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K’naan – Wavin’ Flag f. will.i.am

blame it on Shake April 12, 2010

Apparently this is the new “official” version that will be pushed sooner than later. Shouts to the homie Zeke.

DOWNLOAD: K’naan – Wavin’ Flag f. will.i.am & David Guetta | Mediafire

  • 1dopeboy


  • Jlr

    world cup version is best

  • JAY

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl25zrAUJTU this is some real dope shit listen people

  • Hood Nigga

    Yea the World Cup version merks the shit outta this song

  • DeeJay

    @ Jlr – Whats the world cup version like ?

  • Jlr

    much better search wavin flag coca cola celebration mix

  • Jlr

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME3UicDqWTc heres the world cup version

  • Way to butcher the song

  • DeeJay

    yeah im liking the world cup version alot better, thanks for putting me onto that

  • daps

    wtf… why do we need a new version? and that new buzzing synth i guess david guetta added is really annoying.

  • Dave Chappelle

    OG Version >>>>>> will is trash as fuck.

  • How many has he done now,all respects to K’Naan for getting his money, but this is like the 5th version now

  • Jlr

    YAYYYYYYYYY SOMALIA ALL DAY! K’naan we love you down in the T.O the birth place of Drake Kardinal Sean Paul K-OS & YOU K’NAAN!

  • qwan

    shoulda just put K-Os on it, instead of his clone will.i.am.

  • NY

    Thumbs down! Too many people are putting their hands on K’naan’s beautiful song and it’s getting ugly.

  • P.S.A

    hey….heard this on that FIFA South Africa demo that came out for PS3/360 last friday. dope!!!!

  • yukid

    @NY…i hate to say it but yea i feel that way too…he shoulds just had at most an album version, the canada version, and the world cup one…now it feels like its only a ploy for money rather than pushing a great song with a great message…oh well…can’t complain that its getting more play though *shrug*

  • abusaud

    album version, canada version (haiti fund), world cup version, will.i.am version… and these are the one I know, I don’t if there are any other versions

  • P.S.A

    on second thought…I didn’t know multiple versions existed of this one….gonna have to check em out….

  • ATI

    Album version, World Cup version, Young Artists for Haiti version > this useless version.

  • CityGirl276

    I can simply ignore new remixes but it feels like the Wavin’ Flag message is beginning to get lost in the “versions.” The the original, world cup, and haiti ones are enough and it should stop there. There is such a thing as too much and the song is getting beyond that point, it’s potency is being compromised to the point of becoming gimmicky. No version is more inspiring than the album original. Time to leave Wavin’ Flag alone now. I don’t want to get sick of this song.

  • i like the O.G. guess thats the price…gotta appeal to the massess…btw, i saw K’naan last week…soccer fans showed out

  • CityGirl276

    To be clear, when I said time to leave wavin flag alone I only meant in the form of future remixes – I will get sick of anymore of them. We don’t need them, but K’naan’s original should play on forever.

  • Jay

    Mayyn DIS SHIT STINKS MORE THAN A CHEEASE FACTORY!!! Da album version is 4 real, don’t try 2 fix somein dat aint broke, NUGGA.!

  • sum1


  • Mukisa

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The album version is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better! The acoustics emphasize the lyrics and beautifully complement K’naan’s verses! David Guetta and will.i.am need to leave some songs alone. THIS IS ONE OF THEM!

  • um

    og version kills all. This new one? ugh…

  • Raptorsarefriends

    The original version is a classic in my opinion, this not so much.
    Don’t let this be touched anymore.

  • Gotta peep the original cause this does smell like cheese @jay. Nasty processed Kraft styles right when it needs to be spicy with some pepper jack flava!!!!!!! I don’t know about today’s formula’s for making “hits” are pop tunes. I’m can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Spell check myself! DAMN! *or pop tunes * I can’t

  • Still diggin K’naan as an artist. I hate how label formulate songs to appeal to a wider audience. Next they gonna put Minaj on the remix. LOL Cheers to my people. You know it’s true!

  • Jesse_James

    Better get America from K’naan Mos def & Chali 2Na

  • Al-Bizzy

    Sooo…basically; this song is just Will.I.Am alongside Will.I.Am with an African Accent.

  • EPI

    best version yet

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