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Rob Jay – Rhetorical Questions

blame it on Shake March 29, 2010

First leak off Rob Jay’s upcoming (2DopeBoyz presented) mixtape, The Rap Phenomenon.


DOWNLOAD: Rob Jay – Rhetorical Questions | Mediafire
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  • track is wack as shit but good job on the artwork assumin u did it

  • Dave

    Geico? Really? SMH.

  • James Khey

    Yo this is dope, I think the Parody concept is hilarious. And some of those punchlines were sick. “I don’t like Spike Lee dissing Tyler Perry. Hip Hop’s my wife why did I get married?” Nice

  • Harry O

    Just got put up on Rob Jay at SXSW and dude is nice. Good Stuff

  • Ray Liotta

    I’m liking what I heard, another dope post and design Shake

  • one thing you cant say …rob jay aint nice

    anotha dope track

  • Ramen

    LMAO, that was dope and hilarious at the same time. I love that commercial so thats funny. But dude was spitting some serious Bars on this joint, definitely some sick lyricism

  • Jayden

    It took 2 listens because the intro kind of threw me off but Rob Jay killed this track. Lyrically it’s a monster

  • ineedm0ney

    sorry not feeling it.
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  • Greg

    Rob Jay all Day. I’m riding with this track

  • this nigga is about 2 be a problem.. matter of fact Houston is about to be a problem.. Rob did his thing on his last 2 tapes & this song sounds like he is at it again on his 3rd tape.. if u not on dude, get on his 1st 2 tapes, dude is nice

  • JansenKing

    I’ve been following Rob Jay for about a year, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen any questional reviews on a track he did. I think this track is dope, but it’s not his best work

  • A.J.

    -I’ve never even heard of Rob Jay till now but this dude just murdered that track, I don’t what yall some of these dudes was listening to-

  • track is LIVE as hell
    Rob jay goin in again

  • Rad-Remm

    This is Really dope dude Keep up the good work!

  • John Dew

    I can’t see how you don’t jam Rob Jay, dude is dope,

  • Top Dawg

    Whoa, dat shit was nasty. Track was sick

  • JBO

    “I don’t feel your movement, Temperpedic Mattress” Wow that’s some sick lines in that track

  • Satori K.

    I honestly couldn’t even hear any of these supposedly dope lines.

    Who mixed this?

    Fire him.

    You could be the best rapper alive, but you get on a wack beat and DON’T MIX THAT SHIT, I’m far less inclined to listen.

  • I’ve learned in this music game to take the good with the bad so I appreciate all the feedback that I’ve received today. But this will be a dope mixtape and for those who may doubt or question my skill just skim through my catalogue, Art Life – Video Rob Is Dead



  • ILLERy… What else is to be expected!

  • Ezekiel

    LMAO @ fulltimeboss saying this is wack.
    Dude thinks C.O.B. are nice MC’s.

    Art Life was a hidden gem in ’09. Lookin forward to new material.

  • Dj Mack


  • who is this guy?

  • crap