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Sam Adams – Walk With These f. Curren$y

blame it on Shake April 9, 2010

I’ve been reading about this kid Sam Adams in the c-section for a little while now. But never got around to giving him a listen (the life of a dopeboy is quite hectic to say the least). That is until now… and what better way to introduce him to the dopehouse, then by dropping an exclusive joint with Spitta? If you like what you hear, you can grab his Boston’s Boy EP on iTunes now.

DOWNLOAD: Sam Adams – Walk With These f. Curren$y | Mediafire

  • JohnDank

    im jus downloading cause of spitta

  • Dopeboy


  • spoof

    curren$y rollin nice over the beat. sam adams is a mediocre beverage and doesn’t quite quench my thirst here either; although diggin the beat transition from curr –> samuel

  • JohnDank

    beat is raw too

  • Ben

    Sam Adams is bommmbbbbb. Check out “I Hate College” it’s not on the EP (which is also real good), but it’s by far his best song.

  • beat is ok… song not so much… sorry but I’m Sam Adams is mediocre at best

  • bbs


  • amazedkidd

    nah i dont like it.. i like i hate college though

  • ugghh… people bitching that i used a picture of spitta? fuck a thanks for putting it up though right? im done for the day.

  • Spitta > Jonnie > Sam Adams

    20-minute EP

  • Sammy Adams is bomb and he’s got a cock like a horse, I’d
    blow him infront of my grandparents @ Christmas dinner!!!

  • JamesFinnaGet

    its okay for rich white kids to rap now.

    crazy world…

  • byahbyah

    sam adams aka trust fun baby aka college douche bag aka i buy my own albums off itunes aka I pay spitta to be on my track aka im a faggot

  • crack

    shake you got one fan at least :) good looks on the post. nice to see the average fan can comment on a blog site and have an effect on the postings. good looksss

  • burd

    the life of a dopeboy is quite hectic to say the least

    hes not lyin just ask rick ross, i mean inbetween writing and recording his fourth spoken word album in his fiction series and catching up on a good meal he still has to make sure he ethers himself slowly with youtube videos

    but yea this song is actually pretty decent i expected worse from sam adams but hes not bad at all

  • Melo15

    Heard about this shit on tgodXjets it said they were doin a project together..this shit is crazy

  • Big up to Xperiment http://www.myspace.com/xtheoldsoul on the beat. And Curren$y was cool too.

  • Sam was dope, never heard of him before, spitta killed it.

  • @Shake lmao… after a second listen I’m wondering why Spitta would even do a song w/ this guy? smh…

  • demknow

    sam adams is wack,
    curresny is raw.

  • MIke

    sam adams is average he gets bumped in my town a lot.. i like him on this though he’s pretty dope here gotta say.. spitta killin it

  • bbs

    should put curren$y pic back up lmao

  • MIke

    oh and good looks shake appreciate it

  • CallMePapi

    Yuh, if they have sick flow it is

  • Spitta kills it, Adams goes in. Relax haters.

  • David

    I’ve been followin Sam Adams since I Hate College came out year and he actually has some pretty decent stuff.

    Drivin Me Crazy, Coast to Coast, Comin Up, Tabs Open, Kimber, Brand New, I Hate College, Go In (Remix), are his best songs with my 2 favorites being I Hate College and Driving me Crazy. If you haven’t heard Drivin me Crazy or Coast to Coast listen to them they are catchy and hopefully will hit the radios soon and he will be more recognized

  • late

    spitta did NOT kill this. honestly he sounds horrible, like his shit hasn’t even been mixed. sam adams is pretty weak too just from hearing this song

    PIC Squad and specifically Dirt Diggler is killin it, some of Dirt’s verses from their latest album..would like to see the dope house catch wind of some real rappers

  • Jizzy Jake

    Co-sign JonnieHayward,Jonnie’s better than this Sam Adams kid and Curren$y kinda came weak but still had a better verse

  • burd

    yea i think people are just hearing his verse and forcing it to be wack cuz hes white. i mean idk first with asher now him? i didnt kno that being white and going to college meant that u couldnt rap, i guess u guys must not like the half white college grad j cole. hes not on his level but still give him his due

  • Sam Adams is mad awesome! He is pretty far out!

