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Drake & Nicki Cover XXL

blame it on Shake March 31, 2010

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It hasn't been a secret for over a week but here goes Nicki and Drake's cover for the upcoming issue of XXL, which hits newsstands on April 20th. And speaking of Drake, he's currently wrapping up the last song on Thank Me Later.

YM BONUS: Gudda Gudda - Small Thing to a Giant f. Lil Wayne [Tags]

  • Bill Fienberg from the Sticks

    This is not hip hop.

  • fenelli

    good stuff,looks cooldrake get ya beard back lol

  • Mc Persia

    The Death and Rebirth of Hip-Hop in 1 picture? Don't get it XXL... then again XXL does nothing right...

  • sam o

    drake look different...not in a good way doe

  • mike

    lol thats not drake thats a body double

  • Micah

    Im not really interested in neither one of these cats

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    That bitch is becoming a joke, Nicki too.

  • The cover looks pretty dope.

    Drake looks MAD old. I guess that's what he's going for...lol.

    Let the mindless hatred below begin...

  • 8equalsignD

    "Nicki & Drake: Domination" and "Whats Wrong With New York Hip Hop?" on the same cover? looks right to me. (yea i know hes from TO, relax...)

  • Teddy

    I just wish Drake wasnt on Young Money. He would be way better without them.

  • lol @ a cover getting 10 comments in like 1 minute, yall are truly some fruitbags up on here kill urselves

  • LV

    Did anyone else see this coming other than me when they weren't on the freshman cover?

  • Rocky

    Obama stay in XXL magazine

  • Haight


  • KC_Mafioso


    I believe in the Drake domination but not Nicki's.

    PS: Massive Attack is beyond AWFUL!

  • Over2

    http://lnk.ms/61lRp So Gone (Download)

  • king jaffe joe

    why does drake kinda look like obama in that pic?? (if you cover his 4-head of course)

  • Bill Clinton

    Drake's body is totally airbrushed, saw dude in concert and he definitely isn't that skinny, he's got one of those Gucci Mane potbellys in real life. Nicki isn't airbrushed, she's fake already.

  • TC The Prince

    they know they gonna catch serious flack for wuts wrong wit new york hip-hop smh but eh this covers aight

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    "lol @ a cover getting 10 comments in like 1 minute, yall are truly some fruitbags up on here kill urselves"

    The irony is ridiculous. Congratulations on being comment #11.

  • Jack Thee Cripper

    yeah, what Benny Blanco said

  • damn, drake's looking kindof rough...

  • j.cole

    yo this j.cole aka jermaine but i havent changed ...just wanna say "fuck drake"

  • Drake looks like Obama in the picture

  • lambosmahin

    wtf drake is going with the barbie look 2???

  • FaceofNJ

    Hmm Drakes single was Over righ?...I agree its over b4 it got off da ground

  • lasean

    why in the hell is obama on the cover with nikki lol that nigga look like a younger obama hahaha

  • JD

    O MI GAWWD that nigga look just like Obama Fell outta my chair

  • lasean

    lol cosign at psssst but you still a bitch ass hater though

  • Rio$

    smh dead

  • yeah this is definitely not hip hop hell no. smh at XXL

  • monroe

    congrats nicki. lookin good. of course it isnt hip hop, its XXL. yall didnt see their freshmen list? XXL wouldnt know hip hop if it sat on their face

  • bbs

    lmao that nigga do look kinda like obama

  • monroe

    @psssst that aint her purpose u racist, sexist ignorant fool, u are leading the GROW UP campaign. u are the poster child for ignorance and immaturity

  • Harharhar

    Where is Lil B? His impact on hip-hop is far greater than Fake's and Nicki Mirage (get it, because she's fake!!!) Lil B spits pure flames that inspire children around the world to get out of the hood and pursue careers as authors, and doctors, and teachers. I pray that one day The Based God blesses the cover of XXL magazine.

  • drake looks like he's 30-something

  • monroe

    lol who on earth is Lil B? some new york gangsta rapper?

  • Harharhar

    Lil B is The Based God, and the leader of the Pretty Bitch Movement. He preaches the truth to the people in intricate rhyme schemes and with a lyrical dexterity unsurpassed in the hip-hop game. check his song Like A Martian, its a metaphor for the struggle of quadriplegic children to be excepted by their peers.

  • Harharhar


  • BrooklynWeInHere

    Drake looks like Obama in here lol

  • monroe

    sounds kinda cool, im actually gonna check it out

  • dreaded

    everyone hates drake yet everyones tryna be like him, from j cole to jay z to fab to xv tobow wow.

  • they both deserved this shit, niggaz blind to what it is straight up.

  • Rock Bottom

    Surprise, Surprise after those comments about skipping the XXL Freshman cover who didn't see this coming... now hopefully the music will live it up all the hype.

