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  • Stephanie

    I'm actually kinda feelin' this.

  • London

    "my aqueministic attitude got me moving fast".
    *pulls up records*

  • snagz

    smh @ the gay ass cover...

  • Kendall Jerrell Cunningham

    fuck off, kirby is the man.

  • ???

    snogz is right, I would've preferred to see a shirtless, gleaming muscled rapper with pants at his ankles and his dick-riding homies all around

  • 8equalsignD

    this i can fux with.

  • missmaxwell

    this joint ji niice ;)

  • Solroc21

    this i enjoy. i also like Theo's "Take you there" and "Drive by" with U-N-I and Curt@!n$ from that channel surfin mixtape. dude's good.

  • hd

    the cover is nuts!