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Erykah Badu – Window Seat (Video)

blame it on Meka March 27, 2010

Oh wow, that shit’s kinda crazy. Erykah’s New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) drops in stores March 30.

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  • tank

    pretty savage video

  • AngelXStrider

    Wow, that is one hell of a concept right there. I didn’t even think she would get completely naked.

  • Swedish swan

    really beautiful song, makes me wanna light a fatty.

  • JoeChre

    I Love it.

  • Analog Digi

    damn thats a ill as video man

  • ayume

    DAYYUM look at that ass :D

  • Analog Digi

    thats the kind of woman where u know shes bad as hell with clothes off but u gotta show respect 2

  • JoeChre

    I knew she would get completely naked when she took the 1st layer off just because its Erykah & its not like those lines havent been crossed in a video before but the end about individuality was beautiful,beautiful & funny thing I was just driving around that area of Dallas today.

  • Justanothercrow123

    pretty neat message. i like it.

  • disturbpower

    i dont get it. its a great video, but i dont get it.

  • goo goo

    damn . erykah body is baaad.
    crazy ending.



  • tmtkchris

    Damn she thick as hell

  • iCon

    Damn when did she do this video.. I was just down there by the grassy nole.. She shot that video in downtown Dallas where JFK was shot.. I was just down there a few weeks ago showin my sister around when she was in town.. Crazy..

  • Big_E

    id take that shit over Nicki Minaj in a second… Erykah is BAD! yall can have that fake plastic black Barbi doll

    Funny how most niggas fake on her music too…lol great concept

  • DayO

    video magic.

  • NYCityREP

    Interesting video but I don’t get it. I got to watch it again & listen to the lyrics.

  • RappishWayz

    Annnndddd NOW I see why she be havin these guys all wrapped up,sprung,cooped up in the house wit her and only puttin out music once every few years.Haha.1st-Common,2nd-Andre 3000,3rd-Jay Electronica…….strong woman with a brain,good sense,creative,can sing AND she got a body like this?!?Good lord,I don’t blame ya any more fellas

  • JL

    the concept of the video (if I’m not mistaken) is this, Being naked in public is a taboo thing in society today, it’s become the norm to not do that, so the video is pretty much a metaphor for society rejecting what it doesn’t understand, that being the individual.

    Dope idea.

  • Big_E

    lol tru shit^^^^^^

  • Mac Mic


  • Exodus615

    @Rappishwayz she was wit dre first

  • Big_E

    i was talking about RappishWayz but JL ur on point too…

  • RappishWayz

    Ah okay.Either way tho..my thoughts remain the same.I can’t blame em’ anymore.I use to wonder what it was that she had that was gettin a hold of all of em’ but I think we all figured it out now.Haha.Not JUST the NICE frame of course but it sure helps.All of em’ came out as better artists too so she may have some secret,amazing cooking too.Haha

  • whaha

    @Rappishwayz don’t forget D.O.C. too hahaha

  • RappishWayz

    D.O.C. too?!?Really?!?Damn Erykah been turnin em’ out

  • Solroc21

    whoa…that was a mindblowing vid, didn’t expcet her to be naked/shot in the end. Erykah is amazing do to something like this and i also like the song too. really deep stuff here…

  • BigNay

    Good Lordddddd!!!, look at that ass. AMAZING VIDEO concept, love it.

  • DayO

    one more time…
    *clears throat*

  • Solroc21

    oh, and co-sign @RappishWayz! haha

  • RappishWayz

    Haha.At the end of the day ya’ll..Erykah is smart enough to know that the vid will cause a stir(her album’s coming soon),folks are gonna watch it over and over again,spread the word about the song and vid,PLUS the video has a message to go along with it(which was cool)so it’s a definite WIN for her..she knows what she’s doing.Plus it’s not like anyone’s gonna be able to take it down besides her man anyway(sad face)so she doesn’t care if her body is shown as long as the message gets across,folks hear the record and are talking about her album.Beautiful job

  • julius

    Simply amazing on so many levels. She is the truth.

