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Wiz Khalifa Live In Boston (Video)

blame it on Meka April 8, 2010


Okay, his music grown on me greatly since I saw him tear it down at SXSW. Add me to thee list of those waiting for Kush x Orange Juice.

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  • got that
  • London

    taylor gang or…..

  • Jesus.

    Taylor gang or kick your self in the nose.

  • cam

    Niggas know its the gang or kill yerself right?

  • yeaimtheman

    taykor gang or fuck precious!

  • mikesterrrr

    Crowd seems a lil dead, anyone have videos of when he performed at the 9:30 club? Crowd there was ill.

  • Bill Fienberg from the Sticks

    In honesty, can someone suggest some good Wiz Khalifa tracks?
    I have most of Curren$y’s tracks so I checked the album they did together and thought it was meh.

  • yeaimtheman

    @ mikesterrr
    Star Power Mixtape
    Prince of the City 2 Mixtape
    Flight School mixtape

    they all have nice songs on them

  • empty

    no one smokin in there? show in providence shit was boxed floor to cieling

  • Melo15

    @empty. Hell yeah i smoked about 5 doobs at the show in prov

  • NorthwestClassic

    Crowd lookin pretty white bread…I guess that’s Boston.

  • SHOW WAS INSANE. His Fan base is pretty young, alot of 18+. But they show love. Great Hip Hop vibe.

  • Grunds

    Crowd was pretty live, that shot doesn’t really do the place justice. That shit goes way the fuck back, and shit was sold the fuck out and packed with no elbow room. There was definitely trees burning in that bitch, although I’m sure half of it came from Taylor Gang haha.


    Yeahhh Wiz that nigga, He just got booked at Slim’s in Frisco if he was not I was gonna drive to Santa cruz to check him out. Fuck but from what I hear from in his music he always begging up the west. I been fuckin with him hard since grow season and especially after that Howfly shit with spitta, catapulted him to my top 5!

  • lenkeith

    I was there, first row in the taylor gang shirt, i woulda sparked up but mad kids were getting kicked out, they prob look dead cuz it was hot as a bitch in that mothafucka, sick show though.