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Onyx – Mad Energy

blame it on Shake April 12, 2010

Apparently these guys are releasing an energy drink that boasts the same name.

DOWNLOAD: Onyx – Mad Energy | Mediafire

  • flip illson

    no comment.

    —a dying metaphor—

  • NiteTimeDelight

    Cause 45+ year old black men are the biggest drinkers of energy drinks. Mad Energy, step yo blood pressue up son! Have the cleanest colon in the hood! yeah, this shit gonna work, cause dudes is still buyin Crunk juice and pimp juice. They’d have better luck commin out with Soul glow for bald dudes.

  • Chris G.

    Aren’t they supposed to be workin’ on a new album?

  • Teddy

    ^^^^ LOL!!!

    But on the real this song mad sucks. I mean I remember in their prime they shit was Crunk. Crunk is just the Southern version of what they did. They should have embraced the southern Crunk shit with their shit. Then you get twice the energy. I would love to hear a Onyx and Lil John joint. Do you know how rowdy mothafuckaz would get. Do you know how many people will get shot across the country on that shit.

    The beat also was not hype. I know they touchin 40, 45 but come on. If your going to make a hype record you gotta make sure you can get hype to it. That shit wasnt hype.

    Shit at least Wacka Flocka can make me get hype at a party. Do I fuck with him hell naw. Would I dance to his shit, yes, because those who can rap dont make hype or party songs no more. And we all know cats in the past made songs for the clubs so dont act like this is new or people in the past were innocent.

    ATCQ Scenario is still a hype as song. Onyx Slam can also get people wild.

  • jkwon

    yo this is dope. shout out to kanye on the beat.


    Ya’ll niggaz act like yall wanna die at 25. Y does age always play a factor? When yall 45 and still feel like u can do sumthin r u gonna do it or listen to sum lames talk shit about wat u do and bitch out? Anyway… YO SHAKE, MEKA wat up wit dat Fredro Starr Chi King joint called 100 mad? Mp3 if u heard of it & maybe have access?

  • Level

    Energy drink… Corny… as is the end of Fredro verse wit all dat jump shit. Song aint half bad. lol Damn shame a commercial 4 they drink sounds better than most of deez lil niggaz real songs.

  • 4.5 percent

    Onyx still got it even on a commercial with no curses. I think it’s dope.I agree with TRUTH, how many niggas will still be around at 45? Hell, people forgot Lil jon’s corny bama ass already. Today’s Wocka Flocka will be tomorrow’s Master P. Trust me. Bring some SKILLS to the table! You may not sell as many units initially, but at least you can have a CAREER. It’s a very short list of people in Hip-Hop can say that.

  • PhoenixShield

    Joint aint that bad yall. Quit judging music based on age son. Skillz does not age.

  • If Onyx sucks ’cause they’re old, then I guess every young band must be FANTASTIC.

  • Actually my name’s spelled with a ‘d’. That was a typo. I wasn’t trying to be street-cool, you know, where the more letters you leave out of a word, the harder you are?