  • byahbyah

    I swear you pay one relevant rapper for a feature and everybody is all on your dick.

    It’s not hating folks, its just the truth. Thats what I thought hip hop was supposed to be. It’s not though. Trust fund Sammy can keep paying rappers for features, and get recognition while people with ability can keep grinding their ass off. Thats how it goes.

  • byahbyah

    oh and for the people saying currensy came weak, not shit. he probably got paid anywhere from 1000-1500 for his verse and he dont give a fuck. he probably picked picked one out the notebook that he knew he would never use on another project.

  • byahbyah

    no shit*

  • burd

    um everybody pays for features, unless your close with the dude whos doin the feature then yes you pay for a feature rich or broke. i dont think anybodys on his dick except for yes someone like yourself who is hating and saying all these things about him that im pretty sure you dont know about. im not even a fan of this kid but its stupid that an up and coming artist should get hated on and discriminated because hes white

  • Tough.

  • crack

    @byahbyah, doesnt everyone pay for features…and without connections how the hell does any rapper get big? they got to have well known features. either that or make music night and day

  • Arash

    imo spitta was the least monotone he’s ever been in a song on this track. i like it, this is some hard shit

  • I mean tough as in, the Spitta feature is tough. I really don’t care for the rest.

  • late

    ok I don’t normally listen to “Spitta”…but if this is the best he can do, he seriously sucks. Dude sounds asleep, his lyrics are all over the place and mostly wack, his flow is off beat in points…WTF? People are saying this is hot? Adams isn’t much but he goes way harder than “Spitta”

  • FckOuttaHere

    My people told me n**** payed Currensy 5k to jump on this shit. No wonder, you can tell Spitta wasn’t even trying. SMFH @ this wackness

  • Larry LeJ

    Yo, thanks shake for the post.
    I check out songz on the strength of the validity of the Dope site. Download in process….

  • London

    i dont get it. beat is fire. but in no way is spitta a lyrical genius cmon who are u all fooling huggin his nuts like that. sam adams was just as good as currensy on this track. your all acting like eminem jumped on the track with sam and slaughtered him or something, gtfoh!

    i swear yall hav a favourite rapper and hug they nuts no matter what. really listen to this again. spitta didnt out do any 1. they both gelled well on the track. sheesh.

  • “I Don’t Like…” by Ill Son

    Produced By Joel Venom

  • it is kinda suspect that this guy get so many downloads on itunes in one day and no one has ever heard of him.

    songs kinda ehh to me though. thought the white college kid gimmick would die out quickly. but people are still riding and the sheep are still buying it.

  • *******

    lol @ yall hatin ass niggas…….YOOOOOOOO JonnieHayward I just gave ya shit a listen for the 1st time gotta admit Im impressed stay up nigga

  • FckOuttaHere

    SIr Nigel you couldn’t of said it better.
    “thought the white college kid gimmick would die out quickly. but people are still riding and the sheep are still buying it.”

  • First time I’ve heard the track since they said they recorded it. Crazy, hahaha! Big up to Sam Adams & Curren$y killin’ it on one of my beats! If you like what you here please visit http://www.myspace.com/xtheoldsoul …xperimentbeats.com coming very soon!
    Much love.

  • wdewan

    sam adams sucks. stupid girls and pussy frat kids are the only people that like him .

  • “im jus downloading cause of spitta”
    This kid sam adams is mediocre.

  • burd

    “thought the white college kid gimmick would die out quickly. but people are still riding and the sheep are still buying it.”

    let’s not act like it changes when your favorite rapper puts something out and all of a sudden your just supporting the real. Nope your supporting the same machine that would put this out. No shots just sayin

  • byahbyah


    First of all im white, so way to fail with the race card. And yes I rap, just to clear the air of that. But I do it as a hobby. I know people with REAL talent, that dont get near the notoriety that this kid is getting, and its irritating as fuck.

