Maxwell - Fist Full Of Tears (Video)

Maxwell > your favorite rapper. You find me a rapper who can take eight years off, then drop an album like he never left. I'll wait...

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  • tonystarksification
  • The Convo Piece


  • yomommamouth

    Dr. Dre

  • CH

    Maxwell tha truth but Why tha fukk are you comparing an R&B artist to hip hop artist like they make tha same type of music??

    And gtfo with that Dr. Dre shit. Nikka ain't no real rapper, mah'fucker don't even write his own shit. Never did

  • Gatsby

    Andre 3000.


    umm EMINEM!!

  • zookeeper

    even this video is better than "Over"

  • Taylor’d

    2dope your slippin, ive had Kush & OJ for a while now and you havent even posted shit haha

  • chris_martian


    The Convo Piece said this on April 14th, 2010 at 11:48 am

    really¿ i'm glad to read this ,mystikal is one of my favorites mc's ,look at her flow !!!! top3 flows

    and ,yes,maxwell ,wow

  • abusaud

    q tip

  • chris_martian

    meka is comparin "art" ,not "music style" ,understand

  • meldawg

    Maxwell is the definition of 2dope... Fistful of Tears is by far my favorite song off the album... might have been my favorite song of 2009... real talk

  • The Convo Piece

    Ha I was jokin' about Mystikal..

  • chris_martian

    hahahaha lol ,why¿ are u high listenin kush + oj?

  • Chris G.

    Where's Craig Mack! Somebody find dude.

  • Unxpekted

    Nat King Cole > Maxwell

  • qp

    .....this made my day....that whole album was nice. I wonder if you would consider making a video for PlayingPossum or StopTheWorld.....

  • Kayna


  • PimpstarP

    Pharoah Monch


    I agree Maxwell came back like he never left.

  • mmkayy

    yeaa imma have to say Dre & Em... nd Dre dont even write his shit lol


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