• http://. Chuuuch

    "I don't know.. I'm thinkin for my picture I want to have the gayest look possible, and throw some purple around my eyes and hair, for that added faggot effect"

  • Nevula

    Yea like commenting on another man's photo is straight. Lol. Yo this song is dope as hell tho, would be perfect ringtone (If you listen you'll get it)

  • jdbean5

    no download link? i like Outasight, pretty good

  • ohyea

    This is funkyyyyyy

  • http://jayelaudio.com Justin

    Also on Amazon if you hate iTunes: http://bit.ly/aeO17g


    he str8 but dont he look like a PG for Duke!!

  • Rios

    this aint bad

  • http://cocotaso01.spaces.live.com/ Steph

    This is great music. Farther is a great mixtape. He has something unique to offer to music.

  • AreEn

    can anyone reup the Further LP? all the links are down.