    Second, its incredibly suspicious the way this kid came up. He released an album being a relative unknown and within one day was at the top of the charts on itunes. Then factor in that hes a trust fund baby finishing up his last year in college. The kid has money to spend. All im saying is theres people with more talent than this kid and theyre never going to get the respect or notoriety that he is getting because they cant afford the 1500 for 35 second feature, 1000s of dollars for beats for an EP or LP, or the 1000s of dollars for studio time and to get their record mixed and mastered. The people on this site think that people just rap their shit and press a couple buttons on the computer and it sounds dope. Nah, you have to pay an engineer to get your shit to sound dope. You got to pay a producer to get your shit to sound dope. People dont seem to realize the whole thing is money. So when a relatively unknown trust fund baby rapper is suddenly #1 on itunes, its fucking suspicious as hell.

    ps, fuck you.

  • @******* thanks for the feedback, appreciate it


  • This was kinda dope.

    People here focus to much on the fucking IMAGE and not the MUSIC.

  • psyke

    LMFAOROTFL byahbyah just ethered burd. took him to fuckin school. yo Jonnie youre kinda annoyin with your daily trollin but im feelin that tape you posted a link to so far im halfway through

  • YourMomOnStilts

    Sam Adams gets no love in Boston besides from underage girls and frat kids … he is the captain of a college soccer team. Watch his new video and decide if he’s cool. Call me a hater, but flat out the kid is a herb, and is giving Boston a bad look. No one from around here really even heard of him till all that shady shit about the itunes sales came out.

  • The Fucking Truth

    Anyone have a link with only Spitta’s verse, it would be much appreciated.

  • psyke

    lmao i didnt even know bout the whole top of the i-tunes charts above Lil Wayne – Rebirth and DJ Khaled’s albums with no video or radio play…yea this kid must got money

  • burd


    I’m speaking to everyone when it comes to the white part because let’s not act like people don’t discriminate against him because he’s white, so no ones pulling the race card I’m just stating facts. Second is that although the game does revolve around money, it’s not all you need, get local producers to give you beats on the low, produce your own shit, engineer your own shit and get out and get your product out to as many people as possible. Calling this kid a trust fund baby is retarted because I’m pretty sure you know nothing about him and are just mad at yourself for not knowing how to get your music out. I know kids who are way better than this dude too and they make all their shit on their own in their basements, and are slowly on the come up playing local shows and getting people to give them beats, features etc. You don’t need a big feature like this kid if your dope enough on your own, so stop blaming people that you or whoever can’t get on cuz it’s not this kid faults it’s yours.

    Oh and p.s. stop complaining and get money fuckboy

  • @burd calm yo ass down, LMAO nobodies hating on dude bcuz he’s white… where did this shit come from? if your wack your wack… I said the whole song was wack… Curren$y is a decent emcee… I never said he was Nas or 2Pac bcuz he’s not… Sam Adams just doesn’t have it… I like Asher Roth, Eminem, & any other white dude that can spit his ass off, but I don’t think all of their music is dope, just like Curren$y’s or anybody elses… I’ve never heard this Sam Adams cat b4, but if the Dopeboyz are debuting him with this track then maybe he should intervene & give them somethin else because this ain’t gon cut it… sorry

  • Gotama

    Where the fuck is pilot talk. alls I gotta say.

  • Old Money

    Sam Adams is just okay. I’m from Boston so i been hearing him for about a year now. Some of his shits are hot some are not. With that said, anyone from the bean that never heard of dude before his EP dropped had their head pretty far up their arse for real. Also “spitta” sounds like garbage on this track…don’t care if it was just a paid appearance, no self respecting human would ever let that ish hit the streets.

    how do we know sam is a trust fund baby? I can’t dispute, just never heard that before.

