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Casey Veggies & Rich Hil – Bum Sh*t (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 12, 2010

Attention all rapsters: after this post I will not be accepting any more Limelinx links. That “inflated downloads” shit is bullshit and ridiculous. Step your games up, people. Anyways, here’s some new shit from Casey and Rich. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies & Rich Hil – Bum Sh*t (Mixtape)

  • veggies is garbage , hil has made a few tracks in the past that ive enjoyed..will check this out

  • Cameron

    Is this what we’ve been waiting for?

  • CannonsMcFly


  • batlle3


  • Veggies is definitely not garbage, he makes some quality shit, and he’s like 16? Have you listened to Customized Greatly or Customized Greatly Vol.2?? Dude’s ill. He’ll only get better. Overall this is good tape, not really the expected sound from Casey V though. Still nice. Rich Hill… he’s straight I guess.

  • Rezo


  • batlle3

    nah i dont wanna hear anything else until shake leaks whatever it is that hes leaking

  • CG

    I’m a fan of Rich’s but this is terrible.

  • listened thru and sent to recycle bin, then immediately emptied it.


  • Rezo

    Today was a bad day for music on here. I think that Rick Ross shit was the best post and I can’t believe I am saying that.

  • lmao…just do yourselves a favor, take 20 minutes out of your day, and check out my EP/mixtape


    …its better than this shit posted

  • CannonsMcFly


    Oh Ok. No Thanks.

  • Rocky

    “Done in one day.. no pen no pad… ”

    Ill give it a listen

  • yessir


    I’d hate to break it to you man, but even veggies is better than you. Not that you shouldn’t give up, just take some time to make a good track before spamming the comment section.

  • yessir


  • Anwar Carrots

    Slap a few tattoos on your arm and you got a rap career. GTFO . Rich Hil you fuckiing suck I know you’re going to read this post Is it real son, is it really real son? Let me know it’s real son, if it’s really..

  • i too do agree the limelinx shit is a cry for help. we know both of them have a great fan base, but you don’t have to lie about your numbers.

  • lol ya trippin i gave jonnie’s shit a listen da otha day and gave this shit a listen just now, and jonnie wins unanimously, wat kinda name is casey veggies that shits too sweet 4 me

  • its called “Bum Shit” for a reason

  • Rezo

    I haven’t listened to jonnie’s mixtape but I thought his Lemonade freestyle was actually pretty good. lol

  • MelancholyGypsy!

    Excuse me if i rant, but man i was wondering when you were gonna have this up. Yo, i copped this shit way earlier in the day. And I gotta say… it really is garbage. Word up, I been down with Casey V, Arrogant Veggies, and the whole OF crew for a while now. Shit, I’ve even met the nigga. He’s cool people, and he makes really dope music when he gets the whole team together. Customized Greatly, Vol. 2 is all I gotta say if you dont believe that. Supposedly, this bullshit mixtape was recorded in one day, “no pencil, no pen,” said Rich Hil. And it really does sound like it. Casey is my man, but this is his weakest shit to date. As for Rich Hil? Man, I tried to give him a listen, but he’s got about one dope line very three songs he makes. So the fuck what he collaborates with big names like Cudi Trav McCoy and Swizz Beatz? Are we really gonna sit here and pretend that the fact that his daddy is a fuckin BILLIONAIRE ($1,000,000,000!!!) has nothing to do with it? Fuck Richard Hilfiger. He ain’t goin nowhere. I just hope he doesn’t drag Casey Veggies down with him. Seriously, dont even bother listening to this.

  • Rezo

    Ok jonnie just listened to your tape and the Lemonade freestyle was definitely better than anything on the mixtape.

  • @ yessir…apparently my opinion (and a lot of other peoples’ opinion) of a good track and ur opinion of a good track is different so I won’t sweat that but atleast your bein honest instead of hatin for no reason, appreciate that much…feel free to hate also if you’d like to,,everybody’s got a different taste in music, sum dude tried to tell me the other day that Lil Wayne and Tyga both shit on Nas and Lupe’s careers, and tried to tell me Eminem was wack and had the wackest verse on Forever

  • recroom

    im takin your guys’s words for this one.
    but WTF Shake! you sure know how to get shit hyped
    i got a fuckin paper to write tonight and i cant focus until you post what ive been waiting for.

  • @Rezo..lol that’s cuz that tape is the opposite of that Lemonade freestyle,,I usually don’t do the laid-back conceptual shit but I expiremented with it a lil…not really my style, Lemonade freestyle is a better preview

  • Rezo

    ^^ Well to be honest I think Wayne’s career alone shits on both Nas and Lupe put together and I don’t even really like Wayne. It’s just Wayne has been in the game for like 12 or 13 years and he has way more hit records than Nas and Lupe put together. Wayne has sold way more records, made more money, owns the most popular record label in hip hop, been featured on hundreds of songs, and he is only 28. Like I said I am not a big fan of his but facts are facts.

  • dwele

    @jonnie yea stick with the “freestyles” that tape u posted was aight/so-so

  • What me and the fella I was arguin with was debating is who’s the better emcee/rapper,,not record sales and all that..SouljaBoy and Gucci Mane have proven any1 can sell records

  • Steve

    Wait what happened I thought there was some shit being posted later…was this it?

