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Drake x Justin Bieber (Video)

blame it on Shake April 19, 2010

While taking home the Best New Artist award at the 2010 Juno Awards in Newfoundland, Drake drops some bars over Justin Bieber’s Baby. Also, after the jump he performs Over.

BONUS: Drake – Over (DviousMindZ Remix)

  • Steve


  • JDE

    Damn that live performance was fuckin horrible

  • EC

    His southern accent while rappin is startin to become more and more appearent. Aint he from canada. anyway good stuff though.

  • hmm

    he’s from canada and memphis.. stayed there during summers and shit

  • brianwuzhere

    lol that crowd looked dead as fuck

  • tyler breckenridge

    okay so that host chick said “pop/r&b” singer…………
    REALLY!?????!!!????! R&B? HA.

  • Georgey Paul

    All I got to say is… I went and saw Drake perform in Detroit 2 nights ago… he tore that shit down.

  • bwonder

    haters up on this site this was way better then mtv spring break

  • drake kills it.

  • olugbam

    ^ if he was black youd say it was r&b. that’s not a credit to him, but a discredit to modern r&b.

    and this footage highlights the difference between hip hop fans and others. this crowd is DEAD. i seen hip hop concerts with 1/100th the crowd size and 100x the energy. remember that jay elec shit when the whole fucking crowd was on stage and mos def came out? that’s a concert.

    also, drake was off beat as hell during that justin beiber shit.

    lastly, please get like ONE new flow drake. please. pretty pretty please. i know regardless of what i do this summer, every party/club/radio station will be playing your shit. do not make me here your one flow for the entirety of it.

    the end.

  • rockett

    Is that the legend of the secret temple behind him??lol
    damn sure looks like it.

  • Nextstopheaven

    Cosign him bringing out some new flows. Everything he does now sounds the same/mainstream. I swear mainstream fans don’t give a fuck what he say in his verses. There was a time where everyone thought that Drake was dropping dope shit but these last few joints I’ve heard have been sub par at best. SMH

    I mean, come on now what the fuck was that shit I just watched ? His live shows sucks ass even with a band he needs work.

    Still hope the album is good, esp. after all this hype. #TML

  • freethemind

    as much as i feel drake’s music, he just can’t bring it to life on stage. that performance of “over” was almost hard to watch his voice(at least in that vid) can’t rock a stadium, and he gets boring to watch, his getures don’t even match what he’s saying. If you can’t make your music come to life in your performance, then you still got some work to do. I know he can do it though, I saw some youtube vids during his “comeback season” era and it looked legit. It’s not even wayne influence no more, it just seems like he’s imitating him.

  • novus

    damn drake’s verse on ‘baby’ sucks. like olugbam said, he’s mad off-beat. cosign the people above- drake, get a new flow.

  • novus

    damn drake’s verse on ‘baby’ sucks. like olugbam said, he’s mad off-beat. cosign the people above- drake, get a new flow.



  • cornball.

  • niglet turner

    drake is black you idot

  • olugbam

    @niglet turner

    i was talking about bieber, you idiot. read the comment a few above mine and connect some dots like they taught you in preschool.


    I like most of Dviousmindz stuff, but the intro part of this remix was terrible. When he starts rapping, it gets better. Not bad, but expected better!

  • SargeKirby

    Why do I see my pinoy brothers as the chorus?

  • name


  • SMH at slow buffering speed that would not allow me to skip through Bieber’s part…I am angry with myself for watching the video.

  • Miguel

    Preety cool. But why in the world does he need a dj if hes not doing anything.

  • someguy

    what the fuck is this canadian connection. dont let them take over the us guys! naw forreal tho.. justin needs better back up singers and why did drake performance skip his one thing about music verse….

  • Rob

    Why is drake faking a down south accent just because you spend summers in the south does not make you from the south I saw an interview of him before he started rapping about shit hes never done and he sounded as white as a person can sound, and why the fuck are rappers giving hip-hop a bad look by fucking with justin bieber’s lesbian looking ass its like RZA said a rap song with an r&b singer on it ain’t hip-hop

  • Rob

    and why does 2dopeboyz talk smack about Lil wayne & birdman but you guys dick ride Aubrey Gray[DRAKE] like hes your fucking sugar daddy if you guys hate Wayne&Birdman so much this dude should be a bitch just for hanging with them

  • Adaugo

    Both performances were wack. The drake verse in Justin’s song was weak. “80 but look 31” what are you on about mr.? and the over performance was just horrid. he probably didn’t even rehearse for it, that’s how much it sucked. And I like Drake so this is not even about hating, just call it as I see it. Also, if this is Canada’s equivalent to the Grammy’s why wasn’t the budget a lot more, stage looks wack, people are cramping just sitting on those tiny chairs. Awkward Awkward Awkward.

  • icardi

    Drake blows my left nut.

  • olugbam

    the c section makes me so happy.

  • anonymous

    “like RZA said a rap song with an r&b singer on it ain’t hip-hop”
    except “all i need”?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’m a sincere Drake fan but let me find out he hopping on that “Sell-out wagon” Wow! Really??? This is some embarassing shit!

  • AGE

    drake corny as shit for doing this. especially this verse. and I love drake but this makes me question him for real

  • chuckthedope

    his live performance of “over” is stupid, he tries to deliver the verse like he took more than 20 minutes writing it when you know he probably wrote it in 10 min or like he’s having some important conversation with god by looking up and shit. He tries way too hard.. he should’ve stayed away from wayne and stayed independent. Bad Influences*

  • MelancholyGypsy!

    ahahahahah, the intro to justin bieber:
    “he sings, he dances, and he makes millions of girls around the world scream and cry…”
    is it just me, or does this lady make him sound like the world’s busiest, most talented child molester?
    oh, and i’m glad everyone else is finally realizing how corny, untalented Drake is. he’s been ass but more than ever now that he’s in his Lil Wayne phase. uhhh, what else? oh yeah. fuck Drake.

  • Chyea

    hahaha i love how even on 2dopeboyz theres bieber fans… fuck bieber hahaha