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Jay-Z x Dr. Dre in the Studio

blame it on Meka March 31, 2010

Uh-Oh… And I was told I’ll need this in the future.

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  • Damian


  • Kobe

    ohhhhh shit son

  • california boy


  • hahaha lol

    were is this at? i need it!

  • haha… and you thought we were bullshittin…

  • Rous!

    Ohhh shit! It’s legend is true!!!

  • empty


  • nevvabsi


  • Harharhar

    Thats just some really good photoshop done by Shake. I’ve seen that Jay pic before

  • why would u just post up a picture? wheres the music at..

  • darryle

    this pic is a fake don’t trust it

  • FredLozano

    Gotta love how everybody on this sites all “fuck Detox, fuck Dr. Dre, blah blah blah” and then this picture surfaces and everybody starts nutting

  • Rio$

    damn not jay z how bout someone good for a detox track. thought it would be a westcoast album not mainstream to the fullest next track after this would prolly have wayne smh i’ve been anticipating this album for how long now?

  • Brown Bear

    Must be an April Fools joke!!

  • Josh Holmes

    lets hope hov don’t ruin it, although dre won’t let that happen. waiting this long is worth it, if it got released earlier, heads would be calling it BoTox

  • Relapse II, now pushed back to 2011

  • EoNe

    Holy Shittt son!

  • The Shoster

    legendary shiiiit!!!

  • Big_E

    lol remember when we saw that Game and Dre picture like 6 months ago… yeah still no track

  • BW

    awwwwwwww snap

  • Big_E

    we aint gonna hear this track till 2011, at least

  • CannonsMcFly


  • ep

    How is hov gonna “ruin” detox when he wrote one of Dre’s biggest hits, “Still D.R.E.”?!?

  • damn im hype for this ish!

  • Highly Effective

    looks shopped, lighting on faces are off. And the exif data says its been processed by photoshop cs3 on a mac. (i kinda know my way around ps as well)
    But, you made me check it, so i guess your April fools kinda worked

  • 421

    ^ exactly, MUSIC > PICS

  • dap

    a pic doesn’t say shit. i want the track

  • “looks shopped, lighting on faces are off. And the exif data says its been processed by photoshop cs3 on a mac”

    smh… its real. of course it was processed with photoshop, dont you see the 1px border? some people are just… i dont know.

  • Boomerang Slang

    U guys act like Jay and Dre never worked together. Dre did a whole bunch of tracks for kingdom come, and that shit wasnt that good. So im not that excited

  • hahahah photoshoped son..just drop the karateschool or a fake hov knowles sex tape

  • Harharhar

    Yeah, its fake. Nice try Shake

  • TheReply

    This took me back a minute to that nas x dre collab nas is coming joint fire!!

  • ck47

    So all it took was Hov to get in the studio to release a single woah hov the god

  • 421

    and if it really is shopped then that pretty much solidifies anything detox related ain’t happenin anytime soon

  • scooby

    that’s a dope picture

  • Harharhar




    dre- cough cough.this chronic is killin me


  • Dave Chappelle
  • goonie

    Shake nigga u acting like u making the detox or sumthing nigga lol
    look we alll know dre has had a bad track record for releasing the detox only so many time u can stand ur date up !
    Still will only belive it when i hear it.
    Shake get off dre dik ouuuuuuuuuuuuuch..

  • *Looks at Calender*

    *Still March*

    *Kanye Shrug*

  • Tony

    I seem to remember Dre taking pictures with other artists before, but still not a single song from Detox. It is all a scam!

  • goonie

    shakes on his april fool ish
    its photoshop
    all the studio shots ever during production are done from like a phone cam not profess photos
    shake GTFOH

  • ck47

    snippet on aftermath

  • Stock

    They look old

  • smh… everyone thats talking shit now will be silenced once the track drops. fucking morons.

  • DRE ALONE,IS A REGULAR AND USUAL PRODUCER,EVEN BAD.. ..LISTEN TO KINGDOME COME TRACKS… .. What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucc? khalik,focus.,,x2times better than dre,im waitin for a KHALIL or FOCUS album,,but i know,interscope never will allow shine another artist than dre


  • yessir,shake,go hard

  • doodoobrown

    2 things: 1. if this shit drops tomorrow, I’ll laugh. 2. the hype is strong with this one

  • 214Reppin

    Lol…anybody who’s ever been in the lab knows that theres like one to three main lights. Tha light ain’t gonna be on both of dem niggas foreheads at tha same time…I believe it.