  • race has nothing to do with somebody being wack… sure ppl are gonna hate on you bcuz your different, that comes with the territory… all upcoming emcees get hated on black or white trust me… dude is just not a good emcee… if your nice with the rhymes, who gives a fuk if u went to Yale… hell J. Cole went to St. John’s or wherever… Mike Posner goes to Duke… & I think both are dope… race has nothing to do with y ppl say this guy sucks… that is all

  • London

    wow @the hate of sam adams never heard of him till today but a lot of you sound xxxxtra salty. it shows cos no spitta didnt do an amazing job lyrically he never really does..he just makes music u can vibe too lets be honest. n yea sam adams aint that great. but ouuuch the saltiness in u bitches makes lol.

  • London

    p.s i hope i have trust fund babies

  • burd

    let’s not even try and act like people arent biased because of the white college kid thing and besides this isn’t the first time I’ve heard dude and there’s always been people who have said how they don’t want to support cuz he’s white bla bla bla. I don’t even really care about that anyway because it’s not even a race thing is just being ignorant and biased for no reason, if you don’t like the actual music then that’s fine I can’t be mad at that at all but if someone didn’t like it because of the way someone is then that’s just dumb. But yea that’s all I mean, I mean if you don’t like an artists gimmick then ok but not liking them for the actual person they are is dumb.

  • burd

    And I’m not saying you are basing it off race I never even adressed you I was just saying in general from what I’ve seen and heard

  • MIke

    I don’t get it man, you defend him and his race and his skills sometimes, but then you hate on him and claim your boys to be the best spitters in history and get no recognition. Which side you on dude?

    But anyway, Sam Adams is this; he is a mainstream, autotuned, unoriginal, well connected, good looking (no homo), nice sounding white rapper who’s gonna get a lot of mainstream exposure because of big beats and catchy hooks. None of his material is original, it’s either about coming up in the game, drinking at college parties, or fucking girls. His only original song is Kimber, which is a mad good song but autotuned to hell, but hey it works for him. His lyrics aren’t impressive either, but either way he’s not painful to listen to and he’s gonna blow up the mainstream in the next year.

  • burd

    @Mike lmao wow no I never said that they were the best Dude ever only that they are better than him in my opinion, doesn’t mean I’m trashing or hating on him in any way because he’s still pretty decent like I said if he’s actually pretty good give him his due

  • MIke

    haha no worries dude i was exaggerating a bit but yeah i feel ya didn’t really get where you were comin from though now i understand

  • burd

    its haha cool i see where i looked confusing

  • burd

    i meant its cool haha*

  • nah


  • JRB

    did anyone catch the article about this guy spending $70,000 on his dad’s credit card to bump one of his iTunes songs into the top purchased lists? am i the only one who read about that? lol

    i think I saw Statik Selektah talking about it, cant remember where, maybe Statik’s site? if he has one

  • If you were feelin’ the beat, please go to http://www.myspace.com/xtheoldsoul
    to hear more. Much love.

  • @JRB…Sam was on E! News too talkin about it lol

  • Jay Defiance

    No, sam isn’t the most lyrical individual but people are taking it out of context. He never came out saying he was the most lyrical individual, there are different types of hip-hop out there you have to embrace it for what it is. If it’s not you leave it alone. There’s dumb shit, theres lyrical shit, party shit etc…to each his own. Personally I like him because he’s doing for better or worse. If you don’t like it don’t listen and move on, simple as that.

  • Jay Defiance

    **No, sam isn’t the most lyrical individual but people are taking it out of context. He never came out saying he was the most lyrical individual, there are different types of hip-hop out there you have to embrace it for what it is. If it’s not you leave it alone. There’s dumb shit, theres lyrical shit, party shit etc…to each his own. Personally I like him because he’s doing him for better or worse. If you don’t like it don’t listen and move on, simple as that. Respect it for what it is. He’s catering to different audiences that aren’t being reached.

