Melyssa Ford’s Vibe Spread

blame it on Meka March 30, 2010

She ages like a fine wine. Andreas, you gotta introduce me to her one of these days, seriously. And don’t front like you wouldn’t, because we all would. More goodness under the cut.

  • *Takes a bathroom break*

  • FakirWise

    Still looks nice, I give her props for popping up in these photoshoots still.

  • pc

    These picture are horrible and this bitch is ugly as fuck.

  • she needs a tan, more skin, more booty, just high heals would be fine. maybe next time.

  • TC The Prince

    got damn she still look good but PC loafs Melyssa is bad

  • Miseducated

    Yea….I wasn’t feeling this spread @ all…she needs to go back to the days she was holding ‘KING’ mag down.

  • me

    i need a backshot

  • Antone

    this is BEFORE all the airbrushing and photoshop, right?

    cause she’s looking a little… worn.

  • SHAWTY YOU BASICL,-LIL DUVAL hahahahah, i’m sure she’s a nice person

  • Yo each and every one of ya’ll cats would wife that woman QUICK!!! but truth be told, its a different game now, and Miss Ford is just another face to me. Just sayin.

    Click the name!

  • MewLover34

    Looks like the same ass to me. You realize it’s a side view right? Or are you complaining you can’t see it at all? That’s the real problem. Best ass ever on one of these chicks. Period.

  • JackTheCripper

    she has thighs but no ass. how the fuck does that happen

  • WAGZ

    she needs some sun..looking pasty

  • bigwig

    Love Ms. Ford to death, but this is an awful photoshoot.


    she never shows her ass

  • CosmosisJones

    Vibes photo shoot budget must’ve been cut….

  • ineedm0ney
  • I love me some Melyssa Ford, but this isn’t her best photo shoot by a long shot. Maybe even her worse one.

    Has she been bleaching his skin? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past her, since so many other entertainers have been. But if not, she needs to get out there and get some sun.

    She’s still sexy though, but this definitely isn’t great.

  • t.a.morales

    She is still nice but she doesn’t match this “pin-up girl” fashion.

  • Huh?

    She looks skinny and pale. Not saying I wouldn’t because I would. Still though… she’s looked healthier.

  • MithritadesHD

    she aint been shit since the JadaKiss video(knock urself out) couple years ago…IMHO

  • Musikfiend

    At this point she needs to either do playboy (a-la Stacey Dash) or sit down somewhere.

  • dan

    nah, this was not good

  • DAMNNNNNN Melyssa! She still looks fine as hell! Everytime I always think I have gotten over the huge crush I always had on her she comes back with another dope spread like this to pull me back in!

  • Tom

    photoshop n’ surgeries…this is Melyssa Ford… A lot of money spends in this body. Melyssa, don’t stay in the fire please!! you can explode