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Redhead & Malik-16 – Kyla Pratt

blame it on Meka April 6, 2010

Yeah… she can gedditt.

DOWNLOAD: Redhead & Malik-16 – Kyla Pratt | Mediafire
BONUS: Brandon Carter & Malik-16 – Subway, Bus, Or Walking

  • D. $cience

    *In Obama voice* YES…SHE…CAN!!!!

    *Thumbs Up*

  • DocCosmos


  • oh my!!!

  • Solroc21

    yes yes yall!!! :P

  • Mike

    Penny Proud sure has grown up.

  • London


    *In Obama voice* YES…SHE…CAN!!!!

    *Thumbs Up*

    D. $cience said this on April 6th, 2010 at 4:25 pm

  • Larry LeJend

    @ D. SCIENCE…. that boy needs to have his own comedy TOUR with that routine.

    *In Obama Voice* “YES….SHE…CAN!” (And will ;)

    Good Lookin out Meka

  • yeah she could def get it.

  • 214Reppin

    Damn I was (and i’m still) crushin on that when 1 on 1 was on lol.

    She can get it fareal

  • kingdarius

    yea i been wantin to stroke that since she grew boobs

  • whatupsucka

    This song is fire!!!!

  • lash

    this nigga come in here, said something about the song……didn’t say nothing about kyla…….nigga you gay….but she a baaaaaad bitch

  • love (x2)
    people be sleepin on Penny Proud .
    song aiiight too

  • Teddy

    Damn they just murdered that song.

  • truth

    ya’ll niggas are pedophiles. you basically watched her grow up and still wanna fuck? hope ya’ll don’t have lil sisters…

  • M*

    “i want that kyla pratt, holla back…” lol..yall need to tweet her this song

  • Onederin

    Finally someone makes a song about Kyla Pratt.

  • too bad shes taken by some lame ass tatoo artist. i swear her and my sister (yes they live together and shes a family friend) stay surrounded by loser types

  • not gunna lie, ive had a crush on her since i was like 5 though haha

  • youngdub

    yea she can geddit lol.

  • E-Rich

    She is sperm-friendly.

  • madConsumer


  • da killa

    Oh shit this nigga Spesh aka Redhead is fuckin ILL!!!!

    and im fuckin Kyla Pratt….like now…

  • Tatiana

    Malik & Redhead went INNNN on this track! Dopeness!

  • Musikfiend

    “ya’ll niggas are pedophiles. you basically watched her grow up and still wanna fuck? hope ya’ll don’t have lil sisters…”


    Not everybody on here is old. Shit she’s a couple years older than me, lol. Been had a crush on her though. Not dedicate a song too material though.

  • WoW

    yea she like 3 yrs older than me, she can get it


    We get it she can get it lol But what this fuck is up with this song ? this is garbage but in a hilarious way.

  • UPTBoss

    thanks for the pic…this song is beyond terrible, from the recording quality to the beat….this shit is trash

  • i would hit my bottle (if you catch my drift/no chris brown) over her freshly fresh face/body.
    she could get,get,get itttttttttttttt 8)

  • G

    (In bernie Mac voice) Claudeee how mercy! The lawd is my shepard!!! He know what I want!…Ms. Pratt can you please bring yo phenomenal ass over my house and get fucked over and over phenomenally.

  • stan lee

    id break this bitch asap.

  • whatupsucka

    I like freestyles like this because it shows a gritty sound with the bad quality like the 90s. everything can’t always be clean but the lyrics are crazy. And yes to the fuck boy above, Kyla is a bad bitch but that’s already been said.