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Ro Blvd – Nosy People f. Thurzday (of U-N-I) [Snippet]

blame it on Meka April 9, 2010

Thurz just sent over this video of a track that’s to be off producer Ro Blvd’s upcoming project, which I’m gonna go ahead and co-sign as being dope prematurely just off the strength of the stuff he’s done on U-N-I’s A Love Supreme and El Prez’ Animal Style!.

  • My anthem.

  • dope! ro blvd is sooo good at what he does!

  • Enrique Ponce

    Dope. Can’t wait for the full song.

  • London

    song is heeellllllla dope
    but i do hate close ups of mouths ewww.

  • radioman

    This is creative and ill

  • Where’s the download

  • Also, this video makes me want to do drugs. Tiiiight

  • camrom

    Need this mp3!

  • vlado


  • Roberto

    What song did he sample for this?

  • Wait till Ro’s Full length Album comes out.

    gonna be nuts.

  • Cot Damn!! Ro never ceases to amaze me!

  • ace*

    Ro’s honestly my favorite producer. always putting out hot shit !

  • DOPE!!!

    now my 2 favorite (known) producers of 2008-2010 are Swiff D & RO Blvd

  • I agree, Ro.Blvd is nice. I wonder if Free Speech will be on this album, good hearing him on U-N-I’s A Love Supreme.