  • Smellwattherockiscookin

    lol @ nah hating on jonnie and all u fools hatin on sam,,,,both of these niggas know how to rap get a life, if u like it u like it if u don’t u don’t

  • Brocho Cinco

    Ok, we get the point, you want to be the third Hardy boy (they are detectives in a Fictional book series for yall who don’t read). Everyone pays for features, not just “rich white trust fund” rappers. You obviously have never listened to any of Sam Adam’s work b/c hes got some good music. He’s not a lyricist by any means, but he can ride with a beat better than most other rappers out there. For those of you interested in Sammy Adams, listen to I Hate College, he goes in over Asher’s instrumental.

  • The Fucking Truth

    Please explain how this guy is catering to audiences that aren’t being reached? If you mean college kids, trust me, they’re being reached by people that don’t include this dude. I didn’t even know rappers still used autotune like that.

  • bd

    i remember reading that when i saw it there but his lawyer posted up a document showing where the actual sales are from

  • Braniak

    Yo WTF happen to Pilot Talk???? for real… I want that shitt so bad like a crackhead want a pipe.

  • 860

    @Xperiment your beats are ill, unfortunately they are just beats. but sounds like FlyLo mixed with Dre or somethin like that. hopefully u can get more known rappers on ur tracks. Good Luck & on another note fuck all the hatin on this kid, everyone in hear sounds real jealous. lets sit back and see if he can impress us. eh?

  • wow you dudes are still debating

  • Lis

    HA it’s so hilarious how in this world it’s totally okay for everyone to be like “HE’S WHITE HE’S WHITE PROBLEMS SHOULD ARISE OMG BIG DEAL” but if ANYONE in their right mind ever turned the tables and said shit like this about a black person then hell would break loose. People are so annoying, i like his stuff. it’s good. is it something i’d listen to like alone while driving to feel good or like FEEL something? prob not… but is it something i would blast with my friends with the top down in our sick cars (woaaah i drive a bmw cant wait for what comments im gonna get cause apparently having money is some awful thing)…YES. i know it doesnt sound fair. i am sure there are people with incredible talent roaming the streets who may never even be discovered but this kid was and he’s doing his shit and doing it well. he has the money so why not use it to his benefit.

  • Braniak

    I don’t know bout’ yall but I want Pilot Talk.

  • guest

    all you people sound like bitches

  • Braniak

    be my guest

  • Ok Den


    Im with you on that one, Spitta needs to hit us with that asap. I need to get my playlists ready for 420

  • Braniak

    patiently waiting….NOT!

  • guest

    ^ ew what kind of homo shit is that

  • Braniak

    same homo shit stuck up yo ass

  • sam adams is nasty, sammy blew currency out on this one

  • Ok Den



  • “I Don’t Like…” by Ill Son

    Produced By Joel Venom

  • bodied021

    ok well im white and i think sam adams blows & hes a little boston fag. im not a hater just not feeling it. downloaded it for spittaaaaaa tho

  • yeah i don’t get why Spitta would hop on a track with this clown. i previewed his EP on iTunes and forgot about him.

  • Asherlovescock

    Sam Adams > Asher “Gargbage” Roth

  • holla if ya swalla

    so you devote all your time hating on 1 dude? thats pretty cool bra

  • Unxpekted

    Dude killed it. Definitely killing Asher, I have to agree.

  • AirRaid

    I’m just not liking what he gives off. (And it’s not cause he’s white, seeing as I’m an Ash Roth fan) Something doesn’t seem right about him. He’s not wack tho. Just not my cup of tea.


  • JonnieHayward

    The dude doesn’t suck, he’s not lyrical but he’s also a little too simple…only thing he does well is stay on beat,,Asher actually comes with wordplay and other technical skills wen he raps tho

  • AirRaid


  • AirRaid

    If somebody can point me to some good tracks he may have, or he gets a little more play after this on 2DBz, I’ll keep an open ear. But with this and the I Hate College track. And that auto-tune shit he does, he gotta stop that. It works for some(Wiz made it work for him, and of course it works for T-Pain) but when Sam Adams does it, it seems like he’s doing it cause everyone 08-09 did it. And that just makes him look fake.