  • Listener AnnonyMUSE

    good photoshop shake jk

  • CannonsMcFly

    That Snippet Don’t Prove Shit.

  • XYZ

    hahhahahahahahaahaha i can even photoshop this

  • Antonio

    We will be dropping the first single from Detox, Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z, within the next hour.


  • Big_E

    don’t listen to the trolls lol.. its not even April 1st.. its real but it don’t mean shit.. im over the Dre and Detox hype.. ill peep it whenever it drops

  • doodoobrown

    ^ lies

  • 214Reppin

    Y’all know its real. Tha only reason y’all doubtin is cuz of the joke that Shake pulled last year lol.

  • Tony

    Well everyone I guess it does exist. The song should be up in a few minutes!

  • pc

    Yeah that shit looks mad photoshoped. Lmao.

  • Mr.Alves

    Still thinks its a bad April fools joke smh

  • SHAKE!!!!!!!!!1 PUT THE FULL SONG RIGHT know!!111 please,i give you 200424 pounds of maryjane ,please

  • jobie

    there is something coming, look at the aftermath website had a graphic showing jay and dre together and said news on detox coming soon. t

  • for those thinking its photoshopped go ahead and click the image for the full version.

  • Listener AnnonyMUSE

    Cant wait team supreme

  • YURP

    nowadays you can’t even tell the difference btwn photoshopped and real shit(unless it was done but a retard), so its no point in saying “it looks photoshopped”

  • doodoobrown

    IT’S DETOX … ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! – quote from aftermath site, i laughed

  • XYZ

    LOL shake you detereorated the qulity of dre’s part to single out jay’s part, pretty impressive but not too clever, on top of that see how dre has no spot to lean his arms under the board? why does jay? its so fake its kind of pro. big up shake

  • CannonsMcFly


  • YURP

    sometimes i wanna reach thru the monitor and slap these niggas that leave comments on 2dope..ugh

  • shut up .ISNT PHOtoshop ,FIRST single is coming,, ,,AFTER years and years,but comin

  • 421

    full version? don’t you mean larger resolution?

  • that picture was taken February 21, not March. i should know, i took it.

  • Antonio









    … DARY!!!

    :D :D :D


  • CannonsMcFly


  • YURP
  • 214Reppin

    Two 40 year old legends in the studio

    Im wit it*DJ Pooh’s Freaknik voice*

  • california boy

    dre X jay >> 2010 post

  • Listener AnnonyMUSE

    Who’s gonna snatch the track 1st.
    NMC Premiere????

  • Strange Famous

    I’ll believe it when I hear. Been waiting for epic shit to drop for so long now it ain’t a problem waiting longer anymore. I ain’t holding my breath but if the track releases then..it’s time to go ape!

    April fools for sure though.

  • goonie

    REASON IM SUSPICIOU shake wanna prove so hard the track is real. why? u aint never tried to prove a track was gonna b made before.. u just drop the ish when it comes. i dont belive n dont need to till i hear it. if its tru then yay to me. its its false which i think it is i was right. nothings changed dre still eepin us waitin.

    Shake u a fruit for this one. i shud make u my girl friend.and swathe you in female garments.

    its still (2)dopeboyz lol

  • JO JO


  • “Shake u a fruit for this one. i shud make u my girl friend.and swathe you in female garments.

    its still (2)dopeboyz lol”


  • guest

    chris martian please stop commenting every one makes you seem like a bigger faggot. on to the post, not worrying about this picture like you guys bugging out, just very excited for the track and some progress on detox

  • henecore

    we’re all being played, only a couple more hours of delays then the cipher will be complete

  • who really cares? both these niggas is washed up n garbage now anyways

  • dr. dre looks like he is 60 in this pic

  • ^^thats not real. the non rapping blogger is just thirsty for hits.

  • henecore

    Sounds like Jay wrote it, if that was real

  • MithritadesHD

    U bastards must don’t like puppies and baby seals,everytime ya’ll play that snippet a baby seal and some puppies die!!! Post the whole shit Shake lol…we KNOW u got it!!!!!!

  • jose’Sooto

    lmfaoooo that snippet is a track from some european rapper,listen on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF7Kuy5KHkc&feature=PlayList&p=625F7C19A81F9CD9&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=33

    smh i thought this shit was real!

