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Louis Logic – Broken Record

blame it on Shake March 28, 2010

Now this is great (and unexpected) news. The Drunken Dragon is back with a new solo album, Me & Everyone You Know, which drops April 6th. Definitely looking forward to this… as Sin-A-Matic is still one of my favorite hip hop albums in the past decade.


DOWNLOAD: Louis Logic – Broken Record w/ Black Mask | Mediafire
2DBz THROWBACK: Louis Logic – Idiot Gear [2003]

01. Playing For Keeps (with Mdusu)
02. Right N Wrong (with Bo Jankans)
03. Natural Selection (with Anecdote & M-Phazes)
04. What You Want (with Nocturnal Artist, Ivan Ives & Big Jess)
05. The Lone Gunners (with Bugz)
06. Knock Knock (with Lakai)
07. Party Crashers (with The Let Go)
08. Knock Knock Bastardface (with Atari Blitzkrieg & Roc C)
09. The Long Way Down (with KAWZ)
10. Confinement (with The Day Laborers)
11. Broken Record (with Black Mask)

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  • THE 412

    sweet artwork

  • ineedm0ney

    never heard of this dude but the song was pretty tight and like THE412 said that artwork is sweet.

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  • 5 Ft. Deep

    This is dope news! I’m hyped for this album; both Sin-A-Matic & Misery Loves Comedy are favorite albums of mine. And judging by this song, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed with Me & Everyone You Know.

  • Broken Record was the jump off track for the free mixtape hosted by louis logic which 2dopeboyz posted on here before. You can download the free mixtape at http://keepitclassic.bandcamp.com

  • ghost257

    the dude needs more listens two thumbs up

  • Dreano

    i dont know who this is, but shits kinda dope, real smooth and relaxed and yea that cover is fresh.

  • sin-a-matic is a classic to me, and that odd couple joint had a handful of solid tracks as well…everythin else from louis is meh..hope this is good

  • bakingsoda

    this is real nice

  • THE412

    so is Jay Electronica still waitin on those Nas Verses for Act II? WTF up with that

  • THE412

    dude has time to do 5 interviews a week but not time to record 15 songs. MAybe he’s gettin a lil lazy, relying on that internet hype too much

  • iginlafire

    What! New Louis Logic! Best news I’ve got all month!

  • Dope!


  • love this man!

  • Onederin


  • speaking of Sin-a-matic
    whats up with Celph Titled these days

    also, this song is beyond amazing

  • How do you guys not know Louis Logic? Holy shit, he’s been around for time. Dope artwork + joint.

  • Chauncey Adams

    Only thing eva heard from dude is off that Vaudeville Villain album. Wasn’t sure about him then, but this is dope

  • Reginald Williams

    Yo Shake. I’ve been coming to this site for a while now and I respect your work and your ear for good music. Check this dude Sciryl out (Lyrics backwards). He’s in a new pepsi commercial for their refresh project and hes been my dude since middle school. He has talent. http://vimeo.com/1043953

  • Sin-a-matic is indeed one of my favorite albums of the past decade. Street smarts for retards and all that, stories this guy can spin are vivid. i’m dissapointed to see the tracklist has a feature on almost every song, why not just do it yourself Lou? And if you’re gonna stock it full of features, why not celph titled or any of those dudes who compliment you well. I want this album to be really good. Please be good.

  • London aka goonie…

    sounds nice

  • Floo

    I cant fucking wait for the album

  • DocCosmos

    Dope song, and artwork, I wanna hear more from dude.

  • K

    It’s fuckin Lou!

    so exciteddddddddd

  • This track was real nice, been sleepin, didn’t know a mixtape had dropped. Sin-a-matic is fuckin great.
    Louis Logic actually did a show in Oslo, Norway last year.

  • hello, all. thanks so much for the kind words about my lengthy career of releases. just to clarify, the Me & Everyone You Know album is a collection of my collaboration songs with up and coming artists from all over the world… hence the title which is a little ironic since you don’t actually know most of the artists and a little accurate since there are kids from nearly everyone’s backyard on the record. it’s not the 3rd studio album from me, nor is it a follow up to Sin-A-Matic or Misery Loves Comedy. it’s just a collection of unreleased material and my way to offer some help to a deserving cast of newcomers. i am hard at work on a proper 3rd album. if anyone would like to keep up with my activities, touring, releasing information you can find me at facebook.com/louislogic or myspace.com/louislogic

    cheers, all

    and thank you to 2dopeboyz for the excellent support you’ve shown me!

  • DOPE!!! Lou is the fucking man! Hilarious and one of my favorite emcees.