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Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack (Video)

blame it on Shake March 31, 2010

Here goes the visuals for Nicki’s massive failure of a single. Featuring Sean Garrett and a cameo from tennis ball head. Turn the volume down and enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack f. Sean Garrett [Dirty/CDQ]

  • gambit354

    yeah the song all that good but i enjoy the visual *puts computer on mute*

  • lamar

    yeah she looked good in it
    but the song was un-listenable

  • gambit354

    yeah the isnt song all that good but i enjoy the visual *puts computer on mute*

  • Ran$om

    too bad idk wtf she talkin bout but she fine as fukkk!!

  • monroe

    songs decent, visuals are nice. nothin better to watch then minaj. bring the hate jealous people

  • i swear i try to give nicki a chance but everytime i listen/watch her it feels like she’s insulting my intelligence

  • Uh, yeah….I was totally listening 2 my iPod while watching the video. I agree w/everybody above me.

  • that song is just awful. turrble, turrble stuff.

  • Okay, I cannot front or be a hater. I didn’t like this song when I heard it come out, but this video just made it WAY BETTER. Nicki is sexy as heaven.

    Like WHOA.

    I also can see why they put this out. This will do well in the clubs, not only because it’s Nicki, but it has that Island feel to it, that was popular about 10 years ago and seems to be making a comeback with guys like Kardinal Offishall and stuff.

    This is definitely okay. Pretty cool video.

  • gambit354

    i will give her an A for effort and for doing something different… When u try something different either it’s gonna be considered groundbreaking or an epic failure…

  • SD

    Her hair is so fucking retarded always.



  • monroe

    @alyssa_sky if thats how u interpret it than she is, thats the beauty of music, u can interpret it however u want

  • goonie

    lol Shake u kill me
    ok she copied gagas ciggarette shades
    i watched just for amber rose cameo. was dissapointed.
    nicki manaj will get a very stiff 1 from none other
    and wat with the whole gay contortion vibe ???

  • face

    im excited for her career to flop so the nude pics will leak

  • goonie

    im sorry i wanna f nicki manaj. that is all.

  • monroe

    lots of hate, u know what that means, she bout to blow up!

  • FredRico

    Her ass is fantastic!!! Nicki is the sexiest femcee ever!

    She’s good at the mic too, but this production is awful!!!

  • goonie

    oh and i think this video proved her ass is real.

  • 8equalsignD

    how shitty must her album be if this is her first single? Video’s not bad… if Missy did it, you probably wouldnt hate (as much).

  • monroe

    her hair sexy as shit. originality is hot to mee. yall keep fuckin them robot follower beezys. i like ones with THEIR OWN mind

  • Still waiting on the porno to drop…

  • goonie

    ^^^ she dont seem to have much of 1. think she looks better natural tho. not feelin the blonde. but the black hair….GOD BLESS AMERICA (FRESH PRINCE VOICE)

  • monroe

    co sign goonie. it definately is. @8equalsignD since like 1999 the “single” on EVERY album is the worst song, u must not own any albums, the single isnt one of the best its jus the least content. remember eminems stupid ass singles? they were always the worst song on his albums and the albums were bangin. kid cudis single was the worst song on his album. wake up most singles are whack

  • TC The Prince

    the visuals r just great seems a lot betta when the sound on mute

  • monroe

    this will be the worst song on the album, but the album will be dope

  • JF Kennedy

    This song is soooo bad, but Nicki is soooo bad in a good way.

    The rapping on this was different than her usual style, this was actually kind of boring.

  • BW

    pretty damn horrible, but Over is much worse. At least the video gets me randy

  • man i told myself i wouldn’t give in to the butt pads rumor, niggaz be crazy…..

  • Tony

    Phatty… that was the highlight of both the song and the video

  • 8equalsignD

    @monroe if you think nicki minaj is original, doesnt have ghost writers and didnt steal her whole image from Lil Kim, then I got some Nigerian connections that you just gotta meet… also, singles arent the worst songs! they’re the catchiest and most radio friendly, among other things… thats the worst business plan ever! “Lets save the best songs for the people that only buy the album and release shitty songs for the radio…that will bring in the customers!” smh

  • chizzle

    she just got herself a new fan

  • dubcyde

    This song and video confirmed 2 things. 1) I definitely think her music is shit. 2) I would wreck Nicki, seriously she is fine as fuck.

  • Marcus B.

    All I gotta say is….Nicki in the jungle with the green hair…She can get it…times ten.

