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Jim Jones x Papoose x Deen x Murda Mook x ‘Sh*t x Trick Trick

blame it on Shake April 18, 2010

Here goes another batch of joints I didn’t quite feel like giving their own posts. No shots, I just don’t have the time right now.

DOWNLOAD: Papoose – My Click Strapped
DOWNLOAD: Jim Jones – Slow Down f. Mel Matrix
DOWNLOAD: Murda Mook – D.O.S.J. (Death Of Skinny Jeans)
DOWNLOAD: Deen – Cerritos Represent (prod. DJ Rhettmatic)
DOWNLOAD: ‘Shit – Stunin’ While Shinin’ f. Trick Trick

  • Soul(d)

    does that mean no soothing session today?

  • Rios

    No shots, I just don’t have the time right now.


  • Oh that picture is the funniest LOL

    The boyz Gainstaville and Killa Cali of S.B.E. return to the Enigma Sept Hour to promote their latest mix tape “Smokin’ Blunts Effectively” available April 20th. Enjoy an extra 30 minutes to preview a few tracks on the upcoming jawn. R U Not Entertained?!!

    April 18th live @ 8 pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/enigmasept/2010/04/19/the-enigma-sept-hour

  • that papoose pic is epic

  • Epic

    Hey, that Sheek track is old-old news.

  • AirRaid

    The way y’all do my man Pap is fucked up. LMAO.

  • t



    Birdman Track WAS TOOOO Hott Birdman Come Correct All The Time

  • Rob

    Haha lol @PUNCHYOFACEIN htis nigga said Birdman is hot well I liked the songs him and weezy did from 2005 – early 2008 but after that no dud can not rap its like listening to a cat scratch a wall dude has been rapping for years and has not picked up a hip-hop dictionary yet

  • Tone

    Ever since you guys started posting that picture I have never been able to listen to Papoose seriously.

    Jim Jones track didn’t suck like I expected.