• Larry LeJend

    Kweli.... Top 10 Dead or Alive.

    Quit playin.



  • b ali

    One of the best to ever do it

  • London

    Y r u being so good to us?

  • http://soundcloud.com/danielthemartian chris_martian


  • http://kanyelive.com Kameron Casey

    .rar is killin meh, love kweli tho, dL when a zip file goes up

  • prk

    Dude sets the bar and makes these kids in the game look bad.

  • frankfurtcity

    get winrar ;)

  • OGEazy

    How are the blends? I didn't really like when this producer did the Clipse blends, I don't want to make a mistake with downloading another trash blend tape.

  • GR

    whoops forgot they were blends. haha, but shit country cousins x drake's over is nice.

  • EFFeX

    Nice to see the homie Critical Hype back with another tape!

  • dont hate

    that Marco Polo X Torae hosted mixtape was straight fire blends

  • http://www.twitter.com/criticalhype DJ Critical Hype

    thanks for all the support!

    Nottz, Slaughterhouse, Pharoahe Monch blend tapes on the way soon!!!!!