  • The video is amazing and the concept is dope. Listen to the words at the end of the video and the point of the video will be made clear:

    “They play it safe…Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow. They are US! This is what we have become, afraid to respect the individual. A single person within a circumstance can move one to change, to love our self, to EVOLVE.”


  • DayO

    ^ word.

  • SilkCityP

    Erykah is dope… and damn could she get it… I see why niggas be having babies with her…. that body is phat, and I bet that pussy is mean!

  • On-N-On Badu!

  • Social Commentary at the end of this video speaks volumes about what is currently happening in America as we speak. The amount of groups forming in hate against anything that challenges so called “normalcy”. Also..Jay Electronica is a very luck man..lol

  • Rob P

    Matt & Kim Got naked In there video as well for got the song but its the same vid with a different ending

  • Rob P

    here is the matt and kim video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJkymylTNU4

  • Braniak

    Man I’m not a fan of her but she’s got a nice booty

  • Stephon

    erykah is so fine…
    and this video is so sick

  • Sean Price

    This song is fucking awesome.

  • This is one of the most creative and beautiful videos I’ve ever seen and Erykah definitely is a sight to see; the essence of a black woman in it’s entirety.

    I would have been sprung too…lol.

    “Andre 3000, where is Erykah Badu at?” – Lil Wayne

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    this video is dope…just read Freud’s writings on “The Uncanny” so her message makes even more sense to me on this one, basically speaking to the same things in some ways, yea this shit is dope

  • le sigh. i cant even wrap my head around the contents of this video….its like, I’ve always wanted to see it and now that I have I have no words.

  • DayO

    did i say this was amazing?

  • dangelo

    love this song

  • stevep

    fucken awesome video!…wow who knew she had ass like that too!…lol..im sure this is what she wanted us discuss after seeing her art…great cut too, i can rock to that

  • shaba

    moral of the story, naked hippies should be merked

  • BlackGod

    Damnnn.. Who knew that she waz holdN all dat AZZ!!

    Jay Electronica… U betta go get that and claim that before its to late!

    Lord have mercy :)

  • Downloading this CD as we speak!

  • Teddy

    How do they pull this kind of video off? I mean there were children out there. A child just saw a naked black women with the biggest ass that kid very well may ever see in his life.


  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    Jeeezzzzzz Erykah is such a Queen..She got errthing I need….Respect

  • lonestar_playa

    o weee…..badu u blessed!!!

  • Complacent

    sigh….songs is boring as hell
    and she took her clothes to get more famous
    lily allen said this year this not creative
    tell me when a good looking woman does this

  • Marco G.

    Still doing the damn thing, the song and video were dope!

  • Brian Kidd

    WOW no wonder Jay Electronica got her pregnant so fast. Can we say thick anyone???

  • dgfd

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  • Eryka fine n all, but I wonder how she managed to snag herself a man of Jay Elect’s obvious physical appeal. He just seems a little outta her league. I’m pretty sure he could do better since he’s quite youngish, intelligent and strikingly handsome. Anybody else feel like he’s sellin himself short with her?

  • B.E.H

    jeeeeeeeeeesus i aint see erykah have a ass like that before and video is a great marketing tool for her to come back….but still jeeeeeeeeeeeesus thats somethin crazy

  • *sigh*

    She’s okaaaay…I don’t see what the big deal is!!!


  • KC_Mafioso

    Great fuckin Video

  • Damn Jay’s Wife got a ASS on her. Tits are saggy like Grandma titties though. Good video. Like that one naked chick did back in like 97.

  • golden brown

    @rap bandit cause you’re obviously lack self-consciousness. it doesnt really matter how she looks.. the message she tries to convey is what’s important

  • golden brown

    @that_josh LOL tits are saggy cause she’s 40yrs old and has 3 children… you people are hilarous

  • All the homo comments are disturbing. I dunno how people can even type some of this shit sometimes.