  • Dreano

    hahahahaha that 300 music is sooo perfect for this pic, good look meka

  • lol Shake, it’s as real as your picture. Believe me :)

    and no, unlike your site which features crappy Nicki Minaj songs I’m absolutely not interested in hits.

  • Danny

    that dip at the end of the snippet made me shit my pants. must be the brown noise :/

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • henecore

    Look at this the second picture has been released….


  • YURP

    who said that was a snippet? lol

  • wdw
  • Fif

    nmc is some faggots
    posting fake shit like this
    like kid cudi say
    fuck em’

  • Antonio

    This is the real song the sample was took from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIcNW_EYD3A

  • yeeah
  • roffle

    people seem to love to sample that lol

  • YURP

    who the fuck quote’s Kid Cudi? is that really a quotable? lord

  • Drico

    its gonna be an april fools joke…

  • Isnt it funny how all of you repost the link i posted and say ”this is the REAl one”? haha

  • Harharhar


    thats actually fake thats Turns Me On

  • Mc Persia

    Wait, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. What is the song that can be played under the picture? Thats like a dubstep version of the 300 song.

    And yes, i consider that more important then the actual Dre and Jay song.

  • Mike

    A picture is worth a thousand words but music is worth a million – Mike

  • Dave Chappelle

    I think that is supposed to be a “snippet” of the “song”. They might as well have put a snippet of silence up, that doesn’t mean shit.

    Song will not drop.

  • bwsrunla

    ITS TRUE…..song is commin people

    aftermath we back


  • preemo

    when the tracks drops yall gonna be saying shake faked the track smh

  • Antonio

    Mc Persia, it’s Carmina Burana ;)

    You talking about ‘nmc’, what’s that? I’m not from the states

  • shit


    Giggs Ft Killa Ki & Shocks-Click Click


    but this snippet got different things in the instrumental,isnt the same


  • YURP

    Mc Persia… i think about every electronica DJ has made a remix of that song

  • uzi

    combined age exceeds 200

  • smh at thisiscurtis. FAIL.
    the snippet floating around is not the right song.

  • Antonio

    Can anybody tell me what nmc is? Thanks

  • LOL. That’s not the fucking song you idiots. Thats not even going to be the sample.

    Shake put it there because that’s some epic shit.

  • Big_E

    so what u heard it already Shake?

  • Big_E

    Jimmy some ppl are just slooooow

  • Highly Effective

    “smh… its real. of course it was processed with photoshop, dont you see the 1px border? some people are just… i dont know.”

    well no i didnt see that(white bg), but you should let the CSS do that man, will save you a lot of time in ps.
    The bigger picture shows off the lighting beter. I guess dre just has a real shiney forehead lol. but im still not buying it, detox news on april 1st? thats just asking for trouble

  • Big_E

    and im guessing u don’t have it Shake by the comment at the top

  • california boy

    120 comments on a picture now thats a bigger buzz than drake

  • goonie

    lool ahaah Shake u did well with this trick n u n Meka ur boyfreind are prolly sittin at home laffin. april fools niggaaa 100million niggaaa real berkley boys pretty boys stand up you hoe suk my dik in the sky niggaa

  • CannonsMcFly

    Where Is It At?

  • Edward Nygma

    lmao @ the 300 soundbit. i’ll still stick with my cautiously optomistic hope for this,considering its been so long and the all this hype comes the week of April fools. if its posted tomorrow, i’ll wait till friday to listen,fuckin hate being on the internet on April fools day…

  • I think it’s funny how one person cries photoshop, and the rest of the sheep herd stampede in an obnoxious rush,

  • Paul Cain

    Someone said this photo is from the kingdome come sessions. Can’t verify it but its very possible

  • NYCityREP

    Oh Shit : O I need this track now.

  • byahbyah

    The picture may be real, but I’m calling april fools on this apparent snippet thats floating around.

  • goonie

    Shake ripped it from Giggs-Click Clack.
    at the end of the rip u can even hear sum deep sounding voice just like the giggs track. shake ima just say this like mike told me i wanna eat ur children i wanna smash their testicles so u can feel my pain im alexander im muhammad ali im jack dempsy there no1 like me im feroucious im abomiable im impenetrable i am the GREATEST. ALL PRAISE DUE TO ALLAH.

