Coolroy (Lite) - GnG (prod. Like of Pac Div)

Seems like the Pac Div rhyme animal is pretty capable on the boards as well, as Coolroy drops off these two joints from an as-yet-untitled project that may or may not drop.

DOWNLOAD: Coolroy (Lite) - GnG (prod. Like of Pac Div) | Mediafire
BONUS: Coolroy (Lite) - Just Go [Snippet] (prod. Like of Pac Div)

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  • dmt

    super cool.

  • RSX

    sounds like Asher

  • Brian Kidd

    I got Lite's last project when it came out Out To Lunch EP it is "DOPE" but I seriously did not know Like made beats, "DOPE" as well.

  • Delon D.DIDDY

    Hella dope track Out To Lunch was great to dude got flow.

  • burd

    Like needs to put out that golden last track on his myspace it's classic shit

  • Glitch

    this shit is dope, i think the 1st song would be so much more doper if u had an r&b chorus cuz tht beat would be perfect but its all good haha

  • Skeme

    Ill shit SOX Gang!

  • erinpepper

    everyone throw your L's up!
    song has been on repeat =)

  • Symon G.

    Shits Dope, Keep em' Coming! xoxo

  • M Boogie

    yeaaaaaah feelin it, v soulful

  • sanetomo


  • Shashwat

    this is dopeness!!!!

  • Terry $tizzle

    not gonna lie i sweat Lite like no other

  • naturalhigh

    The pure freshness of this is redick. The essence of hip hop is within the beats and breaks. That hip hop you put on after a hard day of work and just sit back and bob ya head cuz you feel every word your saying and you cant help but smile and let all the negativity you had flow away as the musiq takes over the blood that flows within your body and that natural high hits ya...good shit as always...

  • Glitch

    ^^^ foreal


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