    Confusion aside, mother fucking WOWZA! I could probably sit on her ass and be carried around, that is amazing. Dope tune and concept too.

  • Thnx golden brown….I feel a little better now. ;)

  • Dav.




  • Surprisingly great end.

    (And the ending was great too.)

  • M Dot

    she said that they shot this video guerrilla style those were not extras.. video in one take and they were out

  • My girl’s ass is fatter…Erykah do got a body, she’s just a strange woman..ask her ex husbands

  • Igneous

    Dope song & video. I knew she was thick but DAMN!

  • this shit is dope.

  • Erykah got badunkadunk!!! LOL! In da woerdz of Sir Mix-A-Lot, BABY GOT BACK!!

  • Hey Erykah, do milkshakes come wit those fries!!!?? LOL!!

    Man she got some junk in her trunk!!! You a fool for this one Erykah!!

  • letitgo

    **waiting patiently for uncut version**

  • Ominous Sonata

    LOL That lady with her kid @2:55 was lookin like “WTF?!” when erykah took off her shirt

  • Badu is love.

  • i love this shit… the fake rap bandits comments dont matter either… support the sista… plus her thickness came out… im buying the album if the video comes with it unblurred

  • Dav.


  • Dav.
  • 421

    i just skipped to the ending, shit was boring the hell outta me lol

  • QB

    beautiful video.. i noticed the people in the background are fake

  • Wesley

    Dope But If U Notice The Car She’s Driving Is The Same Car JFK Was Shot In But Roofless And Black Ok Now The Street She Gets Shot On Is The Same Exact FUCKING Street He Was Shot At And You Watch At The End Of The Vid It Glances At The Building Where Supposably The Shooter Shot From And The X in The Street Is Right Where JFK Was Bucka Bucka Boom Blaw Clap Clack At Dude Fucking Dope Shit Right!!!!!!!Its Such A Dope Message ListEn To Her Words At The End n Think Of Her U N JFK:)

  • 214Reppin

    Damn…apparently she made dis in one take in Downtown Dallas, with no permits or warnings, and then ran like hell when they were done. She a G wit intelligence and a phat ass. Wife material.

  • 214Reppin

    Sidebar: as a resident of Downtown D-Town, where the FUCK was I when she made dat? Dis is sum bullshit lol. Shout out to Badu…that took serious nerve to pull off*pause*

  • mmkayy

    damn she got balls lol..

  • DOPE OG video concept in a Looooong time. Is there an uncensored version anywhere? Worldstar or Bit Torrents? hahahaha

  • what does the blue blood that comes out her head at the end spell or symbolize?? This vid is crazy dope tho…Part one of this Album series is Great too…yall need to catch up if you aint knowing

  • jhink357

    AMAZING!other than that im kinda speechless at the moment. need to digest this a couple more times…

  • There’s no way she did this shit guerrilla style with no permits or warnings….no way.

  • 214Reppin

    @J. Rob

    I thought the same thing…till she and the director said it on twitter. They did dat in one take…then ran. Lol

  • Ben Dover

    Erykah got the bumper sticker!!! great video tho and good song

  • Jones

    http://i39.tinypic.com/15pr91u.png erykah badus bush uncensored

  • Ni

    This video isn’t about her body…….smh at all the “booty” comments

  • heard

    You right, Ni. But come on….
    Can’t we appreciate the beauty of her body AND her music ;-)

  • BigSpen

    Ya’ll like checkin my girl’s body, right? That’s why I’m in the house on that 24-7

  • eduardo
  • McAFEE

    We all know what Jay Elec is doing instead of releasing his mixtape.

  • achanti

    hey! does any1 know the word she spells out when sge gets assissinated?

  • area214

    To bring out the truth to society, one must uncover themselves and show the world..what a better place to do it where the biggest coverup happened in US history…that’s true art… big ups to erica!

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