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Rob Jay – I Amaze Me

blame it on Shake April 18, 2010

Second leak off Rob Jay’s upcoming (2DopeBoyz presented) mixtape, The Rap Phenomenon.

DOWNLOAD: Rob Jay – I Amaze Me (prod. Black Metaphor) | Mediafire
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  • Oyea!

    surprised that people know about the willie lynch letter

  • How often do y’all check music submitted by new artists?

  • Jack Master

    That was dope, dude can spit

  • smka

    Maize…not as much as people should.

  • dope rob!!!!!! prod by me Blackmetaphor …. check me out at twitter.com/blackmetaphor and myspace.com/blackmetaphor

  • Jonas

    I’m becoming a major Rob Jay fan, lyrically this guy is a beast

  • B. Jones

    I been following Rob Jay since the first Art Life EP and I’ve watched his progression as an artists. He’s on the list of potential breakout stars of 2010

  • ditto what B.Jones said

  • rob jay is a lyrical beast

  • I mean like how often do meka & shake check music from new artists?

  • Boog

    Maize……….Why don’t you try emailing them instead of asking in the comments section???

  • Rad-Remm

    Damn you came out swinging on this one when does the mixtape drop?

  • rukstar

    lyrically this dude is nice, but his delivery – i aint feelin it and those adlibs was killin the song for me

  • @Radd-Remm I had alot to say after my last post so I wanted to come hard on this one. I don’t have a release date yet, I’m really trying to build this project as far as creating anticipation, having a video, single etc. So it will be sometime this summer but no set release date yet

  • “Maize…not as much as people should.”

    try getting as many emails as us then go and “check as much as people should” smh.

  • success

    Yo You came hard on this Rob Jay B.O.B and the LRG family Loves the track! So haters Please !!!!!!!! step off cause he is coming to the Industry near you ! Perfect

  • whats the hype for on this dude? dont get it , everythin i heard from him is wack n boring

  • I know y’all get a lot of e-mails that’s why I’m asking what is the best way to do it without annoying y’all.

  • James

    @Fulltimeboss Your music taste must suck!! I listened to the it again trying to find something to make me understand where you may be coming from. Who’s dope to you, besides major artists, who are the underground scene do u like?

  • I listen to a lot of Tito Lopez. I’m trying to find the best way to submit his music here

  • Jayson Brown

    @fulltimeboss— Are you a laffy taffy or lean wit and rock wit fan or something!?!?!? How could you possibly think Rob Jay is Wak!?!?!? “Do you listen to music or just skim through it” Let me guess you don’t know where that came from either. constructive critisim is good, but don’t come on the site strickly to hate!!! Get ya hip hop game up Rob is sicx