  • Grunds

    Sam Adams is not bad, but this track is not nearly as good as it had the potential to be. Spitta seemed like he was just in it for the check and wrote a weak verse, Adams didn’t go in hard enough. Adams best track is probably Tab Open, he’s alright but I can’t really see him lasting in the game for anymore than a few years before fading out, could be wrong though. This track is 3/5 tops though, doesn’t really bang at all. No hate, neither really brought their game though.

  • scooby

    Ok this dude sucks, point blank period. i just listened to atleast 10 tracks and not one is nice. i’m not even tryin to hate…but come on son..

  • Sam Adams verse is better then spittas

  • also check out sam adams album release party in Boston if u get a chance. Ull see actually who this sam adams is if u dont know


  • Tom

    Shit’s boring. It’s not even bad. It’s just not good.

  • Nico Bellik

    I was hoping Sam Adams would do well because my boy Matty Trump produces him, but I didn’t expect to like his music.. gotta say it is far from the worst thing I’ve heard this year..

  • Sam Adams

    Guys stop hating on me. Its mean. I tried my hardest on this track.

  • Sam Adams

    Psych!! Haha yall think i give a fuck what yall say?!! Fuck yall nig*gas. What am i doin?! Oh yeah thats right im doin meeee…im doin meee!! Yall mad because Im white and doin big things in a black mans world?!! Fuck yall nig*gas!!!!

  • steve

    I heard that black chick in his video was a tranny.

  • Jarvo

    Why ppl catchin emotions cuz the boy came from money and now rappin?? I mean he do a shitty job at it nd all but hey fuck it like he gon get mo money than he has from me idont hea nobody mad at kanye he’s a rapper that came from a home wit money jus stfu. Dude trash anyway u not gon hea bout no sam adams in a month. But anyway JETS FOOL!

  • Jarvo

    From it*

  • kidfromtheburbs

    fact of the matter is the dude sam punked the whole fuckin rap game because he was smart and talked himself up any chance he got on facebook myspace twitter..etc. and then he followed through by making good beats and hot hooks on them and rapped pretty good in between. dont get me wrong the fact he had money probably helped i mean studio time isnt cheap, but with that being said he still needs to put out a good product for it to sell. speaking of selling, you have to be out of your fucking skull to believe the man bought his own shit how many college kids you know have $75,000 laying around? also just like asher he picked a group that he knew he could relate to…college kids, notice how the man nevr talks about bringin out ak’s and lightin up the streets?? thats right cuz hes not from the hood, he talks about smokin weed drinkin and doin pills and shackin up with a girl he prob doesnt remember like any other college kid. listen ppl music changes all the time look at rock from the 60’s to the 90’s and that is happening right now to rap. so all you “experts” its a new scene coming because ppl are tired of hearin about “i slang crack then fuck a hoe take my gun out shoot and get locked up wake up the next day and do it some mo'”

  • Jarvo

    @ kidfromtheburbs

    thats all that needs to be said for dude.. But he’s trash in my case

  • SamAdamsIsADrinkNotARapper

    Unfortunately barstoolsports.com has been pushing him for a couple months now like he’s the best thing since sliced bread…even organized a whole Stoolapalooza concert mini-series around him and Barstool’s owner/operator thinks he’s THE next best thing in rap hands down.



  • nick

    what u gotta be poor now to rap? ur a fucking fool whover said that. look at drakes rap sheet before u start saying shit. fuckin sam adams keep doing ur shit bro! fuck all the ahterz ur shit’s nastyyy

  • holla if ya swalla

    you don’t gotta be poor to rap you just SHOULD be good or decent

  • AnT

    jets f00l..everyone needs to stop hating and bitching…peace

  • byahbyah

    I never said you have to be poor to rap. All I’m trying to say with my posts is that he has money and its fucking suspicious as hell that he was #1 on iTunes in about one day after being relatively unknown. Especially when the dude isnt that good.