  • yessir

    Actually Gucci kinda flopped compared to what he was projected to do

  • recroom

    hell no steve.
    Shake is going to post that one.
    this was Meka.

  • Jo

    you got a point Wayne is probably as popular as any rapper has ever been, but that doesnt necessarily mean that his career is better than anyone else. I am a believer that Lupe could make popular radio hits and be a big name if he wanted to, he is that talented. But seems like his goal is to make music with meaning and great albums he has done that. On the other hand NAS has tried to go pop and just couldnt do it, but is great in his natural style..

  • Rezo

    Oh ok nevermind then anybody who says Wayne is lyrically up to par with Nas/Lupe is crazy. Most of Wayne’s songs on his albums are just catchy but don’t have any substance. On his mixtapes he just says a whole lot of stuff that makes no sense. I think you can put Cory Gunz in that bracket also I never understood why people think he is so dope because 90% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes no sense at all. lol

  • @yessir,,the fact Gucci’s shit even ended up in stores is a tragedy…..btw here’s the last preview of my rappin shit that I’ll post for a long time dependin on if I get any positive feedback on it,,its 0:59 seconds


    “Peace I’m out!”
    – Billy Madison (I kno dat was corny)

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Shake told me that he isn’t posting Under Pressure since everyone thinks its Airplanes pt. 2

  • recroom

    that sounds like a horrible reason not to post.
    tell him just to send me the song because i want fuckin jigga and dre over some b.o.b. any day.

  • dwele

    co-sign recroom….and that last link Jonnie posted was better than any track posted on the site all day except B.o.B. Airplanes…*patiently waiting for Part 2*

  • Brennan

    I like Hil. He’s dope. Veggies is growing on me.

  • Amare

    co-sign Brennan

  • Amare

    Jonnie the 1st shit you posted was boring

    the 2nd shit you posted was dope
    so im not sold on you yet

    just dont spam so much

  • Brennan

    recording a mixtape in 24 hours is never a good idea, thats my only complaint. I wish they understood that you only get 1 shot at a first impression and as new artists you really have to watch what you put out there. I’m not even going to download this but I support Rich Hil and I will check Casey V when he drops his official tape to see what hes really about.

  • jei

    Damn… IFFY on this one… Like Rich Hil, but not so much this Casey Veggies, gonna give it a try.

  • scooterguy19

    yeah def not worth the dl, im down with the oddfuture movement but this tape is wack, that rich hil needs to stay as a hook maker his voice is annoying, Euphoria is a good example of how they couldve worked together to make a dope track. but that was from customized greatly v2 if you really wana see what casey V is a bout look at CGV2 that’ll give you a better idea instead of waiting for his next project

  • where’s act ii?

    co sign JonnieHayward’s shit

  • Brennan

    ok i gave in and checked it out. its not as bad as yall made it seem. doesnt seem that rushed actually. High Points: “The Sequel” “Euphoria” “Aint got time” Low Points: “Egyptian Lover”

  • casey is dope. rich hill is horrible!!!! if anyone can delete all of rich’s verses ill be happy tht guy is hot garbage.

  • ace*

    rich sounds like he’s on something..

  • bandcamp is a way better and more honest way of tracking downloads.

  • Cash


  • Purp

    Rich Hill and the word BUM don’t belong in the same sentence….Tommy Hilfigers worth like 1 Billion dollars….literally.

  • Ultra

    Casey Veggies, huh? Odd Future FTW! I’ll have to give this a listen.

  • Jlen

    Rich Hil, just isn’t good. But the fact that he has money, will keep him around till he decides to find another hobby. That’s the way the world works. The guy can finance any project any anything lol.. and never think twice about it.

    The tattoos are a nice touch too.

    image 101

  • RLauren>TomHil

    man.. this as a instrumental cd would be dope

  • I just don’t give anyone who spams the comment sections the time of day.i’ve listened once to LilBabyYoungHovensitoMuchacho and wasn’t impressed. But someone who continues to spam the comment sections wont’ get a second listen regardless.

  • I don’t really like this tape either…but im a fan of Hil’s and Ill have to check out some of this other dudes earlier material…btw..if ANYONE has a NO DJ version of Rich Hil’s “Limos were cool in the 90s” please hook it up…thats my favorite tape of Rich’s but Cannon almost ruins the whole thing with his drops every 5 fuckin seconds

  • smackyoface

    I haven’t heard much from either, but Casey’s “Tunnel Vision” is the jam.

  • ace*

    rich hil is horrible. i fuck with casey veggies but this mixtape is going straight to the recycle bin. the only tracks i’m keeping are “lucid dreams”, “numbers”, and “ain’t got time”

  • coldblooded

    wait, this isn’t thursday beating up dom kennedy on fairfax

  • black

    this tape aint that bad.ya’ll are really sicing it lol

  • take it back, rich hill actually ain’t half bad. i like him as a producer and on the chorus but rapping… ehh not so much.

  • LA Monte

    for the most part this is mixtape is kinda wack. but the sequal and got a lil status are 2 raw ass songs. but other than that, i trashed it. I mean come on wtf its Hilfigers son trying to rap, what more can you expect . but hes actually better than i thought. listen to some of his other shit, not this . and it was made in one day, damn slide off there dicks fucking haters .

  • Mxtch

    all you guys are dickhead lmao