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Detail – Tattoo Foreva f. T-Wayne & Travie McCoy

blame it on Meka April 14, 2010

Super Producer / Songwriter Detail releases his first single as an artist from his debut album to be released on KrazyBox / Universal Republic. The track features T-Wayne and Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. This is the first official feature from supergroup T-Wayne, which is comprised of T-Pain and Lil Wayne.

DOWNLOAD: Detail – Tattoo Foreva f. T-Wayne & Travie McCoy | Mediafire

  • jaz-o

    another dope kanye production

  • lasean

    dude looks like a fucking joke and a fag

    and @jaz-o
    ye aint got shit to do with this song

  • this may be THE worst song EVER.

  • My_Pops_Son

    Looks like 3 gay dudes to me

  • wtf

    co sign

  • wtf

    all of these niggas look like clowns wtf

  • Lupe

    what a fucking joke.

  • kev_uno

    As royce da 59 would say “Fuckin Fruits”…..

  • boss

    I was feelin the beat when it started, but as soon as that autotune kicked in, I knew it sucked. Plus, the dude’s flow is incredibly wack.

  • this shit is fuckin terrible.

  • Rhyme Inspector

    lmfao this is a piece of garbage and a half

  • Straight up Trash!!!, LMAO the guy on the left loks like Lil Wayne when he was younger but fatter, LOL

    Holla from Sunny Costa Rica!!!!

  • no homo (pic)

    mmm m msounds like a bad advice from playschool toys

  • someguy

    the features werent bad but holy wtf shit @ that hook and the first guy.

  • dubcyde

    guy on the lift is a chubby black hipster ass wemo faggot. Sleeve tattoos? REALLY? iQuit.


    Tis song is fireee!! Who the fuck is that on the hook? Sounds like the next Elvis

  • Rezo

    Wow! Ok I have nothing nice to say about this so I won’t say anything at all. lol

  • Afrodezi

    I knew this guy had some sugar in his tank when I saw him on “for the love of ray j”…things that make ya go hmmm….

  • Billy

    I like this..super hot!! That guy Detail sounds pretty cool

  • BrooklynB-ully

    Yo this shit hot son..Fuck yall talking about..This dat real music..Finally!

  • m[o_o]kie

    that nigga look like master p…hahahaa

  • Fruurrrr

    this is the absolute worst.



  • Harharhar

    Lil B > this garbage

    Im not even kidding.

  • OGEazy

    I won’t even listen, but after hearing Damn Damn by T-Wayne I can imagine this is just as horrible. Damn, Damn for worst song of the decade?

  • GR

    Im usually a sucker for some pop, but this joint’s so damn fruity, i think it’s growin a pussy.

  • Musikfiend

    Cut it off as soon as i heard the auto-tune, lol.

  • giovanni

    this song is fitting for travis mccoy the other guys kinda sucked honestly.