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Rich Hil – Won’t You Tell Me f. KiD CuDi

blame it on Shake April 10, 2010

RIch Hil and KiD CuDi link up once again for the first single off Hil’s Limosa Nostra Act 1 project. Spotted at iR.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hil – Won’t You Tell Me f. KiD CuDi | Mediafire

  • jay coal

    this hardly qualifies as news…rich hil is wack and cudi has 2 lines…

  • Da

    Him & Cudi should jus for a group w/ all these joints they been droppin together…sheeesh!

  • j.cudi

    this is real dope song

  • OOOOOOOwwwww


    Rich Hil is nice

  • @jay cool, haha fuck you man, bullshit talkin’ nigga.
    This is dope as fuck!, fuck the haters Fake ass bitches

  • nate

    no. I could do with out hill on this track. beat and hook are sick.

  • HipPotHead

    Does cudi only do hooks now?

  • Shawn

    Dope song.. good looks.

  • Solroc21

    Cudi’s hook goes in and Rich Hil did good in this one. the beat is dope too. overall dope track!

  • Onederin

    Not feelin it. Still don’t get why people like Cudi. First time hearing Rich Hil. Didn’t seem like nothing special.

  • I never heard Rich Hill’s music before today. I am on the fence. I don’t really like this song but I can judge Rich Hill as an act until I hear more music.

  • Life liver

    its hard to imagine this is tommy hilfiger’s son….. dope, keep doing your thing bro

  • once AGAIN , dopeboyz Front page contains nothing but doo doo in the purest form,
    if theres nothing to post dont post nothin dont got to fill in crap in btw every day aight hotdog

  • this is why i go to potholes in my blog //COM

  • JoR

    Not feelin it. his latest i dunno man

  • ki

    youraudiofix//com is way simpler loads faster and doesnt post doo doo , this is just bad..

  • Tiiz

    Just found out Tommy Hilfiger’s son was a rapper not too long ago. Still not sure how to feel about that.

  • the new FRONT LINES – IMMORTAL TECH music vid??

  • Jo$h

    So this is Tommy Holfiger’s son? Fuck that first. And is Cudi just on the hook?

  • Coolsville

    Really guys…like seriously? smh

  • DP

    well if contains that much doo doo go to another site then. problem solved.

  • Think we all know by now Kid Cudi isn’t a emcee more of a just a rap artist

  • Da



  • BlackTuesday

    Rich Hil is dope. I wish more people would be less concerned about what his last name was and more concerned with the music. Like it or not this kid is going to be around.

  • BlackTuesday

    Listen to “Leanin on my reup”, “Baby Love”, “Withdrawl”, “Bold as love”, “Love my Love”.

  • DP

    Rich Hil is aite. only song I ever heard from dude is trippy and I only liked that because Cudi was on it. but he does have some nice beats on some of his tracks

  • Marcus B.

    Good shit to chill to cause the beat and hook give a nice vibe.

  • sye

    This song is sick. I don’t know what you haters are listening to.

  • DopeSir

    lol rich hil got no flow and a wack voice. nd im not hatin, dude just straight ruined this shit.

    cudi always comes ill tho.

  • enjoyed the 45 seconds i heard lol

  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    ^^ Well you did better than me!

    Bland as fuck!

  • London

    he is a dope artist tho. but not an emcee, emcee, more just a music maker.

  • Caracas

    This kid sucks but Cudi is dope as hell..
    He’s the voice of this generation.. fuck it yea I said it..

  • i swear dopeboyz jus post w.e people send in to there inbox, IS MUSIC SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME angry and enraged… ?

  • Rich Hill has more haters then he does fans. You know what that means right? He’s almost famous. I didn’t even know Rich Hill was Tommy Hilfiger’s son but knowing that doesn’t change my opinion. I’m still on the fence. This record wasn’t terrible but it had no rewind value either. I need more data to form an accurate opinion of Rich Hill as an artist.

  • NYCityREP

    This was pretty dope. First time I heard of Rich Hil. I don’t really care about the last name as long as the music is good. CuDi should’ve had a verse but the song was still good.

  • AP

    ayo Shake & Meka!!! when are you gonna get message boards, and does anybody know what the name of this Curren$y song this is??? “The formula is to just do you. Just be true to yourself and in some kind of way, I can’t explain it, the universe is just designed to where when you really just bein’ true to yourself, everything will work out.”

  • I’ve heard some of Hil’s music & it’s nice, but this song could be better… the hook is dope, but Hil could of went harder vocally…

  • holla if ya swalla

    cudi is always on nice beats and he’s always doin work on the hooks….consistantly nasty

  • TAmJr

    Y’all are some ignorant niggas… Get off that “Tommy Hilfiger is racist bullshit”…he never said anything about black people on Oprah…there’s no video, Oprah confirmed it…shut the fuck up and enjoy the music(if you like it)

  • Idk what you guys are listening too…this was dope

  • I’m masterbating. Also Meka should ban the faggot that posted above me.

  • this is wack

  • nice beat tho rich hill is horrible

  • TE

    Dude is tommy hilfigers son? I bet he’s had a really tough life?! *sarc*

  • bobatl

    Rich Hil is fucking garbage. I can rap better with my ass cheeks.

  • this song is dope! Who is Rich Hill tho?

  • spoof

    people hating on this are simply reading before / rather than listening
    good sound

  • i listened to it and threw up … theres 2 types of dopeboyz visitors people who listen to real hip hop raw and uncut street shit and the people who listen to this and the Bruno Mars – Move On doo doo

  • please shaker please for the love of all music delete all the crapoloa