The Let Go - Nightfall f. P.O.S.

Off The Let Go's (consisting of producer, Captain Midnite, and emcees Kublakai & Type from Seattle) upcoming album, Morning Comes. Originally catching my eyes/ears for the guest verse from Doomtree's P.O.S.

DOWNLOAD: The Let Go - Nightfall f. P.O.S. | Mediafire

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  • iceyjesse

    sounds pretty good might follow this dude

  • R0B0

    P.O.S. shows are always a lot of fun.

  • HOT

    wow IM SUPRISED ,, this is HEAT!!

  • 343423

    beat is amazing...

  • Navid E

    This ish is hot. When is the album supposed to drop?

  • you can pre-order the album now, and instantly get the MP3's for all songs e-mailed to you, then after the album is released it will be sent to you in the mail as a hard copy.

    Check out the fan page for @the let go on Facebook, or for more info.

    Thanks homies!


  • yeey?

    Thanks for giving my ears a much deserved orgasm!

  • Rap Fan 206


  • not a rapper

    man... this is really good. i rarely hear something from a group i haven't heard of that makes me want to check out more stuff... but i will definitely look into this group!

  • wespitysthefool

    really looking forward to this album. I might have to pre order!

  • Thanks for checking it out y'all!

    Pre-order the 12 track, 42 minute album also featuring Eyedea, Pigeon John, Soulcrate Music and JFK from Grayskul HERE:

  • Dope! Proud of you guys. Really tho

  • candi

    i like it, it's on repeat!

  • I preordered this album, it's hella tight. This track is by far my favorite and P.O.S. is on point with this one. I'm going to go after a few of his albums tomorrow because this is unbelieveably sick.

  • POS and The Let Go together! Finally! Dope.

  • jas0ne

    very dope track. the beat is banannas

  • Reen

    yeah, this rocks! Like that sound, maybe ya all like that too: take a look and leave a comment!
    Thx everybody!

  • Josh Price

    Yo its evolution right here from Colorado this track is dope type quit crashing vans so u can make it to foco and we can kick its been to long and we can work on the next man crush video

  • D.Manier

    Best Let Go song ever

  • dirtman

    so dope, i love the let go

  • Thanks Everybody!!!!


  • Album has dropped, you can find it on iTunes, or order a physical copy for like $2 more. Plus its signed :)



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