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B.o.B On Nothin’ On You Success (Video)

blame it on Shake April 14, 2010

MTV catches up with B.o.B to discuss the current success of his hit single with Bruno Mars, that is currently #2 on the charts.

“We really didn’t expect it to have the dramatic impact it had, nor how fast it happened,” B.o.B said. “Me and my managers, B. Rich and TJ, we still look at each other speechless. We always aim to be successful. But when the byproduct exceeds your expectations — when usually you barely make the basket with what you want — the gratitude is through the roof. It’s literally a dream come true.”

B.o.B is also holding down the #1,2 and 10 spots in Hip-Hop/Rap category. The Adventures of Bobby Ray in stores April 27th. Pre-order here.

  • Harharhar

    Shake = B.o.B’s biggest fan

  • bd

    man hes blowin up fast. i mean i kno hes been in it for awhile now grindin but too see it come so quicky and still young its crazy. very much deserved for someone who just loves makin music

  • B.o.B. = 50 % of the posts on this site

  • A.K. Bennett

    Will Airplanes get bigger than Nothin’ On You? I think it might.

  • 1dopeboy

    B.o.B. = 50 % of the posts on this site

    JonnieHayward said this on April 14th, 2010 at 8:41 pm


    …and I’m perfectly ok with that

  • Harharhar


    Probably, especially with that cliche emo pop chick singing the hook.

  • OnTheRun

    man,.. Drake hasnt even hit number 1 with ‘Over’ yet, meantime B.o.B is blowing past him

  • 1234andTheFifthMan

    maybe thats cause the world is actually recognizing that Drake’s always rode Wayne’s coattails and B.o.B is actually paving the way for a whole new sound that transcends rap. maybe.

  • 1234andTheFifthMan

    and Shake i know you don’t need my approval but keep on keepin on with the support for Bobby Ray… real recognize real you know.

  • help1

    To those hating on the BoB coverage, its because his album is dropping soon. The two weeks before Drake drops is gonna be filled with Drake ish, so stop complaining.

  • sean

    hitting # 1 aint everything

  • @JonnieHayward,


  • 1234andTheFifthMan


    i love that fuckin cam interview. b.o.b got jonniehayward lookin all bill o reily over here.

  • Lol @ yall thinkin ima hater,,I guess if I don’t say sumthin positive about ol Bobby I am automatically against him…..he’s a good mc and makes good songs, just a little over-hyped,,,,don’t get me wrong I rather him be all over the site than sum1 like Gucci Mane or Lil B

  • ^^^^^

    will you choke on a dick already?

  • ^^are you gay?

  • mcyoung muchacho^

  • Doping

    Shit he’s number 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 too, go Bobby!


  • @jonniehayward

    B.o.B is still the same dude he was a year ago, just the world is starting to recognize it, plus he’s dropping an album. i dont believe thats “over hype”…i believe thats the right amount at this point in his career,

    unlike drake (for example only) who dropped a mixtape alone and was slept on, then dropped one with young money name drops and 2 radio singles with lil wanye features all of sudden he’s so accomplished

  • I say he’s overhyped only because of the comments I see his fans make talking about how he’s mastered hip hop, rock, pop, r&b and every genre and callin him the modern day Elvis and all that….they hear sumbody cross into different genres and are all amazed, other hip hop fans decide 2 hate cuz most aren’t used to hearin a mc like this…everybody’s over exaggeratin on both sides, music is music,,B.o.B.’s dope, let’s keep it at that

  • Rocky Road

    B.O.B. is dope to me and all but now I just want to hear his album now. I swear between B.O.B. and Drake MTV is doing some dick riding.

  • rick ross’s left nipple

    how do you pre order if you’re from the uk?

  • s – t – o – n – e

    B.o.B is getting so much exposure its crazy
    he has the top two songs on iTunes. i am so happy for that

  • Adaugo

    still cannot believe he is 21. So much more to come