Raekwon - Disposable Gunz

While the internet world goes back and forth about the authenticity of a picture, here's some new shit from The Chef. Premiered by RadioPlanet, ripped by Dre.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon - Disposable Gunz (prod. Whut It Dew) | Mediafire

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  • fhdd

    wut picture? ill song tho

  • 421

    back & forth? EVERYONE has there doubts and with good reason.

  • ripped by Dre. lol

    good song

  • Bill Clinton

    Is it wrong that Raekwons beard makes me really hard

  • Kurt GoBang da2nd


  • Bill Clinton

    seriously I want to rub Raekwon's tummy just 1 time

  • 88


  • JonnieHayward

    same here love raes voive that velvet yet ruff tone@Bill Clinton
    lol. bff

  • Bill Clinton

    JonnieHayward <<< stop using my name thank yu i kno u have homo tendecies n no girl but im flattered u wu waste ur life pretending to be me so continue i like tht i make u thnk about me onn or off the internet hahaha

  • Hillary your not foolin anybody using my name, your wasting ur time

  • harharhar

    ^^ur getting boring dude. stope arguing with urself.nt a good look

  • @harharhar was that comment for me or the fake Jonnie?

  • WTF?

    ^^LOL@caring bout ur c section personality.

  • Dope track once again from Rae!

  • word good looks on this right here.

  • Dank Hill


  • Dank Hill

    xPIKACHUx EXPOSED!!!!!!!!


Jahkoy - "all of YOU"

"Baby girl, you look just like a summer night."

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