  • Travie

    exact same sample as jeezy’s “black dreams”

  • ck47

    Dre’s on the snippet lol

  • Hmm

    The snippets from http://www.aftermathmusic.com/ I don’t believe that’s necessarily a snippet though

  • That’s the intro to “Never Gonna Give You Up”….watch

  • Dope!!

    lol, the only website where the webmaster will call your ass out if you say some stupid shit, lol gotta love the dopeboyz.

  • CannonsMcFly

    They Said It Was Dropping Within The Hour. This Is A April Fools Joke Watch

  • OnTheRun

    Detox dropping December 22nd, 2012

  • goonie

    ALL THE PEOPLE who think there so cool and are like why yall followin like sheep n belive dis shit..dis shit rite here nigga dis shit rite here…dis here nigga dis shit rite here niga..
    i want u to eat ur OWN dic#k wen u realise its an aprill fools joke. choke on it. b town.

  • Edward Nygma

    this is off Aftermath’s website http://www.aftermathmusic.com/blog/?p=1486

    the whole “It’s Detox, anything can happen” slogan makes me think this is grade A, USDA-Approved horse shit. but if it means Dre beats,i’ll try to keep my hopes alive regardles of how unlikely it is…

  • asianboyyy

    nmc = new music cartel

  • california boy

    bob album leaked



  • DefyLogic

    @ california boy

    post that shit

  • fuhg

    The dre portion of the photo is def real cause a da spiderweb on right hand. Jay face looks questionable.

  • antonio

    it’s 3:20 in spain and l can’t fuckíng wait!!! I guess i should go to sleep this won’t ever drop…..

  • CannonsMcFly

    B.o.B Album Leaked

  • picture is real shitheads

    and even if it isnt who gives a fuck

  • EZmunny

    2db gon lose all they followers when we find out this shits fraudulent

  • pc

    Dude just announced it was fake on his twitter. The guy who leaked the pic and shake just spoke on it on twitter.

  • 10

    “B.o.B Album Leaked”??????????what?

  • DefyLogic

    shit is fake fuck i was hype

  • uzi

    APril FOOls ya DumB BAStidZ

  • 10

    “B.o.B Album Leaked”
    is that true?

  • YoungB

    Big deal, even if it is real. They’ve made songs 2gether b4 and they aint been that great!

  • Harharhar


  • O


  • YURP

    the pic is real.. but that don’t mean shit..Detox aint coming out this year.

  • Brocho Cinco

    Niggas will believe anything they hear now-a-days. Some dumbass just said that the BoB album leaked and some of yall niggas believed him. That looks just like the HP Commerical that Dr Dre is in, with Jay-Z photoshopped in. Do u dumbasses believe that Aftermath’s website cannot pull a April Fools Joke on yall foolish asses? They say whatever the fuck they want to. There is no clear evidence that this “record” is coming. Don’t believe bullshit.

  • henecore

    @pc Links to the guys twitter that leaked the “pic”, and Shake what the fuck homie? Your public twitter is kind of misleading is this some gay prank or not? If it is I’ll probably just chill at my rap forum rather than checking what horseshit y’all be posting.

  • Lol tomorrow is gonna be a funny day in the C-section on April Fools

  • Tony

    This is why April 1st is a shitty day in all respects.

  • JamesG

    damn my role models are getting old

  • D!NO

    they both lookin’ old az hell!
    expired ass whiennie! lol.

    snippet sounds Off Da Wall!

    Cant wait to hear dis!

  • O

    http://www.aftermathmusic.com/ ITS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • wessstt
  • niggers,niggas,niggaz

    photoshopped head, look how its cut out. haha you got us. not.

  • O

    ^ -_-

  • b ali

    so at this point its looking like detox is gonna drop before Act II….smh damn you jay!!!

  • relapse 2 on the way

    Relapse 2 is gonna be released on 10/14/10. Mark your calenders and remember who broke the news to you all. First single is set to drop mid-April. Paul Rosenburg broke this on his twitter. Thank me later

  • henecore

    Detox and Act II both dropping the day Obama wins the next election

  • OnTheRun

    this is written on the official aftermath website:

    DR. DRE
    “It’s almost time.”
    “Some big news is coming soon.”

    check for urself if u dont beleive me, im hoping this is legit.

  • Harharhar

    That Relapse shit is fake too

  • markc

    real hip hop.

  • April Fools mutha fuckas!

  • man wtf…

  • Unxpekted

    Cuban LInx II anyone.

