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Spectac & Amiri – As If (Video)

blame it on Meka April 15, 2010

Here are Rick Foy-directed visuals for Spectac & Amiri’s upcoming new album Almost Famous.

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  • Yep

    screen shot gets a thumbs up

  • DrJase

    word Yep, but yo, I’m finna be 31 this year and these guys just let me know that I can still pursue rap star dreams, cause these guys look old as hell.

  • JamesFinnaGet

    @ DrJase……30 is the new 20 breh..i thought u knew….but nah..these fools look older than my pops…..and for the rec..im 24

  • on the real, who else just watched it because of the video still? lol.. dope track tho

  • Props for the post. If ya’ll diggin the song, their new album just dropped this week:


  • ncrep

    spectac the one with the dreds was a principle of my high school

  • Marco G.

    Check dude on the right at :15 sec *Dead*

  • Rick

    yo, fuck all that talk about age and looks; this is good music and if you can’t get that then that only means you have been transformed into a walking zombie from listening to too much radio.

  • Album dropped earlier this week, props to Kevin for mentioning it, Amazon mp3 has it for $5 which is where I got my copy. Support.

  • hey at the end of the day good music is good music the male audience should’nt be worried about the artists appearance (i’m just sayin’) dope track by the way guys!!! (i was in the vid by the way ; )

  • This message is for Dr.jase and JamesFinnaGet, if you appreciate real hip-hop then does it matter how old they are, what about Jay-z, Krs, Busta, Q-tip, do you consider them fools as well, good music is not defined by the age of the creator(FYI both of these guy are in mid-thirties), however good music has what we in the music industry call “staying power”, being relevant, and if you have a dream of being a rapper go for it, don’t let people limit you based on age, if you don’t like the music, then don’t like it, but hating on the age is sad…be positive..its good music fam……

  • Rick

    well spoken abdul, very eloquently put; I should clam down some when I hear dumb shit. Anyway, good to hear there are people still out there who recongize skill.
    Peace AZ, good working with you again girl, we got more things to do.

  • Stanford

    Dope vid…..F all that old talk…. Theres ‘alot of 20 yr old whack ass rappers these days…..besides the ‘ golden age’ of rap artists are now pretty much older…..Pete rock, Tip, Preem, the list goes on……