• http://newshiz.tumblr.com/ Henz

    BoB's albums leakedd already wtf! :/ ???

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "BoB’s albums leakedd already wtf! :/ ???"

    no... welcome to april fools.

  • http://newshiz.tumblr.com/ Henz
  • http://beselftitled.tumblr.com/ cjae

    I have to say wale, doesn't excite me anymore, that song he made for the basketball player was a new low, i'm all for music but he changed. If he keeps making stuff like that i'm not listening anymore. what happend to GO-GO

  • http://robertTHEallen.blogspot.com robertTHEallen

    why did my dumb ass try to rewind this lol

  • lak3rzf4n

    this audience is fucking WEAK



  • ineedm0ney

    this is great!! cant wait for B.o.B. debut
    check http://ineedm0ney.wordpress.com

  • stussy_kid

    shouts out 2dopeboyz, for putn this on here. highlight moment for was when j.cole showed up.

  • bdub

    that shit was fucking awesome! thank you mtv and 2dopeboyz, and thank you wale tre and j.cole shit was raw. i love wale no homo .

  • http://bit.ly/30ycwt M. Hannah

    J. Cole came out! #NoRickyMartin.

    Great performance by Wale.

  • Bill Clinton

    Wale has such a cute ass

  • MJD


  • yungnitto

    Wow bringin out Nas...damnnnnnnnn

  • 1dopeboy

    this is really dope im def going to the atl show

  • Bill Clinton

    K'naan's accent is so fuckin sexy i just wanna lick his vocal chords

  • Yonnie3000

    Ummm... Fire in Freetown must be the encore. That's one of my fav's off the album. Where is this dude going? I tried seeing him in ATL when he was supposed to open for Lenny Kravitz - he was a no show.

  • Over2

    http://lnk.ms/61lRp So Gone (Download)