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Nas & Damian Marley are Distant Relatives (Trailer)

blame it on Shake March 31, 2010

Official trailer for Nas & Damian Marley’s highly anticipated album, dropping May 18th!

  • pr99

    i cannot wait for this. damian and nas are fucking gold together

  • Jack Thee Cripper

    I sincerely can’t fucking wait

  • OnTheRun

    “My Generation” sounds really nice based on the snippet at the end, can’t wait for this to drop!

  • finally a final release date. there supposed to be any more leaks?

  • Pdid

    very excited. love to see saul williams hanging out, he gonna be on this?

  • Harharhar

    Is this album gonna have a Lil B feature? Because if it does thats going to be a truly globally impactful album.

  • Unxpekted

    Fuck all these artists. This is what Im talking about.


    dont mention Max B whoever that fagget terrible non-emcee is in this post.

  • ziggi

    Nas and Damian gonna have the Album of the year if Kanye dont drop, mark my words…

  • ineedm0ney

    I CANNOT WAIT. this is absolutely going to be the album of the year. no questions asked. check http://ineedm0ney.wordpress.com

  • 8equalsignD

    sick… but if every single track sounds EXACTLY like Road to Zion, i might be mad.

  • you guys are late but you forgot to tell the people that is oliver stone (the director) smoking a sliff in the beginning

  • dro

    jizzed in my pants

  • giovanni

    @ziggi even if kanye drops an album this year this album will be more real music than kanye unless he does some college dropout type shit and cut his ego down to size chances of that happening zero to none

  • lymaund

    shake, can u get some info on if there will be a dvd of some sort with this album. i would love to know (see it). o and that song at the end sounds hella promising!!

  • Very interested in seeing how this project play’s out… I hope it comes off grimey plus message, make them hardrocks stop and think ya heard!?

    click the name! NEXT EPISODE DROPPING SOON!

  • Kim

    Yes, please.

  • dan99

    this shit got me all hyped up and shit!

  • jobie

    @ziggi I agree, this album will be a classic. kanye gonna drop a great album when he drops too. Game album if it drops should be solid. dont sleep on cudi new album either, and b.o.b. going to be a great cycle of music when all the artist bring out their next album. seems like everyone is starting to step up the quality of the music that is being made. Hip-hop music is finally progressing again.

  • coldworldnoblanky

    and this album wasnt even in complex most anticipated for 2k10 list. buncha zambos!

  • Only album I’m looking forward to more is J. Cole’s debut. 2010 is gonna do wonders for hip hop

  • beanie

    im buying this. fuck a download. cant wait. letss gooo! one!

  • DEV

    this is going to be a monumental album.

  • pRiMo*915


  • i want the old “fake” album cover

  • this will be epic. hopefully.