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Bring It Back: The Anthem f. RZA, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Jayo Felony, Chino XL & KRS-One [1999]

blame it on Shake April 6, 2010

I know I’ve been slacking on this series but I promise it will be back to full force from here on out. I originally was gonna come in here with an Atmosphere joint but after a brief conversation with an old high school buddy I realized that there are still a ton of folks out there that have never heard this record! Taken off Sway & King Tech’s 1999 release, This Or That, with DJ Revolution. The bonus comes off the same album as well. Enjoy.

BONUS: Underground Tactics f. Heltah Skeltah, Crooked I & Planet Asia | Mediafire

  • california boy


  • california boy

    aka primero

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    this is dope. y’all should post the music video.

  • mmkayy

    dopeness shake.. the one i have.. quality is shit

  • I remember waking up and getting ready for school whenever this video would come on. Got the day started right!

  • nomatikstyles

    YES!!! I remember buying the maxi-single that had the instrumental and the acapella haha… even the acapella was tight those guys laid it down… but Underground Tactics… man Crooked I’s verse on there is still one of my top 5 fave verses of all time… and that’s the song that made me a fan!!! “I could give it to you but what wuh-what what!”

  • JamesFinnaGet

    FUCKING CLASSIC RECORD RIGHT HERE……yea..most of the kids (born in 1990+) would not know squat about this record.

  • dope song. i actually rocked this beat on my new mixtape…

  • Classic shit shake

  • 7

    song and vid are classics

  • London

    thanaks Shake!!!

    do u think u cud get hold of the unreleased track with inspectah deck n 2pac he talked about in the last inspectah deck interview u posted?

  • iceyjesse

    heard and got but thanks anyway its good music

  • London

    Shake Meka have u seen “Lil B -Dead presidents” he just released the video. check it out and post pleeeeease. he actually spits good on it! lets open peoples ears.

  • London

    Know this cud be the “all city chess club”.

  • underground tactics is bananas!!!!! everybody comes with their a+ game, but then planet asia buries ’em. sounds like dude is rhyming to a different beat when he hops on the track.
    also gotta mention that “ny n!&&@$” and “get you mad” are classics in their own right. i had this cd on constant rotation when it came out. GOOD LOOKIN!!

  • TrapZero

    One of the best hiphop songs ever.

  • scoggs

    @nomatikstyles .. are you talking about Jayo Felony – Whatcha Gonna Do? or another song?

  • masta_g


  • 8equalsignD

    memories… good shit…


  • BW

    I forgot about this! good looking out Shake

  • Big Mike

    This was my shit! I had this album edited and uncensored. lol Favorite song: 3 to the dome ft. Chino XL, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap

  • Big Mike

    Chino said “God came in the vocal booth and said nigga, you the next me. So test me. Battle and you will become a dead man. And there’s a lot of fake Chino’s like Craig Mack’s a fake Redman. But I’m above the surface of this rap circus, write more incredible verses on accident than you can on purpose”! lmfao!

  • Big Mike

    Chino XL, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane – 3 to the dome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OFyQSq1SYM

  • who cares

    a great song. I’m 17 and i know about this song haha. Everyone ripped it oon dis

  • nomatikstyles

    @scoggs i remember that song by jayo felony but on “the anthem” he did the whole “I can give it to you but what you go do with it?” hook right before Chino XL went in

  • masta_g

    3 to the dome is a motherfuckin street bangger

  • PRalines

    Pharaohe Monch is thee shit

  • 421

    wow i feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t already heard this, talk about being late :\

  • Wish I heard this before
    track is DOPE!!

  • AL-I

    IMO the best Anthem + probably the greatest Hip-Hop collabo EVER!!! you ain’t never gonna see a line-up like that again, and yeah everyone went in on both The Anthem and Underground Tactics, Sway & Tech reppin that REAL Hip-Hop

  • dez

    classic… best posse cut ever

  • PimpstarP

    The Anthem is fire…but aint this a west coast show…the original Wake Up Show anthem is a LA classic.

    then they got the Anthem with Crooked I, Sly Boogy, Ras Kass and all them

    those are my favorites

  • PimpstarP

    west coast site*

    (damn sly boogy beasted that shit)

  • hell yea! i was in the video!

  • Glitch

    i have this song on limewire but i never thought it was official cuz of all the dope people it had on it lol i was like no way this is real but foreal everybody killed it, and damn i need this album asap haha