TreeHouseClub (El Prez x DNEZ x Chris Focus) - Pattie Cake

On 4/20, the homies El Prez, DNEZ and Chris Focus are teaming up for a smoke-themed EP entitled Red-Eye Flights. Here goes the first leak.

DOWNLOAD: TreeHouseClub - Pattie Cake | Mediafire

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  • Slammu

    Well that was ridiculous

  • -I don't see why you would have a problem with me, but obviously you do. lol

  • sammy swords

    pretty dope song if i do say so myself

  • D


  • Tone

    this joint goes... and "D", for it to be so wack, u sure did listen to it hmmmm. Haters are a good thing. Every single song doesn't have ot be on some deep, super-lyrical, make-you-think-way-too-hard shit. But to each their own...

  • well damn... i was expecting to HATE it based on every1s response, but it was straight. Lovvve the beat, chorus needs to be catchier (not just repetitive) for me to remember it and the verses were pretty cool. I'm not WOWed, but i liked it!
    cool beans <3 Anais

  • I like! Just wish they were doing a non-smoke themed project. Im getting a little tired of the copious amount of weed talk.


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