses !!! fuck yeah!

  • moyave

    thx for sharing! great album!

  • Corsico

    Wow….this is NOICE.