• Lito

    The original >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Beatsandryhmes

    ^^^the original sucks dick....are you serious???? Now this shit is fucking dope

  • hiphopjudge

    DAMMNNNN! Surock is on his grind....this version shits on the OG. BEAT IS COLD! And shake that's big daddy kane not kool g rap LLS

  • gill

    damn BDK really does sound lot like g rap on that joint though

  • Toady

    Um that's not G Rap, it's clearly Big Daddy Kane

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    haha... yea i know who it was. youll notice i had bdk on the actual filename. i just got confused with some other shit i was doing and fucked up the post. all better.

  • Paul

    Check this out apparently its NELSON MANDELA GRANDSON....



  • olugbam

    Dirty Durham
    We got niggas wit scholarships
    And Niggas wit hollowtips
    And i know wit both
    That'll shoot to the block is drama free
    For niggas like you actin up like they Oscar nominees
    You mighta been in the club and popped that wallet
    Hit the gym for a month, and maybe got rock solid
    But in the Bull City they will send dudes to you
    Just to prove to you, you are not that brolic


  • grindmanual


  • http://hiphopisbled.blogspot.com Sean Juan

    Good timing on this for me personally. After all the shit was going on with that new LB/9th joint I went ahead and pulled out Chittlin Circuit. Just listened to the original yesterday. Great collab. This is a pretty good remix too.

  • LB4life

    Ohhh man i love the gudder soulful vibe on this beat....matches the concept better...grimy durham! Surock you're the future baby dont ever stop!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/whoozthaboss Boss B

    Fuckin love this beat.

  • icardi


  • goodmusic

    Love it.... I wish LB wasn't splitting up. Smh....very dope remix

  • DOlow

    OH yea....Some real hip hop shit props mad props

  • http://redpenny.us rawb

    Very Very Dope!

  • http://www.djeurok.com djeurok

    that kid Surock is baning out classic production. His album's gonna be dope - now which label is gonna pony up for it!!!

  • http://www.dontmatter.com BK2LA

    When is his next leak coming out? That Suicypher track was ill

  • soma

    WOW!! this shit is HARD

  • http://www.myspace.com/caucasianhiphop C.

    very dope!

  • http://forgottnceo.blogspot.com george

    dat was on tha chitlin circuit they need ta put out there new album

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "Love it…. I wish LB wasn’t splitting up. Smh….very dope remix"

    dude... theyve BEEN split up for years now.

  • goodmusic

    @shake i thought that left back is their last official album. Im not talking about the trio with 9th...they still could have kept going.