  • id stick my tongue all the way inside nickis asshole
    true story

  • ziggi

    I would absolutely Smash Niki’s fine ass all over whatever hard surface I could her on…and then i’d SMACK the shit outta her afterwards for releasing such garbage upon the Hip Hop community…

  • good video,good instrumental,good dancers, very supa fake rapper

  • Rocky

    @monroe you must be Nicki Minaj on this shit… posting about yourself… That shit was GARBAGE! All that money they spent on the video no one even does that any more (ie Beyonce Single Ladies was better and cheaper) for records thats not HITS..WHAT WAS SHE SAYIN’.. Why you even have time to post a comment like 7 times on this bullshit #getyashittogether … I WISH A REAL FEMALE RAPPER WOULD PLEASE STAND UP! (Em Voice)

  • preemo

    song hot nicki hot

  • Big_E

    damn i shouldve muted this too lol… bad decision on my part.. and lol at “tennis ball head”

  • readabookcauseyoureignorant

    Nicki looks great. Song still isn’t doing it for me. “LOL” at Sean Garrett moving like Stevie Wonder throughout the video.

  • @Rocky ,cosign … . girls deserve a rapper good as nas ,common,etc.. .but elegant and classy ,not like jean grae or lil mama,girls need a cosmopolitan girl rapper,so inteligent

  • carzee

    Nicki is sexy as hell. That hip wind thing she was trying wasn’t that good. But that’s a sexy girl right there!

  • Rock Bottom

    Everyone told me give her a chance. I did and I want to know what is the point of this video? No concept, just a bunch of random shots. Hype Williams, is this the treatment y’all thought would pop? Come on, She is a Lil Kim knock off at best. Fuck this bitch and the people who big her up !!!!

  • Big_E

    @monroe, this bitches big ass and titties got u fooled.. she looked bad in this but this bitch trying to be like Lady Gaga waaaaaay too hard

  • even a equivalent of j cole on famele rapper

  • Sam Flow

    Amber Rose driving, and i think the male soldiers are the New York crew from America’s Best Dance Crew show.

  • they dont even take the time to edit out the part at 2 50 where she drops her belt on accident… come on now.

  • Jarvo

    Ummm yea trash smh. Jus drop a sextape or sum nudes thats all she good for

  • Jarvo

    And oh yea Captain Planet finna sue her ass!!!

  • StReTcH!

    wowwwww this song really sucks!

  • Song is whatever She look pretty good tho I wont lie.

    Click the name – we have purpose!

  • iGotit4Cheap

    why can’t she just be a video vixen that doesn’t talk?!?

  • youknow

    y’all know she’s a dyke, right?





  • Jabari Manwarring

    one of the worst songs of the year
    i would fuckin rampage that ass

  • goonie

    [email protected]:50 her belt falls of co sign loooooooooool
    editing. loool

  • DopeSir

    YES. thats all i gotta say. did u see that ass?

  • goonie


    y’all know she’s a dyke, right?

    youknow said this on March 31st, 2010 at 8:24 pm
    <<you know wat i see her doin mad lesbian shiit but she neva sed so wasnt sure if she was 1 of those chicks that think there sexy by actin like they wud give another girl sum wen really the straight but loove the attention from guys n girls . that ohh im so sexy im gonna kiss anotha chick but im straight kinda broad who wudnt minaj and at the end of the night ur like what a waste of my time.

  • itsjusme51

    straight coonery…..and this is who are young ladies look up to these days…..smh

  • M. Beezy

    got brain damage and a woody just from watching this…

  • Sickin Dahead

    I would eat the corn out her ass after she just got done taking a dump in a see through glass toilet!!!

  • mikeyfresh

    damn this bitch is even bad with green hair.

  • CM

    if you play the video, turn the sound all the way down and throw on a song that is actually bearable over top the video…this shit really isnt all that bad then…

  • kay j all day

    fail its sad to see sum one put out sumthin so wack after she droped so muc dopshit

  • Sin Amor

    i’m so conflicted. i want to slap her upside the head for all that missy elliot, face-making, close-up, wide-eyed, facial-contorting shit. but on the other hand, gawd dayum. but on the third hand, what a bad, bad song. in conclusion, that ass make up for it.