    Jay-Z is the next target to put out a fucked up project by Dre.

    Focus > Dre

    Lee Bannon > Dre

    Dre makes garbage these days. Burn this wack ass thread.

  • DefyLogic

    ^ o yea cause the beat to catalina was “fucked up”…

  • goonie


    DJPHAJI said this on March 31st, 2010 at 9:24 pm<<<<so.

  • Harharhar

    If there was a weak link on OB4CL2 it would be catalina

  • say-dack

    it’s the Iluminati doing the april fools joke.

  • james

    I’m excited…patiently waiting

  • of course Dre makes garbage these days. He’s how old?
    He has what to talk about?
    It would be all about the features, dumb fuck.

  • Shawn

    ^ You fuckin’ kidding me? Catalina was not “weak”.

  • DefyLogic

    bullshit catalina was classic dre and one of obcl’s best and most popular tracks

  • ON34

    the things I would do to just listen to THIS song, are unforgivable.

  • ERRBody talking about SHAKE,, and this POST is made by MEKA

    learn to read please haha

  • Harharhar

    ok catalina was kinda cool but what i thikn is more important is dre wen he made that track zoom with ll cool j. that was so cool and working with 1 of the sexiest guys in hip hop jay z is such a win his classic album blueprint 2 definetly blew rappers out the water n changed the game n hes gonna do it again with dre. dre is biting jayz style ever since rasonable doubt thats y he keeps jay around. but jay still cant see it. i really belive in dre n he says its gonna come out i belive him with my whole heart. love you dre.

  • Bill Clinton

    ^^thanks for that
    FUK U MEKA!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Clinton

    chris_martian <<SERIOUSLY tho shut up i know ur sweet out here im gonna make u my girlfriend.

  • Harharhar

    I guess I worded that wrong, I didn’t mean to say it was a bad track, but sonically it didn’t fit with the rest of the album, thats what I meant by weak song

  • Seif

    What’s a Jay Z?
    Fake pix

  • Harharhar

    ok catalina was kinda cool but what i thikn is more important is dre wen he made that track zoom with ll cool j. that was so cool and working with 1 of the sexiest guys in hip hop jay z is such a win his classic album blueprint 2 definetly blew rappers out the water n changed the game n hes gonna do it again with dre. dre is biting jayz style ever since rasonable doubt thats y he keeps jay around. but jay still cant see it. i really belive in dre n he says its gonna come out i belive him with my whole heart. love you dre.
    Harharhar said this on March 31st, 2010 at 10:48 pm


    That wasn’t me, for some reason Bill Clinton has a crush on me and feels its necessary to pose as me. I try to use proper grammar/punctuation/capitalization when I type.

  • Seif

    True. Focus beats Dre.

  • its not photoshop

    its just : jay-z is jerk as fucc,supa ugly haha
    dr.dre : high as atmosphere

  • @Bill Clinton ,it’s my bitches ,freeeeze

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-FsV1qjPpY

    better than any beat Dre has done in years.

    but the difference between Focus and Dre is that Focus is really hit or miss, he has put out a lot of whack shit. Dre rarely drops something ”whack” but just doesn’t amaze anymore either.

  • Unxpekted

    Dre rarely drops something whack????????????????

    Wow, sorry but that line probably means you know nothing about Dre production.

    Play me 1 ridiculously sick beat produced by Dre in the past 6 months.

  • About Me. Hallelujah. Underground. Deja Vu. Hell Breaks Loose…I could go on

  • slice

    play any dre beat in the last six months ahah… there’s about three one’s on a kay slay tape, the others catalina and about me…

    they weren’t spectacular but they were far from wack

  • YURP

    funny thing u post that song since Bishop Lamont’s song “Grow Up” prod. by Dre is prolly the last beat i liked from him

  • Mike

    I have to say, the pic does look kinda fake. But the last two posters are right, what wack beats has Dre produced lately? None were classic, but none were anything close to wack.

  • CannonsMcFly

    Dr. Dre Still Got It & Probably Saving The Best For Detox. Imagine How Much Shit He’s Thrown Away? STFU With That Bullshit

  • nick leon
  • Shawn

    He has a fucking vault full of shit.. more than one rapper that has worked for him has stated that. He has enough material for like a 100 albums. Anyway.. Focus is good but you can’t say he is better than Dre.. please.