  • Theres nothin wrong with havin money just don’t use it to get yourself put on over the 1s that deserve it but have less $ than u,,unless you are actually good but this guy is the definition of average….this guy has basic rap skills but somehow ended up #1 on itunes over Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled and will now most likely get signed becuz of that buzz he created for himself

  • kidfromtheburbs

    ok not for nothing but tell me why there wasnt any suspiscion when drake came out with his shit??? dude was in a wheel chair on tv show how do u know he didnt do the same thing as adams now no doubt hes a good lyricist but how did he get his buzz outta no where? and i gaurantee if adams was on one track with wayne, 50, or em america would become a sam adams dick rider right away. not to mention nobody but itunes and adams can see who bought the albums so all this own money stuff is speculation and (from the way i see it) slander which in return puts his name out there wheather its good or bad.

  • holla if ya swalla

    yeah man. he’s average at best

  • empty

    none of you guys must go to college hahaha the fuck. Sam adams is all over boarding schools and college campuses so when you say “this guy no one has heard ever” you are clearly mistaken

  • mac the kid

    shake this post blew up a lot more than i expected haha. usually people stop commenting as soon as the post is off the front page. damn

  • byahbyah


    Drake dropped 2 other mixtapes before So Far Gone and played his fair share of shows and generated a bit of a buzz before So Far Gone even dropped. While making So Far Gone he linked up with Wayne and the young money folks, and basically when you become associated with people like that and put out a quality record like Best I Ever Had (like it or love it, that record was a taylor made radio hit), you’re gonna get good sales, radio play and recognition. So no I wasn’t suspicious about Drakes rise to fame because he was working a lot longer than people think and when So Far Gone dropped, he essentially had a label backing him, without being signed.

  • byahbyah

    i mean hate it or love it. haha

  • London

    sorry where is this proof that he bought his buzz that every1 keeps talking about.

    p.s spitta=sam adams on this track. yes. yes.

  • knocks

    why does this song have so many comments???

  • StreetDough

    ^^ I was wondering the same thing as you knocks.

  • noremac

    ha check out the youngin on soundcloud : noremac illacam soon to be on pilot talk dropping 4/19 foo

  • The Fucking Truth


    If you were anywhere near a hip-hop site the night So Far Gone was gonna drop you would know that just about half the internet was shitting their pants in anticipation for that mixtape, not to mention people already knew who Drake was because of his association with Wayne. There was nothing suspicious about his rise to fame at all. I still don’t know who Sam Adams is.

  • AirRaid

    There’s nothing special about him tho. I’m not hating. It is what it is. Why he would get more play on a college campus as someone said, rather than Ash Roth, Khalifa, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, and whole lot of other artists…I don’t know. All those artist are better than him, and they’re songs aren’t shoot ’em up songs. But I forgot, MOST of the kids who will listen to this guy, are the same ones who didn’t like Hip-Hop back in High School.

  • kidfromtheburbs

    im playing devils advocate here…i know how drake got to where he was, my point is the average person who doesnt follow hip hop sees sam adams as an over night sensation just like drake, and for those who dont know drakes story why cant they question drakes legitamcy too?

    my question to everyone is if sam adams gets on track with wayne just like drake, does he become legitamate or is he still seen as the trust fund baby who paid for wayne?

    either way for me, i think the kids ok he has catchy hooks and decent beats nothing special but im impressed hes makin the noise he is in such a short time. i just think its stupid that people think that he spent $75k on his own stuff. i have yet to meet any college kid that isnt struggling with money and i dont see it being different for him.

  • AirRaid

    ^^Average person who doesn’t follow hip-hop? But mostly all of us here follow hip-hop. And most of the artist that get a lot of buzz here(especially 100+ comments) we can track their career progress. Drake with his replacement girl that dropped 3 years ago, then his Comeback Season mixtape and his work with Little Brother, and now where he is in Young Money with Wayne. Personally, I don’t give a fuck if he was rich, if he’s good, he’s good. And if he’s not, well…You keep saying like Drake started his career by getting Wayne on a track. Not the case.

