G.o.D. Jewels - My Sax

First leak off G.o.D. Jewels' upcoming project, Greatness Opens Doors. Shouts to Illy.

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  • sloppy ass choad shit


  • http://www.Overgrind.com TIME



    My nigga!! :hat

  • http://www.itsyours11.wordpress.com T11Time

    My N Jewels :hat #GetWorriedNs #UndertheAct

  • 100sCrazy

    Everything i see through this Lens Biased, Ball to the Death

  • DUBble

    Good shit.

  • http://twitter.com/DeeAreEe Dre

    :hat :hat

  • http://aaronvalentinesday.com AyVee


  • http://twitter.com/highdosage DynamicShots

    Wow. This track was dope as fuck. Especially the beat.

  • PLAN

    So nice...

  • BigTam

    ... meh..

  • T.R.O.Y.

    another skinny jean rapper kickin' that faggot rap flow shit. get this wack shit the fuck out of here!

  • Deeeee

    why he copy dom kennedy with the mike epps?

  • DUBble

    You're asking why Jewels used a mike epps sample on a beat given to him by dom kennedy? wooooord??

  • http://niketalk.com Big Eazy


    Cover looks like's Dom's 25th hour Mixtape. Although the Royalty remix with henzo, Dom and G.o.D. bumps still.

  • CAKE

    One would think it was supposed to look like that cover considering Dom gave him the beat... it was a play on that cover...

  • -____-

    This is one of the most boring fucking songs i've ever heard! Silly coon nigga talking bout Hi, Bitch nigga need to stop. Don't introduce your self till you learn to rap and my nigga Qualmes got something for your girly mouthed ass!

  • riel

    wat the hell?

    this is sooooo much worse than glory or death wat has he been doing?

    he bit the hell out of DOM in this whole post, at 3:00 he practically copped DOM's delivery on menace beach, he sack rode to the fullest lol...idk cuhh


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