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Hanging With Damon Dash At His DD172 (Video)

blame it on Meka April 16, 2010

Check out some exclusive footage we got while taking a tour of Damon Dash’s new creative space DD172 which incorporates an office with a music studio and art gallery – and as The Village Voice put it, is is meant to be “New York’s last line of defense against wack world”. After he gives us a spin through the beautiful space in New York’s Tribeca Dame takes us into the studio and gets candid about his new artist Curren$y and his refreshing new approach to the music business. Take out your notepads aspiring creatives and artists, words of wisdom! – the.Life Files

  • T

    I like what Dame doing….Getting back to an honest work ethic….giving talented individuals that opportunity….

  • dashboard


  • Lol @ dashboard,,true maybe he had a humbling experience since then

  • mkisgod

    This guy has lost his mind and there is nothing believable about any of the “knowledge” he kicks. He’s bitter. On top of that, he does nothing for his “artists” Sits in that museum all day, swagger jacks, and puts a silly job title next to his name. He pays nobody and nobody is breaking bread with him. Period.

  • LB

    i was always a fan of Dame but real talk this dude said “we aint work with nobody unless they were from your block”??? “we didn’t work with wu”??? despicable; that was a stupid business move…however he on point with the new business. he should def not flash the chinhairgreys tho lol

  • London

    wanna hear more of what dame dash has to say its interesting,
    but sum times i wonder is he just riding a sinking ship?

    But if he is about the music/art like he said, then thats a beautiful thing.

  • Marco G.

    Dame turned into a hypebeast smh

  • hook

    yup, i wanna hear what he has to say, it’s interesting.
    cuz i remember watching just for kicks documentary and saw him as one of these niggas he’s talkin bout.
    anyway, i think he’s on the right thing now, he got a bunch of great mc’s.
    if he definetively signs mos def and jay electronica and gets the cool kids we can talk about the hottest label in the game.
    this whole thing he’s making it’s the coolest thing in hip hop in years (creative control tv and stuff..)

  • Big_E

    am i the only one who wonders wtf happened to Fly Society? this dude Spitta just left them niggas in NO.. Its like he replaced Trademark wit Wiz lol

  • People need to acknowledge the fact that people can change paradigms. Yeah he may have come across as an asshole (I say that because I personally don’t know him) but your past doesn’t make you. That said, he’s got a sick lil’ movement going on right now so much success to him and the CC crew.

  • Dream job.

  • guest

    @dashboard, that literally made no sense

  • dashboard

    ^^^^ then that means what i said related to u so go dig urself

  • Teddy

    All I know is Dame is on his grind. I understand what he sayin. I Understand it.

  • earlzhammon

    Suck dick, yall niggas is all haters

  • Musikfiend


    Yeah i was wondering the same thing. You here nothing from any of them anymore. Him & TK are never together anymore. Wonder what happened??

  • cowabunga

    yeah thats all cool n all, but where is 24 hr karate skool?

  • D

    Nah man, Dame is talkin out of his ass. This nigga is too fucking arrogant by nature to all of a sudden be on the humble and want to do music for the love of it. Thats bullshit. He has been the same way for all his life, there is no way he made that drastic of a perspective change in the 5 or so years since he left the spot light. Nigga is just full of shit, bitter and a lame.


    @ Big_E

    Fly Society is still a group…why do u think he say Fs Jets…

    he still cool wit them,its just they all do they own thing…

    like spitta is a rapper/pro-stoner

    & TK is a pro skater..

    they still cool,just because a nigga aint always standin next to a muffucca dont mean they aint still homies..

  • Big_E

    Im not even talking about TK and FS West, just FS Jets… they are NEVER together anymore.. maybe its just cuz he’s never in NO anymore but you’d think they’d be out in NY or wherever doing shows with him.. at one point he said that if he got signed or whatever he’d make sure they’d get on with him.. shit idk the situation so i was just wondering lol

  • Thank you dame dash….Organic music to the rescue

  • JackDiesel

    @Big_E maybe thats what he meant by “niggaz around me aint ready to eat, I put them in a position to get them, i’m gettin me”. Niggaz can go to NYC but u gotta pay 4 ur own tickets and cover ur own expenses

  • Kushtion Slatetor

    were is 24 hour karate school

  • Rocky

    @Big E

    On invincible jets, I think trademark was on the 3rd verse.
    Im pretty sure he is cool with FS. He and TK must be cool because if they weren’t Terry would of put him on blast a long time ago. I don’t think Curren$y is really signed pen and paper anyway.

  • Big_E

    JackDiesel u gotta point, thats prolly what he was talking about…Well then he might as well add Wiz to the Jets cuz he basically acts like he’s in it and shit…fuck a Talyor Gang lol