  • Unxpekted

    Lee Bannon is single handedly better than Dre

  • ayetajiddin!

    its definitely real.. look close.. you can see the fibers from hov’s sweater overlap dre’s. cant photoshop that shit. his arm would be smooth as hell.

  • CannonsMcFly

    Why Did Dre Sell This Beat To Amerie!!! T.I. Wrote Some Dope Lyrics & This Would Have Been A Banger! http://www.mediafire.com/?xznxumkd5zj

  • Buddha

    Dr Dre and Jay-Z worked together on Blueprint 2 on The Watcher 2. This might be from then, it might be new. If it IS new, then i’m excited for Detox.

  • 5FingerDiscount

    Couldn’t this be a pic from the Kingdom Come era?



  • bbs

    did jay look this old in the kingdom come era? lol

  • Oh shit son.
    The irony of all this fuckery right before April 1st.
    If this shit drops tomorrow….That’d be hilarious.

  • Bill Clinton

    jay was sexier in the kingdom come era nowadays he is just a cute ass nigga

  • Bill Clinton

    Shyguy i wanna suck your dick right after i suck JonnieHayward’s and harharhar’s

  • blazer

    why the hell are there so many comments on this????

  • Bill Clinton

    blazer can i swallow your seed next?

  • Doja

    I laughed out loud when I saw how many comments this picture got.

  • Bill Clinton

    @ Doja i laugh out loud when i see naked women

  • Unxpekted

    April fools day idiot

  • lasean

    did these DUMBASS niggas just say HOV/JAY Z/SHAWN CARTER is gonna ruin a song really fuck wrong with you niggas and then niggas coming up with stupid ass reasons and conspiracy theories that dont make sense about the picture being photoshop smh

  • Holy fuck it leaked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08MKtNy6BGQ

    shit bangs

  • Cornerback

    Truth be told, I think this vimeo video with Slim The Mobsta is the beat that goes with the 300-like audio clip attached to the photo above.

    Listen at 0:33 http://vimeo.com/9739303

    Let me know what you think…
    I think it could be it, and I’m not really feeling it.

  • In Weed We Trust

    Yeah!!! this photo is dope DRE is high as fuck

  • ck47

    Cornerback is right

  • Cornerback

    Also, please, don’t be irked when the single that’s gonna leak is that beat on the vimeo I posted. It’s his club single. It’s very boom-boom-pow Techno Hip Hop except with orchestra. Get over it – hopefully we can get some serious funk -ish on the next leak, cause this one isn’t poppin the G-Funk.

    Lord knows – Dre, WE NEED THE FUNK.

  • xlakers520x


  • Jonnie-Z and Dr. Dre =

  • help1

    Just copped that bob album, TI track is fire. Google “B.o.B. adventures of babby ray NEWTRAMZ LEAKS megaupload” and filter latest. You’re welcome.

  • Bill Clinton

    lol @ “Jonnie-Z” that was kinda corny but the track was dope

  • Bill Clinton

    btw i wanna suck your dick

  • @help1 there’s only torrents of the B.O.B. And I don’t fuck with those

  • Fred

    ^^ 2nd that – Detox needs to bring the 2010 FUNK!!!

    one of the previous leaks ‘Shit Popped Off’ hit the spot :smokeblunt:

  • Jiggaboo

    Jonnie ur a idiot 4 even lukin dat album aint even leak anytime soon

  • T.R.O.Y.

    the camel needs a doctor.

  • b.o.b hasnt leaked. folks are far to gullible these days.


  • Deeznuts

    shit… This is crazy.

  • dreamz

    just two niggas in they 40s tryna revive hip hop…

  • McBreezy

    I was here today on this amazing day when i heard that the legends were true…. wow

  • james

    Even if Detox is ass, he’s bound to die soon which means his legacy will finally be told through box sets.

  • california boy

    fuck is it real or not the song?

  • MarkE. McFly

    Legends in the Game. It leaked y’all

  • burd

    why are people hating on these two, theyre both legends and even if theyre in their 40s they still make good music. besides jays the biggest winner in hip hop hands down

  • Yinka

    when/ where did it leak?

  • joelman
  • Nothing leaked but a 12 second intro to a beat. (who knows from where!) so Dont believe these dudes tryna pull an April fools Prank. the Hype was horrible, every1 was excited for about 3 hours hahaha. Detox is dropping in 2011 tho..so don’t get your hopes up about checking out a leak this month or so…just keep in touch with Relapse 2 and RED album. cause that’s the closest you’ll hear from Dre.

