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Debaser (of Sandpeople) – Don’t Sleep f. The Grouch

blame it on Shake April 8, 2010

Exclusive leak off Debaser’s upcoming album, Peerless, which is dropping on May 4th w/ features from The Grouch, Eyedea and Cage.

DOWNLOAD: Debaser – Don’t Sleep f. The Grouch | Mediafire

  • who cares

    wow i’ve never heard of Soundpeople but this is dope as fuck. Ima definitely be checkin out their shit now

  • Chris G.

    @who cares. Sandpeople. Reppin’ that Northwest.

  • Drxdope

    Sapient and Ethic and The Grouch KILLIN IT

  • Fiegz84

    keep makin them dope jams sandpeeps…. come to MINNESOTA!!!!!!

  • btw


  • American Me

    this is dope!

  • bob

    DBSR!!!! Fizzuck yeah, this album is going to be fucking incredible.

  • production is tight, the flow was shaky towards the end bars…it’s listenable!

  • who cares

    can anyone tell me a list off all the members in Sandpeople?
    And maybe a list of all Sandpeople’s albums? But i could deal with just the member list. thanks

  • portland

    sapient,ethic.illmaculate,onlyone,mo-be,al one,simple, gold, dj sparks, iame you should check out honest racket and the long story short ep

  • Deezy

    everyones been waitin on this shit.

  • portland

    fucking sick keep up the good shit

  • ML

    yea that Debaser tape was nuts. Same is Sapient’s tape that came shortly after….and The Prime (Sapient and Luckyiam)….all of their shit is golden. Sap is one of my favorite artists

  • who cares

    thanks so much man. I’m goin’ to really get into these dudes. I love this track haha

  • who cares

    i really wish there was a wiki of these dude, it would make my life so much easier haha

  • who cares

    @ML are you talkin about the “Back to Work” tape

  • Listener AnnonyMUSE

    Debasers the best of the Sandpeople. Finally getting features

  • ML

    @who cares yea the “Back to Work” tape is ill. One of the top 3 free releases of last year that I can remember off the top of my head (If Diz Gibrans came out in 09 then his, Debaser, Sapient, and Luckiam’s “The Present” are my top 4)

  • who cares

    @ML Do you happen to know how many free tapes came out last year?

  • 16vLetterhead

    ILLLLL TRACK… but id still love to swee sum bad neighbors, hate or redshield…. Still cant wait for new DEBASER!!

  • Mnordi

    sandpeepz put out 3 free last year, heres the link http://sandpeoplemusic.com/?cat=90

  • ML

    @who cares Sandpeople affiliated tapes or just free tapes in general?

    i can think of only 3 off the top that were Sandpeople (Sapient had 2, and Debaser had one)

    but others that were good that I didnt mention before were:

    Lawz Spoken “Standing in the Rain”
    yU “Before Taxes”
    Nando “Super Nike Nando”
    G5-Clive “Reign Cheque”
    Phil Ade “Starting on JV”
    Laws “Your future favorite rapper”
    Dumhi “Indian Summer”
    Blu “Soul amazing 2”
    The Red Giants “Chain Reaction”
    Blu “Her Favorite Color”

    idk if this will be visible for you but I put together this note on FB and i included the links….check it if you can and all those tapes will be on there

  • who cares

    aight thanks again ML

  • chrystal

    full crew sandpeople albums include: points of view, all in vain, honest racket, b sides volume 1 & 2 (maybe more i’m forgetting). there are also multiple sub groups: bad neighbors, debaser, the one and only, and clockwerk, along with various other pairings and solo dope shit. some personal faves of mine are ‘police brutality’ by only one and illmac, ‘armed and hammered’ by bad neighbors, ‘crown control’ by debaser, ‘letterhead’ by sape, ‘tied to things’ by simple, and ‘the hate’ by mo-b and only one. illmac’s ‘raincheck mixtape’ is also dope. but then again, it all is. sandpeople killin’ it all day. hope this helps. let me know if you need any more info.

  • who cares

    thannks chrystal
    and no i think i got it now
    between the info from here and i posted a thread on their forum and a buncha people helped out so i think i got it now =P

  • Jared

    Been listening since you boys made this shit. loven it all. got all albums related to sandpeople. fucking good music.