• ineedm0ney

    trailers pretty slick, wish i could hear what the music sounds like though. ill def be watiting on this
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  • LittleBrandonTheBasedCreator

    Damn that beat dope as fuck.

  • http://hollywoodfloss@bandcamp.com hollywoodfloss

    hell yeah... dope

  • justjeff45

    I can't wait to hear this.

  • Dynamics

    Good shit, looking forward to this project. Glory Or Death was nice.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/TheRockwell TheRockwell

    Shake we officially became besties!

  • Fallon

    Mixtape of the year

  • http://GiveTheDrummaSome.com Half

    Let's go Jewels.

  • http://www.wunmic.blogspot.com mo

    Damn, its just the beginning for the dude hopefully.

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  • http://www.rhymesik.com Rhyme SIk

    #NT :BullsFitted

  • http://www.mruntalented.com Mr. Untalented


  • http://2dopeboyz.com imonapaperchase

    aye if yall havent check dude previous mixtape Glory or Death...dat shit is NICE!

  • SoDeadSerious

    :bullsfitted :whitesoxfitted

  • http://www.triplebrecords.com Cash Crosby

    CANT WAIT !!