  • Rich

    old ass niggas… both legends, but they need to know when to say “when”…

  • and another thing: you fagets hating on dre, you need to check how old your Daddy is! cause dre is prolly younger than him! hahaha and forget about the funk..that was SO 2001. the West Coast needs to grow to a newer style. we had that gangsta sh!t in the 90’s…we had that funk in the 2000’s…and now we will have………………?? (can’t wait!!!!!)

  • Air Nigeria

    Shake’s a faggot. This is FAKE!!!! I have nudie pictures of Shake if anyone is interested???

  • Ahahaha…Here Ya Go…Something To Keep You Guys Occupied
    http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.10917/title.dr-dre-jay-z-single-for-detox-dropping-this-week?utm_source=datpiff&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=datpiff_news & http://realtalkny.uproxx.com/2010/03/topic/topic/news/aftermath-hints-a-dr-dre-jay-z-track-off-of-detox/…& Oh Yeah,I’m Thinking Shady Is Fixing To Get Their Hands On Slaughterhouse Or A Release Date Is Finally Coming For Relapse 2…But A Mixtape From Em Would Be Even Better…

  • ShadyPsycho

    I have a feeling that Eminem’s “big news” is related to all of this Dr. Dre and Detox development. Although I’m personally hoping that this new collaboration between Dr. Dre and Jay-Z is real and does leak soon, but that Eminem has news of his own.

  • Dav.



  • Bazz

    …Detox is so long awaited, and all the talking and guessing in the blogs over a couple of years. i can not imagin that it won`t be another classic record. When an artist like Dr.Dre takes so much time to release his 3rd Solo Album…
    But there is a chance that it can´t catch up with the great expectations we all have.
    But i´m very curious right now(again)

  • its an april fools!

  • donnie

    everyone thinking aftermath fell off is not paying attention. Dre produced a classic track on rae’s album. 50 cent got critisized for selling out and then released one hard hitting album, just cause it didnt sell like eminem that dont mean it was a flop. and then you got em who had the best guest appearance in ages, killing wayne on his own shit. aftermath may not be as dominant as it once was, but its still got talent, and you either like dre or you dont. if the song drops, you’ll either like it or you wont.

  • dubcyde

    O…k. I just came.

    Crazy how a 12-TWELVE-second snippet got the internet goin’ nutz

  • You might have broken the world record for the biggest jay z picture ever taken.

  • RZA

    if you guys dont know another snippet hit the net a few dr dre lines but the beat sound sway different like a rnb-ish beat http://usershare.net/DDotOmen/r58jpkjt4ir9

  • unclefourinch

    april fools niggA

  • the truth

    Sean Carter is credited for writing The Watcher.

    If anyone of u actually had Dre 2001, which dropped in Nov ’99.

    You would know this.

    But I dont give a F*** about a Jay-Z and Dr. Dre song in 2010.

    Give me Nas and Premo>>>>>

  • Mac Mic

    This is a SERIOUS teaser man! Worse than when Just Blaze did the Exhibit A one some years ago…

  • bb

    who cares

  • Slash

    Released in 2050 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • TE


  • 421


  • Fox

    @the truth Jay didn’t write The Watcher, Em did. Jay did Still D.R.E.

  • Evan292

    what do we need to do to get a single song from this album? if dre knew anything about the music business, and he does, then he will never release detox. Its better to be an unknown that to finally drop it againt unattainable hype. Even if it is his best work it will be considered a disappointment

  • dre needs to change the title and the concept ,make another shit homie,people already have too much bias

  • Their single together is called under pressure. spotted at realhipsterhop.blogspot.com

  • L0kwense

    Regardless, I will definitely be illegally downloading Detox whenever the hell it drops. I won’t put another penny of mine in Dr. Dre’s pocket. He should be making enough pushing his million-dollar headphones for Monster Inc.

  • actually his headphones are top of the line, i can actually hear bass in it and u swear ur in a dance hall , very high tech , way better then any bose i got


    check it out



  • DetoxdoesntExist

    Too bad bose are ever worse offenders of being overpriced garbage. Most people that have bought tons of expensive earphones and headphones will tell you that Dre headphones are overpriced for the performance.

  • believe the fuckin hype boys n girls…this pic went down truuuuust!!!! hangin at the best fuckin studio in the world!!!!

  • christinejerz