  • Shaun_Lo

    the song was ass but at the end whatever she was wearin at the end was the shit made me wanna cop the single but im not cause the song was trash

  • Lol @ ziggi…co the fuckin sign

  • james

    this really isn’t fair…cause her music is so-so….but you can’t help but look at her…..and if she throws Amber Rose in the video…that shit is overkill SMH

  • Yes

    Oooooh What An Ass

  • markc

    Love her Ciarra impression at the end. Except they covered her cheeze ass with a leaf. Heh…

  • monroe

    @8equalsignD by worst i did mean catchiest and most radio friendly. we on the same page. radio friendly and catchy = whack shit. unless u one of the robots listening to hit singles. the singles are never good to real music fans not jus people tryna hear something catchy they can move around to when they piss drunk

  • monroe

    @Big_E i feel u, she is tho. she was ill before she got too young moneyed out. but she still dope, i aint sayin she the best out, but these cats make her out to have no talent. she write her shit at least. more than most these “rappers” can say

  • Jarvo

    Photoshop! Photoshop! Photoshop! (rick ross voice) if u look at the vid up top she way lighter than she is on her ass.. Or jus look ha up on youtube she neva had ass smh

  • she really bit Gaga

  • Priest24

    Wat in the name of Grace Jones?

  • Nous

    Somehow… some way… this song started to grow on me. AND the video… idk…

  • Unxpekted

    I might beat one out to 3:07-3:11 on repeat.

  • kidadonis

    Rihanna’s Hard, Amerie’s Touch and a Mix of Lil’ Kim. Who said nothing is original in Hip-Hop these days?

  • JonnieHayward

    She is so cute i wud so buy her a drink. do u think she wud go out with a regualr guy like me. One day im gonna find a partner that love me for me dont care about gender i dont discriminate love is love you feel me. So if a guy treats me right that comes along then thank you and good morning same for a girl its 2010 lets really get open now. can u feel the love force thats out there. Nicki is a queen n her music speaks volumes for individuality of my generation i really feel like shes speaking for me she keeps taking the words right out of my mouth. thats so adorable.

  • @Nous

    My sentiments exactly.

  • DN

    I must change ma opinion on this one… it still awful lyrically but its pretty live still….

  • ep

    it’s like Bustah Rhymes and Missy Elliot had a baby and it wasn’t ugly. and Hype Williams filmed the birth.

  • Its official, I have a stalker

  • Knarf_


  • RappishWayz

    So they paid Hype Williams a bunch of money to shoot an un-original video and put out this weak-ass ‘first’ single too?FAIL(besides Nicki looking absolutely lickable from head to camel-toe.Damnit woman I need you naked and waiting for me!)

  • RichieLitt

    worst beat and hook and hell even verses i’ve ever heard in my life What the fuck

  • Her ride game probably wack as hell with them dance moves she was puttin on but she was arching that back so much she probably loves it up the ass…her crawlin in da jungle gave me flashbacks of Beyonce on that old Survivor Destiny’s Child video

  • spooky

    Her ass looks fake for some reason. Like it doesn’t move like a real ass…. Anyway, the song is huff.

  • Bill Clinton

    Gross! girls are nasty,all i want i a dick in my butt : )

  • requiem

    @ everybody who gives her props UR ALL FUCKIN DUMB DICKS and the dumb fuck who said this was hip hop WTF her ass fat yeah thats it cant ryhme spit freestyle whatever just pathetic that ppl ffed into this shit but when a true MC comes out with talent not talkin guns drugs and sex nobody cares fuckin idiots

  • patiently waiting, flip illson

    im excited for her career to flop so the nude pics will leak
    face said this on March 31st, 2010 at 7:26 pm


    —a dying metaphor—

  • Her butt. wooooooo.

  • j-easy tha great

    damn this song is ssooooooo wack and her ass is sooooooooo fake but she just looks so damn gud

  • massive failure for sures

  • asdasd

    2:55-2:57 .. that is all.

  • timbuttoo

    lol.. @ every1 wanting 2 f*** her & not giving 2 $*** about this G*d awful song!!!!

  • I hope all the haters realize they’re adding to the fire that they want to extinguish with their comments, by viewing the video, your just adding in the popularity, even if you say you hate her to a friend of yours, you’re just spreading the name

  • grapedrank

    garret looks like a fucking clown with that JT paintball mask on his head. fuckin tool shed.

  • Bill Clinton

    If Nicki stood butt ass naked in front of me i guarantee you i will not get hard if anything my dick will shrink instantly

  • 8equalsignD

    @monroe this shit aint radio friendly and aint nothin catchy bout it… Nicki can catch deez nuts tho

  • Bill Clinton

    8equalsignD can i catch your nuts too???????

