J. Cole Live At SOBs: The (2)Dope Experience (Video)

After my experience at SXSW, I've decided to start doing more videos of this nature, for viewers to get essentially my perspective on whatever event I decide to got to. What with everybody filming up the shows, parties and whatever random-ass social functions that'll ultimately end up flooding the Internets throughout the week (you'll see what I mean in some of my shots), why not try to bring something a little different to the table? Check for appearances by XV, Outasight, Asher Roth, J.A.M.E.S Watts, Peter Rosenberg, Pill, LowKey, some attractive bitties making goofy faces and more.

Also check out Peter Rosenberg interviewing J. Cole before the show, down bottom.


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  • Hectik

    I really really hope his album drops in the summer like he has been saying it will. Then again he is signed to Hov which means it will come out in 2011 after Hov puts out his next album first. I think J. Cole is going to regret signing with Hov because I think it's a terrible idea to work for another artist especially 1 with an ego the size of Hov's. Ask Joe Budden how that turned out.

  • ineedm0ney

    that was a great idea with the video. that outasight and asher joint is my jam right now. cant wait for j. coles debut.
    check http://ineedm0ney.wordpress.com

  • youngNari

    what song is that playing thru the video?

  • hater

    Ya'll on J.Coles dick lately

  • 8equalsignD

    dope vid... really captured how SICK that show was -- it was packed asshole to bellybutton... XV had so much energy, it looked like he was about to lift off to Squaria as he was performing... J.Cole controlled that crowd like a seasoned vet...thanks for not highlighting the two bubbleheads that he brought on stage.

  • John

    true Meka! Everybody has a damn camera at shows now. what happened to just enjoying the experience? people are so involved in their gadgets they are missing out on just being there. nice work!

  • Hectik

    To add more to what I said people can say what they want about Wayne but he lets his artist shine. Does anybody on this site think Hov would ever let J. Cole get the kind of buzz and exposure Drake has? Hell no! The second J. Cole starts getting 'too much' buzz watch how quick Hov puts his ass on the bench. I don't understand why rappers still sign to work for other rappers. That's like going into the NBA with the goal to be the best player ever but you're playing for another player. You think he will ever let you realize your goal? Hell no cause then your fucking his shit up.

  • Quote Of The Day:
    "It was packed asshole to bellybutton" - 8equalsignD

  • J. Cole blowing up will make Jay-Z look good tho just like how Drake blowing up is makin Wayne look good

  • R

    Dope concept meka, liked the vid.

  • jonniehayward... asshole to bellybutton... a gay person would quote that

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • CF

    Yeah what was the name of this track? Reflection Eternal joint I think...must have missed it.

  • the name of the song is Just Begun

  • London aka goonie..

    meka wuda been dope to see more of the actual journey. makes me miss n.y ahhh

  • fenelli

    i really liked this..very nice

  • YOU IDOLIZE REAL RAP BANDIT is truly a genius when it comes to homosexuality

  • J_EaRLy

    MEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you MUTHA^&($!! LOL

    Good times

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    I really really hope his album drops in the summer like he has been saying it will. Then again he is signed to Hov which means it will come out in 2011 after Hov puts out his next album first. I think J. Cole is going to regret signing with Hov because I think it’s a terrible idea to work for another artist especially 1 with an ego the size of Hov’s. Ask Joe Budden how that turned out.

    ^^^ Joey never worked with Hov. Plus he was never a priority at Def Jam anyway. Whether Jay was CEO or some other suit he never would have gotten a release date. PERIOD. Record companies move with who is gonna bring in the money. They don't care about advancing the culture.

    Rappers like Joe Budden need to stay underground. The position he's in now is the best possible position for an artist like him. He isn't a multi-platinum selling type dude. He's a move 10-15k independent type nigga.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    With that being said, J. Cole can move units if he chooses to. It's pretty much up to him. But he has the ability to be in a Drake type situation. Just a matter of if he wants to make the type of music that will get him there. Or simply try to please the fuck boy fans who will think he "'sold out."

  • Teddy

    Is J. Cole too real? I say this because he has always said the right shit. He hasnt said or did anything that would make anyone question him as an artist or as a man. Is this real? Are we in a dream state? Is Illuminati fucking with us?

    Im not saying he is the best rapper since ever. But this J. Cole Character is just too unreal. Sometimes I cant even believe someone of J. Cole's caliber even has the slightest chance of being a relevant mainstream artist.

  • ESCO90

    Question Meka: What are you shooting on?

  • dres

    i enjoy this

  • 8equalsignD

    @Teddy looks like J.Cole's taking the Beyonce route... he'll prolly give up an acceptance speech (or atleast a seat on the train) for ke$ha or justin beiber

  • T.Corallo

    To Hectic...

    How do you sound right now? What about Kanye West? Its not up to Hov to make or break an artist, it's up to J. Cole to make himself hot. Kanye paid for most of his own videos off of College Dropout and still managed to make himself hot. If Jay was really like that why didn't he stop Kanye when he was at his highest peak? Hell Kanye was a hotter artist than Jay at one point! Point is, when it comes to making money artists will put their egos to the side and right now J. Cole is looking like a cash cow.

  • MrWill

    Thanks for the pic you snapped of me, Meka. Had I known you were you, I would bowed on both knees and praised you for the greatness that is 2dopeboyz. True story.

  • Tevin

    J.Cole I believe will be great in the long run other than Jays' other artist before cause Cole is not a guy thats flashy and he speaks with the intent to do damage and that's what I hear in ever song, freestyle or feature. WHO DAT WHO DAT!!!!

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