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Ice Cube Performs New Single (Video)

blame it on Shake April 5, 2010


Live at Paid Dues in San Bernardino last night. I actually split halfway through Cube’s set (*shrugs… there was no way I was sitting in traffic for over an hour after the show was over). Before he performed the new single (I Rep the West) off his upcoming album, I Am the West.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    yeaaa this doesn’t get me pumped for his album

  • The Ice Cube gonna Fuck them all!

  • Threepeat

    Straight from the “yelling while breathing heavily” school of rap. Nigga like 55 years old.

  • roffle

    i rep that west!

  • tre

    Ice Cube reps that west

  • @Threepeat LOL.

  • read my comment


  • yo

    @Threepeat: shut the fuck up.. music has no age limiting

  • Jabari Manwarring

    LOL @Threepeat

  • headsmasha



  • RUN IT

    L.A. ALL DAY!!!

  • The Ice Cube gonna Fuck them all

  • Wagga

    been smokin to diz doe

  • Yup Ice Cube reps that west, ah no kiddin’.

  • caliweed

    you need to hear that track in person…this video does it no justice…track is a banger, wait till you hear an mp3 version..

  • caliweed

    this video does it no justice…track is a banger, wait till you hear an mp3 version…ice cube merked the stage

  • George Clooney

    I hate teenagers. Seriously, with your three years of accumulated hip hop knowledge, you’re no experts on anything. Please shut the fuck up about music.

  • JJ

    he perfomed track called drink the kool-aid. That was pretty nice sounding track. Cube one of the best lyricist of all time

  • Bigboi010

    Drink the Kool-Aid has a verse at Dr Dre & Eminem in the first line in the seconed verse saying
    I ain’t the doctor,this ain’t the patient.
    This ain’t the nigga always on vacation.
    This ain’t the white boy’s rehabiliation.
    Easily shit fires at Dre & Em….
    Shit bout to go down!!!!

  • john blaze

    cube killed that set he was the west that night,805 west coast luv

  • h

    that song sounds wack as hell

  • Telo

    Homeys he was holding back on the rap for on air nba playoff purposes . Its business folks . You know Cube wouldve spit harder if not for that . Hands down , the track is heat tho…