  • AirRaid

    And they called him a trust fund baby because despite him not being good, he has enough money from wherever to pay for guest appearances and other things. Nobody here has seen any struggle or any hard work put in where he hustled his music and got endorsed by a known name.(Drake with Wayne, Asher Roth with Drama and Cannon) I can’t comment on whether he is a trust fund baby or not. But to answer your question, yes he would still be seen as even more of a trust fund baby if this guy who no one has heard of jumps on a track with Spitta out of nowhere, then on a track with Lil Wayne. What’s next then? A track with Jay and Nas?

  • Mike

    Sam Adams is mediocre. It has nothing to do with his race, financial status, or genre. It’s because he’s average lyrically.

  • Just found some more Sam tracks.


  • @ james…my shit is better


  • MillerTime

    damn curren$y is fuckin AWFUL on this, and ppl r sayin he killed this?!? give sam a god damn break..hes white but who the fuck cares. dude is still dope

  • Jayson Knocks

    I’m not sure why race came into play, but this song is overall AVERAGE (if that). If dude was black it would still be average smh. hip hop is hip hop. I’m a huge Curren$y fan, but imo the only thing he did for this song was draw attention to it. NOBODY spit fire on this one!

  • Menlo

    Bunch of Haters. This kids got style and he hustled his whole life to get where hes at. Your sitting blogging while this guys about to get signed and make it. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

  • “Bunch of Haters. This kids got style and he hustled his whole life to get where hes at. Your sitting blogging while this guys about to get signed and make it. Don’t hate the player hate the game.”
    although there are a few haters, the majority is giving their opinion.
    And He has style and hustled his whole life????? Wow, kid. Quit your dickriding cause sam adams is average at best.

  • bill

    you suck and sterling brewster is a fag

  • Bradyy

    this is really mediocre. in my opinion sams verses were hotter then currency. but the beat i dont really like either cuz the bass is basically the sampled from still dre it sounds like. not much substance to it.

  • lolchris

    damn ive never replied to one of these but all you niggas a bunch of haters hahaha

  • spitta is so damn mediocre, i dont even download his music anymore to be real, i used to be a big fan, he talk about the same shit and he is a boring rapper, being real, and with that being said… Im gone

  • @Bradyy The bass is NOT sampled from Still Dre, haha.

  • mike

    I’m white, sam adams is wack

  • Mr. Mischief

    Way to go Curren$y for gettin together with a kid for his skill, and not hating just cus hes white (reverse racism is funny). Sam Adams flow is sick, and the song is fire. Its funny so many haters are still clinging to the “trust fund” LIES that were proven false. Why is he a trust fund baby? Cus he went to college? He has over 56,000 fans on facebook alone. I love how its always people with no talent who hate.

  • Jbizz

    everyone keeps hating on white rapper and comparing spitta to asher roth, yea i love college was whack but check out his freestyle shit and his other tracks that hasnt really surfaced asher is nice i mean spitta is just a new kid on the block give him time to really see how hes gonna be i mean im kinda shocked that hes already doing shit with artist like curens$y

  • riots

    u guys need to stop sayin things like “white boys can rap now..crazy world.” im assuming ur black. U wanted to be treated just like white people years ago didnt u? now that u are u think ur better than white people? hip hop and rap isnt all about shooting people and selling drugs. its sometimes about speaking ur life story or how u feel through music.. grow the hell up and stop hating cuz hes white.

  • Cat Stevens

    riots… you officially brought a purse and limp wrist into this c-section… grab a muscle milk and do some pushups nigga







  • Kush&Oj

    check out chris webby, he’s way better than this scrub fuck sam adams

  • chris

    woww all yous straight hate on sam adamss youu dun even know hiss stuff. why dun you check him out then commentt

  • J.

    Its funny how everyone coomes on here to hate on this shit. Curren$y wouldnt do a track with just anybody

  • Dave


  • Remmy3396

    All you assholes can suck my dick kuz Sam Adams is da bomb so stfu b4 i woop your asses Curre$y is good to but i like sam better

  • GrantB22

    spitta got paid 10 gs for this, for that money id do a track with just anybody