XV Live in NYC (Video)


Some footage of XV doing his thing at Hot97's Who's Next Showcase that went down at SOBs in NYC last night.

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  • 8equalsignD

    XV did his thing at SOBs... dude is FRESH.

  • Snagz

    Crowd wasn't feelin him but he's dope.

  • und.

    WEAKass crowd.

  • jay

    that crowd was lame if i was at that show i would be jumpin around being hype like a motherfucker xv is that nigga when vizzy zone comin

  • 8equalsignD

    the crowd was only there for j.cole... when XV was put on the bill, the show was sold out already... I know i was losing my mind when he was performing... hate it when people forget they're at a live show and act like they're watching a movie... he def looked like he was ready to blast off stage with that all energy

  • Bill Clinton

    XV is soooooo fuckin fine i just want 1 bite

  • marlon brando

    wow this shit is weak,,,, NIGGA IS WACK

  • lasean

    did anybody else notice the j.cole album sitting up there

  • lasean

    @marlon brando
    nigga you stupid go listen to xv everybody is nobody and shut the fuck up

  • George

    I was at the show and everybody was feeling him. It just looks like they wasn't in the video. But he got a big applaud after each song he dropped.

  • J_EaRLy

    Def went ape shyt wen he came out, to bad the lights fade u woulda see my wild ass jumpin around!


  • brendon811

    Someone please tell me the first song he performed that's the only one I don't know

  • 8equalsignD

    @brendon811 "Everything is Cool"

    @george yea, i was there too... looked like he made some new fans that night, but still the crowd looked like they were playing freeze tag

  • A lot of them looked like they knew the words to his shit they just wasn't really vibin with him like that

  • JonnieHayward

    But XV did look kinda hot tho that nite. I dont really get y the crowd werent feelin him. I was singing right back to XV myself. I felt like we were connected but the crowd werent. Sigh.