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Max Tannone Presents Mos Dub (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 April 8, 2010

I’m not usually the biggest fan of mashups, mainly because the many mashes I’ve heard felt and sounded so contrived; a capellas not matching rhythmically, garbage choice of beats among other atrocities. However, I spotted this one over at Frolab which quickly drew my attention, gave it a listen and was pretty blown away. Max Tannone, the architect behind the Jay-Z x Radiohead (Jaydiohead) project blends Dante’s vocals with some classic dub / roots reggae songs, making for a head-nod inducing mix. Can’t be mad at Hip-Hop fraternizing with reggae, especially when done right. Download link, stream, plus samples used below.


01. The Slickers – Johnny Too Bad (from the Harder They Come soundtrack)
02. Desmond Dekker – 007 (Shanty Town) (from the Harder They Come soundtrack)
03. The Scientist – The Mummy Shroud
04. The Scientist – Your Teeth In My Neck
05. Lee Perry – Underground
06. The Scientist – The Mummy Shroud
07. The Observer All-Stars – Mr. D. Brown Skank
08. King Tubby & Errol Thompson – Running Dub
09. Dub Specialist – Kampala
10. Third World All Star – Black Moon

DOWNLOAD: Max Tannone Presents Mos Dub (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    Dope can’t wait to listen to this

  • Te’

    this sounds incredible!

  • ceePee


  • Sasha

    This indeed is nasty, but dub is not reggae. It’s totally different.

  • CF

    Uh… I’m not sure those things are really totally different. About as different as hip hop instrumentals vs vocal tracks most of the time.

  • Rudy

    Real nice. i mean REAL nice

  • SmashBLVD

    mad props to KNOWxONE. you’re killin it lately

  • Zak

    5 songs in. some good chill beachy stuff (for those of you who live near the beach boiii)

  • Sano213

    what mos def track is used in 6?

  • You put all that work into the project and made a 10 second cover artwork???? PRIDE!

  • FLOWmatic

    Damn this is sick! mos real lyrics blend well with dub music
    thanks for posting

  • D1st

    “dub is a form of reggae. essentially, dub take away the vocal tracks or part of the vocal tracks, often extends the groove longer and mixes the bass up higher. there is often a soloist of some kind also, either the producer freestyles also called toasting or a soloist plays.

    it is like the reggae version of a DJ remix before there was such a thing.”

  • i remember Scientist music from GTA III. I just dl’d and this shit aint bad, if you like reggae dub music.

  • efeel

    knowXone always posts fire

  • recroom

    exactly what i needed today.
    shit hits the spot.

  • Eddie

    The Mos Def song used in track 6 is called ‘As Bright as the Stars’ which was a Kweli & Mos Black Star B-Side to Mos’ ‘A Ha’ Single

  • demknow

    right intime 4 sunny weather jahno

  • J_More

    shame on this idiot for ruining classic mos def material *smh*…cept for like…2 songs lol

  • james

    Hella dope. Kind of prefer these more than the originals. His voice definitely fits the dub style

  • AK

    Damn, I love the original Mathematics, but that remix goes hard

  • bastrozombie

    The Scientist sample on “Ms. Vampire Booty” is called “Dance of the Vampires”, not “The Mummy’s Shroud”. From the album “Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires” (1981).

  • diderrich

    nice job on the scientist dubs love that shit