  • Jarvo

    Dude who singin look like a strong punk wtf smfh

  • 8equalsignD

    @Bill Clinton say AHHHH

  • Bill Clinton


  • lasean



  • lasean

    also @bill clinton
    thats cause you are a fag

  • lasean

    DAT ASS!!! fuck the wack ass song nobody care about that shit we only want the ass

  • scooterguy19

    god wtf was she goin for??
    she is superthick tho, i’d poke

  • Bill Clinton

    lasean do you wanna be a fag with me? we can be fag buddies

  • lasean

    HELL NO FUCK NO get out of here you troll turning 2dopeboyz into to worldstarhiphop with these stupid gay ass comments

  • Bill Clinton

    damn do you have to be so rude though? just a question

  • Plex

    Hey guys when did Lady Gaga turn black

  • lasean

    ok wtf is up with them niggas at 1:48 and 1:56 they look creepy and retarded ass hell lol

  • Bill Clinton

    @lasean i stretched them out all night

  • chevyblack

    wow..lookn at this page alone represents how men are bigger sluts then women. btw, the song, video pure garbage. but unfortunately sh*t is gon sell cuz sex sells and thats all her image and music pretty much represents.

  • Zangief

    Nicki minaj got it goin’ on everywhere but her music… you’d figure a girl that fucks lil wayne on the regular could at least cop a decent single from him. And can anybody explain to me why she had to get those contortionist dropouts from abdc? Only things worth peepin’ are Amber Rose in a pink lambo, and Nicki’s ass

    And I too can’t wait for the nudes!

  • chevyblack

    lol, i cant believe music has come to this…smmfh.

  • T.R.O.Y.

    I got my nuts laying on my computer monitor while watching this video.

  • byahbyah

    I’m surprised they didnt fuck that lambo up. bitches cant drive stick.

  • kingdarius

    yea idk what the song about and dont really care to know but GAWD DAMN!!!!! he look good with that green hair at the end

  • George Clooney

    Yup, I’m preeeetty sure I need to fuck something now.

  • George Clooney

    Song is definitely pure garbage though.

  • This is one of those rare occasions where once sentence can mean two things, ex: “Massive Attack is Awesome!” The band, yes. The song, fukoutahere…

  • dangelo

    Thats bad. She like Lady Gaga.

  • wow… this shit is terrible.

    It’s cool to see a couple shots of her big ass.. but wow.. this is just retarded

  • mmkayy

    wtf did i just watch ? makes no sense.. Hype losin his touch

  • @Bill Clinton

    same here lol i thought i was the only 1 nicki doesnt turn me on at all u kno. she so wud not get me hard if she was naked infront of me. BFF.

  • FakirWise

    Shit was just weird. Why does her hustle have to be like this and not like that “Autobiography” track?….

  • Drizz

    *YAWN* more shocking and irrelevant visuals.

  • 214Reppin

    So…I would flip a coin to see if i’d smash or pass. Probably only from the back…and i’d hope the silicon doesnt bust all over my lower region….but she probably got a mean head game tho.

    All that being said, her ignit-azz fanbase is gonna eat this up*pause*. But this is a fail of epic proportions…What is it with Young Money and their artists takin major steps backwards…

  • @214Reppin…because its Lil Wayne’s label

  • Loving Nicki Y R Ppl still hatn on her…Didnt really like it at first but the video made me like it Looks so good at the end…theyre tryn to make it so this video is banned and I dont understand y

  • JackDiesel

    The double jointed kat spooks me da fuck out

  • NickizPapi

    For all you Nicki haters…you guys just can’t appreciate someone new..and whose fly…her flow is sick…she gorgeous as hell..and she’s someone livin her dreamm..you guys wish yah could be in her shoes…and for the record her belt was not fallin off it was slidin down her body of of the water… yah mad slow.. but newayz.. Nicki is that new bad bitch.. people need to wake up!


  • Amir Trent

    @ 2:51, nicki’s belt came off, and she tried to put it back on, lol ah dont you just love clothing malfunctions.lol probably if i stare at her long enough, maybe her top will come off, and i will truly find bliss in life, afterwards.lol

  • Rio$

    i think i puke during the whole video *waits for a hot chick to do hip hop*

  • Nicki minaj is different and has a unique style that not 2 many people are feelin but she doin her own thing. If u feelin it that’s whasup but if not, no need 2 hate. Not every1 is gonna like every song an artist comes out with and that’s just it. I personally wasn’t feelin it when I 1st heard it but after a few listenings and reading the lyrics, I would say its not that bad.

  • JD

    It hurts so much up top but it feels so good down bottom

  • kesiJ

    i dont think its that horrible i’ve listened to the song a couple of times and i happen to like it …it has a caribbean feeling to it…sounds like drums,hip hop little soca …i have to say the beat by itself sounds amazin. nick is doing her thing and she has a vision that she believes in whether its horrible or good but it’s unique and the way the industry talks about her …idk i draawed my own opinion of her and not what anyone have said ..i have a mind of my own unlike others.