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U-N-I – Desha Dayana (Video)

blame it on Meka April 14, 2010

I dig this song heavily, and it’s dope to see that it gets the visual treatment as well. Good looks, Y-O. A Love Supreme 2.0, in stores now.

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  • RO.. or whoever produced this is a BEAST

  • YO!

    Ro blvd.

  • Now this is how you match up a dope ass track with a dope ass video.

  • BBOY

    why isnt this on the album?

  • I’m still tryna figure out where the fuckin sample is from!!

    They couldn’t clear the sample @BBOY

  • DP

    this beat is fuckin amazing. when it first comes on, you feel that crazy vibe. More people should be getting on Ro’s beats. he is dope.

  • doughdoe

    crazy visuals. amazing

  • doughdoe

    y isn’t this on 2.0 tho? sample clearance?

  • French Konnect

    Beat is ill & the lyrics are even greater! :hat


    3 thumbs up

  • Download?

  • Purchase.

  • evievidence

    this is dope…i bought the album and this wasn’t on it…its not even for purchase on itunes…anyone have a link to d/l?

  • Solroc21

    ^^2dope posted the song a while ago, and its a great track from U-N-I & Ro. Blvd. A Love Supreme is the ish and 2.0 was good too. here’s the link!

  • GR

    holy shit. Fuckin fire, this made my week

  • feining liquor often

    Need this song, and drugs, to see how visual processing.

  • deVICe

    Can’t find the sample. But this song is FIRE! IF anybody knows the sample let me know!

  • Didn’t found it on iTunes, so I ended up here. Got the download link from the comments, thanks!

  • coldblooded

    this isnt the video of thurzday beating up dom kennedy

  • capitalG

    LMAO @coldblooded