  • Harharhar

    Lil B is The Based God, and the leader of the Pretty Bitch Movement. He preaches the truth to the people in intricate rhyme schemes and with a lyrical dexterity unsurpassed in the hip-hop game. check his song Like A Martian, its a metaphor for the struggle of quadriplegic children to be accepted by their peers.

  • thats right harharhar.... based god... pretty bitches stand up

  • TE

    nicki minaj is annoying as fuck if she is the re-birth of hip-hop im done.

  • Big_E

    dreaded wtf r u talking about? nobodies trying to be like Drake... J Cole? Jay? XV? huh?

  • thought i was the only one who noticed he looked like obama. the subjects r funny.

    problems with female rappers. whats wrong with new york hip hop. and then they say nicki is rebirth of rap royalty? shes a female. and shes from ny. xxl all f'd up

  • Harharhar

    WEN are u gonna make me ur boyfreind. lets unite man. your so cool

  • Big_E

    is it sad that more and more im starting to dislike Drake... i blame this site lol.. maybe the album will change my mind

  • i dont condone that man

  • drake looks like he got the burning pee pee in that pic

  • 8equalsignD

    @dreaded i agree with Big_E.. how is J.Cole, Jay Z or XV trying to be like Drake? They all are fashionable, dont look broke as hell in their fotos, and dont have the same style of rapping... AT ALL...

  • Junior

    DOMINATION? not hardly
    I fuck w/ Drake, but i wouldn't say he's dominating lol
    and Nicki Minaj is soooo wack

  • @junior

  • fulltimeboss

    i was here in the first 10 minutes too wasnt i. lol. my bad i guess i was talkin out my ass again. btw nicki n drake are soo hottt.

  • Jarvo

    The most ova hyped rapper of all time nd the fakest bitch in hip hop.

  • Duuude

    This is why I don't read XXL.

  • L0S

    SMH@ dude commenting on how Drizzy look like.. fix up son.

  • giovanni

    drake had way more potential before he signed with young money and wtf nicki rebirth hiphop GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE XXL!

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    How the hell is anybody saying Jay-Z is trying to be like Drake? Jay was making the Blueprint while Drake's lame ass was acting in that gay ass Degrassi show.

  • wooow

    "Im not really interested in neither one of these cats"

    Then WHY THE FUCK did you open this up and comment on it? smh i'll never understand what goes through these dudes' heads

  • HollywoodSwick

    This is a pretty sick cover, I can't wait for Thank Me Later.

  • "The Rebirth Of Rap Royalty" LMAO.

  • XXL is officially the new Source...and I don't mean the old back in the day source, I mean the magazine that Benzino ran into the ground.

  • chosen1

    Damn I aint even get my freshman issue and they got new shit out? fuck is goin on

  • james

    If Dre comes straight expect Drake to fall back

  • lxlnethinglxl

    rebirth of rap royalty? fuck outta here...

  • [email protected]

    i Expect Thank Me later to leak in 2 to 3 weeks theres no way in hell! it wont! haha! fuk a hater this album is the most anticipated of the year! and im not even a huge drake fan. somebodies gonna leak it. hope timbo's camp gets a hold of it lmao. they do him in like jay-z

  • George Clooney

    Some folks who've never been on the cover of XXL:

    Sean Price
    UGK/Bun B
    Big Pun

    Keep doin your thing, XXL!

    Say what you want about The Source (yeah, it's pretty inconsistent), but at least those guys have J.Cole on the cover this month. XXL has been slippin for a good 7 or 8 years now.

  • George Clooney

    Oh and Talib Kweli, Mos Def....Budden..

  • kay j all day

    i dont get the them of the cover it looks like they took a random pic an just said rap royalty

  • FakirWise

    “Im not really interested in neither one of these cats”

    'Then WHY THE FUCK did you open this up and comment on it? smh i’ll never understand what goes through these dudes’ heads'

    thinking the same thing here.
    also, someone block that guy who stays on this lil b's nuts...seriously every damn post on this site comes lil b constant dick riding.

  • Dav.




  • Casso

    Yes, Drake and Ncki are good at what they do. But calling them "rap royalty" is so hyperbolic that XXL might as well put a disclaimer up there that says "We do this kind of stuff to piss people off so that they'll talk about us. It's our only hope of remaining relevant."

    How can you have "royalty" in a hip hop community democratized by the internet? Nobody rules. There are as many artists as fans out here on the net, and they can all put out music for us to find. And they do.

    There are fewer and fewer blockbusters. The collection of hip hop fans as one mass no longer exists. So there's no kingdom to rule.

  • M. Pass

    Does that really say "The Rebirth of Rap Loyalty"? haha

  • hanibal

    this is not haten but, drake and niki dont fit the whole rebirth of hip hop theme, put SLAUGHTERHOUSE on the cover, thats hip hop

  • Boredliketherestofyall

    I'll Comment nd hate cuz its my God given right. Like its your God given to listen to that fag shit!

  • lilgermo

    drake is goo niki lame and wack her voice annoyin and their no rap royalty

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